17 April 2017

Pickups 50: Famicom Cartridges 50 (January 2017 Pickups)

Yo people!
There haven't been new posts here for... quite a really long time. So, as usual... without spending too much time, I will show off what I got in January 2017.
There haven't been too many pickups... But there are a few, that worth taking a look at :)

Brush Roller
The game, in almost perfect condition, with Remarks sign on the back. The unlicensed game by Hwang Shinwei, a clone of Make Trax.
The label of the cartridge is just the screenshot of actual gameplay and title screen, so nothing much to say here.
Not a bad game, you go around the level, avoid two enemies that chase you. You have 9 lives at the beginning, so it's not too easy to get a Game Over right on the first level. What can be annoying, is the enemy that leaves footprints, it goes on your road, where you could go, so, you'd have to destroy it, before you can actually complete the level.
My particular cartridge seems to be sold in Russia, Moscow by Kenga company, that, just like Steepler, distributed cartridges/consoles in our country back in 1990s. GoCat sticker on the top of cartridge says it all. I have a few other carts with that exact sticker.

Hryu no Ken III (Fly Dragon Boxing 3)
I picked up this cart, just because it looked kinda similar design sense to Double Dragon II on bootleg carts.
Turns out that this is actually a game in Hryu no Ken series, the third part.
I haven't figured out much what to do here, but it definitely looks interesting. Gonna figure out later what this game is all about. :)

The picture on the front label is taken from original cart. The title seems to be written in Chinese, and at the bottom, there is English title, which I am assuming is actually wrong. But I will check that soon.

Ultraman Club: Kaijuu Dai Kessen!
One of the games from Ultraman Club series. The label is taken from original cart, but has the copyright info taken down at the bottom left.
The copyrights in-game aren't removed. Not a bad bootleg copy of Ultimate Club game.

EDIT: I completely forgot about a few cartridges, which I actually purchased earlier in January. I named the folder wrong, that contained them and forgot about these cartridges until recently.
So, I'll fix that mistake now, and go on to show you what I purchased =)

Super 3-in-1 New N067
 This multicart contains a few games, such as Contra, Battletoads (yes, the first one and not the second one, which is a crossover with Double Dragon) and Journey to the West (TXC corporation).
I got this multicart mostly because of Journey to the West, as I didn't have it anywhere else. Not a bad platformer for a pirate game, you can check it out. :)

Addams Family [A-F1]
 A bit unusual label for a game that I don't see quite often on bootlegs. But it's actually Addams Family by Ocean, the old bootleg copy from 1990s. =)
It even has all the copyright information saved at the beginning, so that's nice.

Arkanoid [TFC-AN5400]
 The official Famicom cart of Arkanoid. I think that this game doesn't need too much of a description, since this, alongside with many other cartridges that I show here, was covered many times, so I will just go over and show off the cartridges. ;)

Elevator Action [Taito 04]
 The official cart of Elevator Action.

Great Tank [SFX-TV]
 Made by SNK, the same people, who also made Guerilla War game. This is the Japanese version of Iron Tank. Both versions, to my knowledge, were released on bootlegs, but I haven't got my hands on either one of those yet, so I decided to get myself this official copy. :)

Gremlins 2 [G-S2]
 Got myself an older bootleg copy version of Gremlins 2. The main difference here from NT release is that it has the copyrights changed up a bit. Instead of Sunsoft logo, it says 1996. The version is US one, the text is in English. :)
There exists an even older copy, without ID. When I purchase it, we'll check it out.

Kung Fu New 1997
 Actually, that's Yie Ar Kung Fu, but with really unusual label. And it looks like it was released in 1997, judging by the golden paint here.
I've seen a few more cartridges with early Famicom cartridges and unusual labels, like this one.
I think that there will be a special post about these ones, where we'll check a few of these bootlegs. So stay tuned for that.

Panic Restaurant [P-T3]
 The US version of the game. There also exists JPN version with A-B1 type of ID, but titled as Cook House on the cartridge cover. Here, the copyright year is changed to 1995, and Taito is removed. Pretty funny looking label, with two men, beer, and chicken stuff.
But it kinda fits the actual game. I've beaten this game at the beginning of this year, but it was on a multicart. Really cool platformer. =)

Thexder [SQF-TX]
 The official copy of Thexder for Famicom.

Warpman [Namco 08]
The official copy of Warpman. Really interesting mixture of Battle City+Bomberman gameplay.

So that I fixed the problem with this post, which is that I didn't add all the cartridges I purchased in January, I can say "Case Closed", and move on to the pickups from later months. :)
See ya there!
(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2017)

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