24 July 2017

Pickups 52: Famicom Cartridges 52 (March 2017 Pickups) - Part 1

Hello everyone!
I am back with more posts on pickups stuff. Since I haven't made any new posts here, I decided to bring the post about the games that I got in March.
As I got quite a lot of cartridges back then, I decided to separate the pickups posts in a few parts.
I will start with Whirlwind Manu bootlegs first.

Pinball [LA10]
The green cartridge case, Cassette Remarks label on the back, the front label is the same as it was on the previous cart. I decided to set that red cartridge I used to have, for trade, and leave myself this green cartridge =)
The copyrights in-game are removed.

Baseball [LA19]
The grey cartridge case version. I have the green one, and I kinda like that other one more, so this version might go for trade. Or the other way around.
This is just the Nintendo's Baseball game, with no copyrights.

Circus Charlie [LA55]
The label just says "Circus", and the ID is barely visible on the actual sticker.
Inside, there is NTDEC copyrighted version of Circus Charlie.

Tag Team Pro Wrestling [LB24]
The wrestling game, released by Namcot, originally.
Not really a great game, where you mash buttons to fight your opponent and hope for the best, but I have wanted to get it into Whirlwind Manu collection for quite some time, and here I have it now.
The copyrights are taken out in game as well.

Tiger Heli [LD24]
Pretty decent shooter, where we play as a helicopter in-game. I haven't gotten too far in this game, sadly, but it's kinda fun.
The copyrights are taken out in game, as expected. Nothing much else to say here =P

Shin Jinrui - The New Type [LD26]
The pirate cart of Shin Jinrui - The New Type, also known as Adventures of Dino Riki. This is the Japanese version of game. And interestingly enough, the version here is proper one, with copyrights, so it says Hudson Soft at the startup screen.
I was able to beat it once until the end, but it took me something like an hour or so to beat the first quest. Yet, it actually turned out to be a pretty fun experience.

Terra Cresta [LF05]
The agme that I have wanted to get in my collection for quite a while, when I saw it for the first time on sale, but I got outbidded on auction on the cart. It was NTDEC cartridge case version.
Sadly, I didn't get a chance to win that cartridge.
But, at least, I got this one. If I am not mistaken, the copyrights were saved in this cart, and it says Nicon Bussan and such.
I will actually re-check this cartridge later on, and see, if it's correct or not.

Jongbou [LF45]
I haven't really figured what this game is about. I just got it in stock with a few other Whirlwind Manu bootleg cartridges, so I will have to skip talking about an actual game.
The cartridge case is in really great condition, the labels also look pretty nice.

Top Gun [LF53]
The first Top Gun game, Japanese version, with music on stages. Also, it has about 30 lives, and removed Konami logo on the title screen, yet it still has all other copyright information at the startup screen.
My previous copy is on the right, the newly picked up copy is on the left. Not only the labels looks slightly different and cartridge cases, but also the PCBs, which is kinda interesting =)

Salamader [LF53]
You heard me right. This is the cartridge that contains Salamander, the Japanese version of Life Force.
The only disappointing thing is that HUD is kind of glitchy here and doesn't show up.
Later on, I will record a video on this cart, and post it here, so you can see what I mean.

Obviously, the copyrights are removed in-game.
The cartridge case isn't in the best condition, but at least the labels looks kinda clean. :)

Kinda odd thing that both Life Force/Salamander and Top Gun share the same exact ID, LF53... But that's the question that we'll probably never find out the correct answer on, why Whirlwind Manu did this to their cartridges and could release two games under the same ID, or re-release one game under two different IDs.

Ginga no Sannin [LF59]
Judging by the label, it should be nothing else than just Ginga no Sannin, one of many Japanese RPG games.
But sadly, under this cartridge, I got a completely different game, and it was Karate Kid. If I didn't get an actual Karate Kid cart with a proper label and everything, I'd leave the PCB here in this cart case, even though it's wrong.

Now, I only have this empty cartridge case and no game inside, and Karate Kid PCB might go for sale or trade later on. Oh well... At least, I have this cartridge case with WM ID.

Fantasy Zone [LG16]
Not too aware of this game, so I can't give you the description on actual game. The condition-wise, this cart is really good. :)

Family Boxing [LG43]
This is just another copy of Family Boxing, as I got earlier. I decided to leave this cart in my collection, as it looks better in comparison.
The label looks to be just copied from original cart, and the ID was the only major thing added here, to look different from official copy.

Batsu & Terii [LG46]
Can't tell much about this game earlier. The back side of the cart is a bit dirty, and the top part is sun-faded, but everything else is alright.
The game itself is based on the anime. The pretty standard looking platformer.

Green Beret [LH09]
The other copies of this game I showed before were all Rush'n Attack versions, which is US release of this game.
But here, we get an FDS conversion!
Possibly, the easiest way to identify if that's an FDS conversion or not... is to look at the label.
On the left, there's a regular Rush'n Attack.
The bottom part is cut down, as well as ID isn't written on blue square.
There are some slight differences in versions as well.
In FDS Green Beret, you can continue three times after the first game over.
You respawn at the spot where you die, not only in 2-player mode, but also in 1-player mode.
You can carry up to nine rounds of any secondary weapon he finds instead of just three.
You get fewer extra lives, than in NES version,
There are some hidden underground areas, which you can access by destroying certain land mines in Stage 2, 4, and 5.

Basically, these are the differences between two versions.

Moero Pro Yakuu [LH12]
It's called Stereo Baseball on the label, but it's actually Moero Pro Yakuu, released by Jaleco.
It's just a baseball game, more advanced than Nintendo one.
Can't say too much about this game though =P

Attack Animal Gakuen
This is a shooter game in 3D Mode, where you are playing as a school girl, and fly throughout the sky and blasting angry attack animals, that advance towards you. Pretty fun concept of a game.
Sadly, my cartridge came slightly damaged, but the game works perfectly fine.
Also, it was released on bootleg carts under the name "Atachamanure School". I think that you get it what I mean, and what I am linking you to, right? ;)

Family Tennis
Another Namco game here, this is Family Tennis. The label artwork look different, than the official cover, oddly enough, but we still have the same girl as was featured there.
Not a bad tennis game, more advanced than Nintendo one, obviously, you may check it out ;)

This was the part 1 of my pickups from March, but that's not all! Stay tuned for Part 2 for more of this stuff, where I show off more cartridges and awesomess and all that great stuff or something!

(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2017)

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