17 November 2016

Pickups 47: Famicom Cartridges 47 (October 2016 Pickups)

I am back with another post of new goodies into collection.
To start my post, I'd like to say that majority of carts that I got today was traded to me by TheAwesomePandaLPs/JP_Ronny, who I am really thankful for, and I am glad that I could get some interesting looking cartridges, which I'll make videos on, and upload on my YouTube channel.
His YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAwesomePandaLPs
Another person I traded cartridges with is MarsFive. Another thanks goes to him for them
But there are also some cartridges which I got besides these two trades.

Elevator Action [LB31]
Another copy of this game. Earlier I got myself TV GAME CART version, but this one is more compact and has Remarks label on the back, and so it's more valuable to me. I am thinking of getting official version too, besides this cool looking bootleg.
Copyrights were removed in game.

Aladdin 3 (Magic Carpet 1001 hack) [A-N8]
The hack of Magic Carpet 1001, with a changed title in game.
Provided by MarsFive.

Baby Boomer
This is one of the cartridges I got from TheAwesomePandaLPs.
It turns out to be a pretty rare game on bootlegs. I have never seen anyone having this game in the collection of bootlegs of any of my comrades!!

It's actually a Color Dreams game, under the title "Baby Boomer".
In this game, you have to guard the baby from any sort of enemies, as he wanted to leave his crib and set out for the dangerous wilderness outside of his house.

It's kind of funny how there is Bonk from Bonk's Adventure / FC Genjin game on the label, yet this game has nothing to do with him.
Gonna leave this game in my collection. :D

Barbie (US version) [B-E3]
It's just the game I got into collection, nothing too special. :P
Probably not gonna play this game either, it'll be just as a fullfiller, as in the game that got its release on bootlegs.
It's that NES game, based of Mattel Inc.'s doll under the same name, released by Hi-Tech Expressions.
Thanks to MarsFive for this cart.

Batman Returns (US version) [B-N3]
Now I have all Batman games on Famicom bootleg carts.
The version I had before seems to be the glitchy one, and therefore unbeatable at one spot (level 3). It has copyrights removed and only says "Batman III" on title screen.
Here, there are copyrights unchanged, and therefore should be proper, beatable version without any problem. Yet another Konami copyright protected game, I guess. :)

The game is much more different than two previous games of Batman. It's actually a beat-em-up, rather than a platformer, like the regular Sunsoft game and RotJ. And it's a pretty good one at that too.

Championship Pool
Provided by JP_Ronny.
Sadly, the label is ripped out from the left bottom corner, and the right side too.
But it's working perfectly fine.
The more upgraded pool game, than Side Pocket. Yet, I still on the way on figuring out how to actually play it. :P
(Kicking the ball in this game looks more confusing than in Side Pocket or even Lunar Ball)

Chase H.Q. [C-Q8]
Provided by MarsFive.
The pirate copy of Taito Chase H.Q. from mid-90s. Same exact version as on my other cart, under title "City Power HQ", copyrights remained unchanged.
There also exists "Super Monaco GP" version, which has the title screen edited, but I haven't come across that version yet on old bootleg. I see it more often on newer bootlegs.
Not a bad racing game, where you need to crash into criminar's car and capture him.
But wait... That's not one copy I come across with this game... I got this one too!

Chase H.Q.
Yes, I got this game under this label too.
Now... Honestly, I see this cover for the first time, and I have never seen Chase H.Q. under this label with this red car. :D
And the cartridge case is slightly bigger than regular bootlegs as well.
Hmm... If anyone come across this cartridge, please let me know in the comments!

Now I guess what's left, is NT copy and Super Monaco GP to get, and then I will be having practically all versions of Chase H.Q. released on old bootleg carts from 1990s.

Darkwing Duck 2
This is definitely a "bootleg classic"! The hack of Super Contra with Darkwing Duck (and Negaduck if played in two player mode! Bizzarre!) as a main character.

Duck Tales 2
This cartridge was a great surprise to me. I was offered to get this cart, and actually I decided to go for it, and the price wasn't too high, considering it's a Steepler cartridge.
The condition of this cartridge is A/A-, almost perfect, or almost as new.
Nothing is broken, nothing is damaged, no cracks, or anything like that.

But this is just the cartridge!
When I booted it up... It turned out to have Capcom copyrights in it. They weren't edited or changed, or anything like that! :O

I once saw that version of Duck Tales 2 on YouTube:

Yeah, the cartridge case was actually different, and despite the fact, that video quality isn't great there, you can still see "Capcom Presents" on startup screen.
And for some time, I was dreaming of getting my hands on that version.

And this cartridge fullfilled my wish. I got a cartridge in almost perfect condition, with unchanged copyrights too! And... also there was one little bonus I didn't show earlier...

It came in a box!
These are the boxes that Steepler sold their Dendy cartridges in. And these become collector's items nowadays, as they are much harder to find nowadays, and people didn't keep them back in a day.
Thankfully, there was this box and two other ones, and these two were used for my two other Steepler cartridges, that I already had before. :)

Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge

Tetris (Tengen)

As for this one, I had the non-Dendy box, but still it's kinda valuable and rare, so I decided to use it and put this cartridge into it.
Super Mario Bros. [LB35]
The box is slightly different from Steepler one. The major difference is that "For Dendy" is removed from there. The design is slightly different too.

