25 December 2016

Pickups 48: Famicom Cartridges 48 (November 2016 Pickups)

2016 ends... But our blog doesn't stay out of date... And I am gonna bring you a few more posts here before 2017 stars, and this current year ends.

Last month, in November, I got quite a few great and rare cartridges for Famicom, pirate ones, of course. So, I will definitely show 'em to you right now.

Oh, and before we start, I should say... Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it today!

And we start now...

Captain America

Ok, this is actually not a rare game... It's quite common in my country, but I haven't really been able to get a singlecart of it for some reason, but at least right now, I actually own it.
It's actually Captain America and the Avengers, but the title screen in-game is removed by 90%, and it just says "Avengers", as well as copyrights were taken out. I am not sure why pirates decided to do that... maybe it was done in order to avoid copyright infringement from Marvel.

Oh well...
If I remember correctly, the version with copyrights and proper title screen was also released on pirate carts. Maybe I will get my hands on that copy too. :)

Crayon Shin Chan II (Bio Miracle Boukutte Upa hack) [JY-035]

This cartridge is a pretty rare one. It's not exactly Crayon Shin Chan II, it's a hack of official FDS port of Konami's game called "Bio Miracle Boukutte Upa".
It was released on singlecarts like this one with JY ID (sadly, my copy is not in perfect condition, the label is sunfaded on mine, oh well, better this than nothing :P), or without ID, or some certain multicarts (JY as well). Worth mentioning that this game was also re-released under the title Baby Mario on Super Mario Family multicart.
The main character sprites were changed to Crayon Shin Chan character from anime under the same name, and the hacking job was done very well.
The title screen is a bit crappy, but in-game it looks almost like legit thing (no sarcasm), and if you played this game for the first time without seeing original version of the game, you probably wouldn't guess that this is actually a pirate hack. :P

And I'll attach the video of my comrade here, so you can watch it to see what the hack looks like (later I will make my own video on my channel):

Crysis Force
Another not too common game on bootlegs. Konami's Crysis Force.
Besides the fact, that the copyrights are missing, the game is beatable, and doesn't loop over and over again. But there exist versions which don't let you beat the game, and it loops on level 2.

Duck Tales
One of the long awaited cartridges to get into collection, the pirate copy of Duck Tales 1. The label of it is pretty funny: it contains the pretty standard looking duck near the pond, and the title "Duck Tales" is written at the bottom right corner, just so you knew what game is actually put on the cartridge.
And yes, indeed, it's first Duck Tales game by Capcom. The copyright information is taken out, and it simply says 1990.
Speaking of this game and Duck Tales 2 I showed earlier, it's quite funny how actually the first game is pretty rare to find bootlegs, yet on official NES cartridges, it's actually really common. But the opposite situation is with second game.
Now I have all Duck Tales games on Famicom pirate carts from 90s, which is really nice, so let's go on to more carts that I have.

Yeah, it says HITRIS, but it's actually just a screwed up name of the game called HATRIS. Released by BPS. It's a puzzle game with hats, where you stock hats on each other, clean up the space and get points. :)
Really fun game, and it seems like that this is not too common game to find, at least in Russia. And I am glad that I have it in my possession, even though the title is screwed up.
I saw that in Argentina there were copies of this game like this, with the same name. And it looks like it's actually more common there.
The label looks to be just simply re-drawn from original deal with hats all that stuff, so nothing to complain about. :)

One thing I have question about: it looks like on PCB, it has actually the slot for battery. The photo:
Does this game use the save battery as in Tetris 2 + Bombliss in order to store the high score? Or is it used for something else? Please, let me know in the comments under this post!!!
My cartridge doesn't have battery anyway, so my guess is that it could be the same technology as in aforementioned game... Because... on my Tetris 2 + Bombliss copy, the battery is also missing and it was only for high score.
Not a huge loss here, but still something that makes me a bit confused.

And today, I actually released a video about this cartridge, so you can watch it here!

MC Mario (MC Kids hack)
Hehe... That label is absolutely brilliant. Pirates somehow decided to screw up the faces of Mario and Luigi, and they put McDonalds logo on the label, since this is actually a hack of MC Kids.

The sprite work is not really the best, but it's not too awful too. The original version was also released on bootlegs, but it's really rare to find. And if you aren't hardcore bootleg carts collector, you can just simply acquire NES cart, and play it at your will. :)

My video about it:

 Super Car (Hwang Shinwei)
This is a game by Hwang Shinwei, also known as BB Car, 迷魂車 [Mi Hun Che].
Published by Chi Chi Toy Co., Ltd, which you can guess by the logo shown on the actual label and on cartridge case.
I wasn't really sure about that logo earlier, I had about 20 or even more cartridges with it, now I know the name of company, who was behind all these cartridges :D

Anyway, this is a port of Rally-X.
You drive around collecting flags and avoiding other cars until all flags have been collected. They can attack the cars by dropping trails which if the enemies crash into, they spin out for a few seconds. The player gets 3 lives and no continues, and a limited amount of fuel which decreases quicker while trails are being dropped.

Pretty interesting game, that I will definitely make a video about on my channel. :)
And it's great to see yet another "pirate original" as well as another Hwang Shinwei game being added to collection.

Super Mario Bros. 10 Kung Fu Mari (Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu hack)
This is just a regular hack of Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu, with Mario as a main character. But for some reason, we have a label taken from Dr. Mario. And Mario 10 written both in English and Chinese with golden paint, which looks actually pretty cool.
What grabbed my attention about this cartridge is the label. Other than that, nothing too special. Just another variation of Mario 10.

I haven't seen this exact cart from someone else's collection, so this looks pretty interesting.

Super Mario Bros. 13 (Saiyuuki World 2 hack)
A hack of Saiyuuki World 2 / Whomp' Em, based of Journey to the West chinese novel, released originally by Jaleco.
This version adds Mario as a playable character, and you get UP+Start cheat to restore your health.

Pretty uncommon cartridge, and it has a pretty interesting shining label. It took me a bit of time to set up the angle in order to take a good photo, yet it still doesn't look too perfect.
Here's what I mean:
Depending on what angle you look at the label, the label will be either normal or shining. That looks pretty funny and cool, but it can also create difficulties with making a photo of the actual label, for some certain uses.
Anyway, moving on...

Super Mario Bros. 14 Adventures (Tiny Toon Adventures 2 hack)
A really rare Mario hack. No, it's not Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3, that was usually under Mario 14 name on bootlegs.
It's Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana Land e Yokoso hack. Or more accurately this is a pirate hack of a pirated version of Tiny Toon 2, that contained a few following things:
- screwed up copyrights
- KONAMI replaced with KOko
- UP+Start cheat added to restore health

What this hack offers to us?
- Absolutely all characters from Tiny Toon universe that you play as in the game are replaced with Mario

And... THAT'S IT!
At least with pirate version of Tiny Toon 2 itself there was some effort put into. But here... only all characters changed to Mario... Brilliant...
Also, there are several glitches that can be found throughout the game, that weren't even presented in aforementioned version.
And you can see them in my playthrough here, which I made almost one month ago:

Super Mario Bros. 17 (Chip to Dale no Daisakusen hack)
Another rare Mario hack, and another shitty one as well :P
It's actually Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers / Chip to Dale no Daisakusen, where Chip and Dale were replaced with so-called Mali and Lugi.

If I saw this hack back when I was a kid, I think I would be really shocked and would probably be crying... Because I watched Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers show as a kid back then.
But now... this looks just funny and disturbing at the same time. Anyway, good thing to upgrade the collection of Mario hacks.

The label itself is beautiful, no doubt. It shows Mario and Yoshi and other characters from Super Mario World. You can barely see "Super Mario Bros. 17" text at the bottom, but it's presented there, as well as chinese writing in red color on the top left. Good label, but quite shitty hack. :P

You can see my playthrough that I made about this game here:

Tetris (Tengen)
And... yet another copy of Tengen's Tetris. Nothing much to say here... It's just a Tengen version with Chinese title, and 1992 Pyramid Game copyright. It seems to be somewhat common to me, as I came across about 3 or 4 singlecarts with it. :P
Same good old Tetris game, so nothing much to say here.

For now, this is all about my November pickups. I will try my best to release the pickups post from this month, December, as soon as possible.

See you! And Merry Christmas again to everyone who celebrates it!
(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2016)

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