27 July 2017

Pickups 53: Famicom Cartridges 53 + Super Nintendo/Super Famicom Cartridges 8 (April 2017 Pickups)

And we are back here!
Today, let's talk about the thingies that I got in April!
Unfortunately, I had some real life problems, and also a bit of a problem with money, so I didn't get as many cartridges in my collection, as I wanted to.
But, noneless, we'll take a look at what I happened to get.

Aladdin [NT-622]
This is Aladdin, the SNES port of Capcom's game under the same name, by HummerTeam.
Original cartridge was released by JY Company. This one is just the re-release of that cart, with NT ID instead of JY.
But technically, both cartridges are almost the same.
JY-025 (left) and NT-622 (right)
JY-025 (top) and NT-622 (bottom)
As we can see by the front side, there were some really slight differences, but other than that, both cartridges are kinda the same by the construction.
Both on JY-025 and NT-622 PCBs, there is YY850130C code.
Closer look at the side of JY-025 PCB
And also on JY-025 PCB there is 1998.07 code. That code is missing on NT-622. Possibly, this is the date of this exact PCB when it was manufactured? I am not sure.

On the back side:
JY-025 (top) and NT-622 (bottom)
There are DIP-switches on both PCBs, but also on NT-622's PCB it says "KN-622", at the right side. Interesting. :)

Well, basically, as you might have guessed by now, on NT-622's cart that I got, there is a proper version of Aladdin, with music and animation, so that's awesome!
But in case with NT-622, it's 50 by 50 chance to find it. On some carts there will be original port, and on others, there will be a hack, that omits some of the music and the background animation as well.
You can check the post here, where I got the JY-025 copy.
And also... the playthrough on this game, that I made on my channel! :)

Chip to Dale no Daisakusen 2
I got myself a copy of Chip'n Dale 2 in a bit better shape and condition than my previous one. The box is already the one I had, and got alongside with Duck Tales 2 previously. You can check that post here.
And now we'll check what an actual cart looks like, without the box.
Condition-wise, it's really excellent. And it was really worth picking up.
I think that you are all familiar with this game, and what it offers to us, so I am afraid I can't tell you anything new here.
So, we'll take a look at more stuff.

Cross Fire
The title written with symbols says "Datsugoku II", which apparently means that this is the sequel to original Datsugoku, that's Prisoners of War. Which is actually wrong and kinda stupid.
But that's a common thing for pirates to add II or other digit and a name of a game from known series, to the one that's not so well known.

This is actually just Cross Fire, with no copyrights inside, and a proper title inside. So, what was actually the point of changing the name of a game on the label, but have everything fine in-game? I don't really know :/

Kick Master [K-M6]
The singlecart with Kick Master on it, the copyrights are removed. We have one of the characters that looks like Guile from Street Fighter, and some random ninja on the label.
The game itself is pretty good, despite the weird-ass label. Pretty cool platformer, with pretty good music and graphics, and interesting bonuses.
Worth checking out.

Rodland [JY041]
The game that I have a not-so-pleasant story with.
Basically, I was in contact with one person, who I don't want to say the name of, because he doesn't deserve that.
I've been in contact with him since 2012, and he wanted to get some old cartridges from me, like 11-in-1 A-042 (which due to my stupidity in 2014, I sold without the second thought, and I managed to return only a year later), and also my Dendy Classic-2 (which I had CIB, not the one that I covered here before).
Unfortunately, some time later on, when I saw that he was selling this cartridge, we arranged everything, and I made the payment. But he fooled me, and didn't do that at all. Every time when I wrote him, he was saying something like that he had other things to do, and didn't send me at all.

In the end, I got fed up with this, and wrote one lengthy post in VK about him, and our unfinished deal and his behaviour to other people. Trust me, it turned out I am not the only one, who got suffered from his deals. Unfortunately that post is in Russian, so the majority of my readers won't understand it, but I will share it anyway. If there'll be a demand, I will translate it to you. Here's the link.
Interestingly, that incident happened almost a year ago... But I finally stopped contacting with him, because of his stupidity, irresponsibility, and the fact that he feels like saying bad things about other people without any reason whatsoever.