Mickey Mania 7 (Ei-How Yang) [M-Y7]
Another version of Mickey Mania 7, but this time, it's not JY release, but looks like it's a later one.
The game looks a bit glitchy at some places in comparison to JY-077 release, probably because it's just a mapper hack, and therefore it works like that. I tested it on AV Famicom, and a few Famiclones.
And here's what the problem is:
Probably these happen due to mapper conversion or something... But my other copy works fine, at least.

Pro Wrestling (FDS conversion)
Another FDS conversion added into my collection. :)
I haven't really played the original Pro Wrestling, so I can't tell what are the major differences between this and original FDS copy though.
But it's always cool to find any FDS conversion, considering that they are not too common to find. :D
Provided by JP_Ronny.

Seicross / Kawasaki Mortor [K-M1]
It looks like a copy of Seicross, but really unfortunate thing is that the PCB is dead here! ;__;
I wasn't able to boot it up on any of my consoles. Probably there is something to do with cartridge contacts, or maybe one of the chips inside globs is now dead.

It uses LC?? Whirlwind Manu PCB inside, so probably finding the replacement wouldn't be too hard. But I would really be glad to find a replacement PCB, considering that this is not a common label for this game. Oh well... Thankfully, this is the only dead cartridge I got that month.

Super Barbie (Mystery Quest hack) [KT-2094]
Provided by MarsFive.
Hehe, this is not that Barbie game from earlier. It's a hack of Mystery Quest, with a changed title.
Actually, this is not the first time I see this game under that name. There actually was a YouTube video that showed this game in progress.
And, as you can see, this is indeed Mystery Quest. Except the title is changed.
What remains a mystery is, if this game was released under original title on bootlegs or not.
This is the only pirate copy I saw this game on.

Super Donkey Kong (Ei-How Yang) [D-K5]
Funny thing is that under this label, there should be Domkey Kong, the hack of Tiny Toon Adventures.
But I also saw that there could be Donkey Kong Country 4 (is it really true or not?).
On mine, there's Ei-How Yang's version of Super Donkey Kong, which you can find out more information about here: http://bootleggames.wikia.com/wiki/Super_Donkey_Kong

I am not sure if the PCB was misplaced, and there actually should have been Tiny Toon hack here instead, but oh well... I'm gonna keep it the way it is. Plus, I wanted this port for some time into my collection, so now I have it here.

Super Donkey Kong 2 (Shin-Shin Electronics) [NT866]
Another bootleg port, and it's from Shin-Shin Electronics. And a really short and shitty one as well, only 3 levels, and that's it.
Still having it on singlecart, rather than a multicart is somewhat satisfying to me, and good for bootleg ports collection. ;)

Super Spy Hunter (US version) [NT305]
Provided by MarsFive.
Exactly that game that you'd expect. The name on the label doesn't lie, but it looks like the artwork is stolen from Outrun game.
But inside is just Sunsoft's Super Spy Hunter (also known as Battle Formula). Still looking forward to purchasing regular Spy Hunter.

TMNT2: The Arcade Game
Provided by MarsFive.
The US version of TMNT2 with 8 lives, and with unusual label, taken from Turtles: Return of the Shredder, Mega Drive game (also known as Hyperstone Heist outside of Japan).

TMNT3: Manhattan Project (US version) [T-N3]
The standard version of TMNT3 that has no copyrights, and therefore, Shredder is immortal, and sadly, even by using Konami code to skip levels, it's probably not gonna be possible.
The cartridge I had before was apparently the later re-release. This one is older re-release with 3 glob PCB, which was quite common back then.

Балда BBG
Yet another copy of Balda by BBG Company, designed to be played on keyboard Famiclones. It's the second copy that I own in my collection.
Looking forward to finding Balda by Alexander Chudov :D

And I got a few multicarts as well:
Reset-based multicart that contains:
1. Robocop 2
2. Final Mission
3. Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (JPN version)
4. Silk Worm

Not a bad multicart. The video on this multicart will be made as soon as possible. :)
Provided by JP_Ronny.

4-in-1 (Side Pocket + 3 games for free)
Pretty unusual label, chosen for the multicart. At first glance, it might look like a singlecart, but in fact...
This is the whole multicart, that definitely includes Side Pocket, as it says here, but also three other games: Double Dribble, Blades of Steel (labeled as Stick Hunter in the menu) and Rockman.
I recorded the video of menu from this multicart and uploaded on my second channel, and you can check it out here:
The music that plays in the menu is called "Long Long Ago", but the crappy sound engine was used for it.
Maybe later, there will be a "Famicom Multicarts" video about this cart later on, we'll see...

Super 8-in-1
Quite basic name for a multicart, but it includes a few not so common games for bootleg cart, such as Cybernoid, Kings of the Beach Volleyball, Burai Fighter and I think... