31 May 2017

Pickups 51: Famicom Cartridges 51 (February 2017 Pickups)

Welcome back!
Today, we'll check the cartridges that I purchased on February.
Probably, the most interesting ones will be set for last.
Right now we'll check what I got from other Famicom bootleg carts into collection.

And oh... before we continue, I recommend you checking out the post from January 2017, because I actually updated it with the carts I completely forgot about. Now, it all should be fine! :)
Here's the link to that: http://somerussianmariodude.blogspot.ru/2017/04/pickups-50-famicom-cartridges-50.html

Bucky O'Hare
 Actually, originally I got the cartridge case only. While it's not in perfect condition, it still wasn't too bad. The tabs for PCB, and for holding two parts of cartridge were all fine. The label is a bit damaged, and the front part of cartridge case looks a bit sun-faded.
I put here by PCB, which had the beatable version of Bucky O'hare with lifebar and copyrights.

The previous copy seems to have a label that was re-glued from other cartridge, and the corners of it look damaged and the work was a bit sloppy.
Here, even though the front label is slightly damaged, it's at least the one that was put here originally by pirates.

Good game. I've beaten it once. It's not an easy one to play, even with lifebar. I can't imagine how you can beat it with one hit only. I have never managed to beat the later stages without getting hit from something else.
The controls, graphics, music - everything is pretty nice. And at first, you play as Bucky, but later you save your friends to be able to play as them. And so... you can change between each one, which would come in handy.
I forgot the name of each character at the moment (this post will be edited later, possibly to add the names of characters) - one of them can climb up some platforms easily, the other one can fly for a brief moment, the other one shoots lasers more strong(?), and the other one spawns some sort of ball attack, which may come handy, when you have a boss or enemy that takes several hits to beat.

Captain Skyhawk
Mostly picked it up for collection purposes, since this is actually a pretty common game to find on pirate cartridges in Russia.
The PCB is full of chips, and it's almost the same size as the cartridge case. :)

Super Mario Bros. 3 [S-M3]
The pirate copy of Super Mario Bros. 3
This one has the title screen sequence broken - the title card doesn't show up after Luigi jumps on Mario at the beginning, and you would be seeing the black screen, unless you press the Start button.
The actual title and copyrights are unchanged.
The other interesting thing that will come in handy during gameplay, is the cheat, that pirate add to some pirate versions of Mario 3, which lets you choose any item you want, right at the inventory screen. So, you can just cheat and skip through the game, as you please. :)
The label is fine. It actually has Mario and Luigi on it, so it's almost like a direct copy from Famicom boxart. Except, the actual title on the label seems to be done by pirates themselves.

Now, we get to something really cool, and probably the main golden thing of this post: Whirlwind Manu bootlegs.
For most of those, I don't really have too many words to say, so I will just leave you the name of games, and show you the actual carts, what they look like!

LA09 Gomoku Narabe
 Condition-wise it's better than my other copy, which I already own. The copyrights are removed.

LF06 Mobile Suit Z Gundam - Hot Scramble
 The back side of the cartridge seems to be damaged somewhat. The part of the title on label "Mobile Suit" seems to be removed as well. The label is actually smaller, since the places for labels on Bandai cartridges are smaller in comparison to any regular cartridges. The copyrights are unchanged.

LF09 Dragon Ball
The copyrights remained unchanged in the game. The first Dragon Ball game in the series.

LF57 Searching Fortune / Erunaaku no Zaihou
 If you thought that this is a NES cartridge, then you are wrong. Because in fact, this is actually a Famicom cartridge, but it's almost the same size as the NES cartridge.
Let me compare this cart with the real NES cart.
 The "LF57' copy looks a bit smaller by the height, as we can see by the photos above.
 By the weight, it's also a little bit smaller, but it comes pretty close to the sizes of NES cartridge.
So far, this is the biggest Famicom cartridge that I own so far, even in bootleg form.
Just to show you that this is actually a FC cart and not NES one...
 The PCB size is smaller, 60-pin cartridge. So, this won't fit into NES, no matter what you try. So you need a converter in order to play this on NES console.
The random comparison. The left cartridge is not mine (the game on it is Ultimate Stuntman).
 And this is how the PCB looks like in the cartridge.
 It is in fact really huge, and won't fit into regular cartridge case =)
And it's made specially for this case. I gotta admit, this looks really awesome: 5 big chips, 3 small ones, and the PCB is held on a few inside tabs.
Also, we have 4 screws that hold the cartridge case, and not just side tabs, just like on any other Famicom cartridge. So, that's something a bit unusual.
This game is known as Coffers on some bootleg carts. I've only seen it on a cartridge, 4-in-1 with Prince of Persia, Duck Tales, Flying Hero and this game.
To be honest, I haven't really got into this one yet. Maybe later I will try to figure out how it all works here, how this game plays.
For now, this cartridge will go into collection of Whirlwind Manu carts of mine. ;)

Tsuppari Oouzumou [LF61]
 A sumo wrestling game. The copyright in-game were left unchanged, but they were taken down from the cartridge label.

Dragon Ball [LG02]
 Yet another copy of Dragon Ball. The ID is changed, otherwise the copy looks almost identical to the previous one. Even the copyright information was left the same.

Family Boxing [LG43]
 Also known as Ring King on NES. This is the JPN version of a game. The copyrights are unchanged.

Sakigake!! Otoko Juku [LH101]
Can't say too much about this game. The back label is torn out a bit, the front label looks better. The copyrights seem to be removed.

And there you have it! This is what I got in February 2017.
Thank you for checking this post and see you later! :)

(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2017)

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