Ok, sorry for off-topic, people!
Let's go over this cartridge. This is a JY later release of RodLand, which doesn't have "-" in ID. This is in fact one of the newer cartridges, produced somewhere in 2000s, but the PCB inside is an old one from 1990s. My guess is that there were some unsold cartridges back in 1990s, and JY Company decided to re-release those under their ID, and under their cartridges.
Inside, there is a PCB that's held on the middle tab in cartridge case itself.
As a proof, here's the photo of it for you:
As for the game itself, it's kinda similar gameplay-wise to Bubble Bobble and Snow Bros, where you defeat all of the enemies on the screen, collect bonuses and move to the next location. You can build ladders in order to access some places, where you can't go normally.
And just like in aforementioned games, you can play the game in 2 player mode with your friend on one screen at the same time, which makes it really fun and intense.
Later on, after purchasing this game, I recorded the gameplay footage of it, which you can check out here:

Rodland isn't too common game to be found on pirate carts. This JY copy is probably the easiest one to find and purchase. As for the earlier copies with original label and such... I am not too sure.
I personally think that those are harder to find.
In fact, trying to remember where I've seen it anywhere else... One cartridge comes up to my mind, and it's the one, which I had the cartridge case of only, and no PCB.
(not my photo, I found it on DendyGames Wordpress)
Here it is. You can see the RodLand here, under the label of Semerumo game.
That would be great to be able to find this exact cartridge, with PCB and everything. but that would be a really tough task.
Either way, you can't go wrong with grabbing this game in your collection.

Then suddenly... these 4 games... I actually got them for free, believe it or not. The entire set of SD Gunman games... I don't really have anything to say about them, so I will just show them off to you.

SD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi: Scramble Wars

SD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi 2: Capsule Senki

SD Gundam World Gachapon Senshi 3: Eiyuu Senki

SD Gundam World Gachapon Senshi 4: New Type Story
I am only familiar a little bit with SD Gunman 4, but that's only because I saw it being released on bootlegs, and the fact that it had the save battery on PCB. And it wasn't too common thing for pirates to include a battery for their Famiclone cartridges.
This cartridge is no exception. It has the save battery in it, I already checked the saves in this game.

Tom & Jerry [NT-812]
The re-release of Tom & Jerry by NT/KaSheng. Nothing much else to say here. It's just the same version, as the older one, gameplay-wise.

3-in-1 94 [CM-017]
This cartridge is pretty beat-up, and it has a huge crack at the front bottom part (well, you can clearly still see it), and two tabs on the side were broken, but I tried my best to fix it. The result is definitely not the best, but at least, the cart doesn't fall apart, when holding it in hands.
It contains Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, the corrupted version, that's harder than original one, and Shredder is unbeatable; Chip and Dale 1; Darkwing Duck.
I already got all of these games separately, but I might do a video about this cartridge any time in the future.
If only the condition was better on the cart itself, but oh well... Better than nothing :)

And these were the Famicom cartridges... I will show off the SNES cartridge.
This cart was a bit of a surprise to me. Because I was getting one cartridge to my friend, and didn't notice this one among the carts that seller had. But when we met, and he was giving me the cart I wanted, he also suggested the cartridge with Doom for cheap.
Immediately I thought that since I have a bit of extra money, and probably I won't see this cart for that cheap (about 15-20 USD), I picked it up as well without second thought.
And I never regretted that. Of course, the top part of the label looks beat-up, but other than that, it works perfectly fine, and the cartridge case isn't broken or anything like that.

Where else you would see the red cartridge case for SNES? This and Spiderman Maximum Carnage, and possibly, that's it (in fact, I am thinking of getting that other game in collection too, USA release too, because these both games were released in red cart case there). And they definitely do stand out from the rest of regular grey cartridges. :)

And that sums up about my pickups from April 2017.
See you later with the post about the cartridges from May 2017, and later on. :)

(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2017)

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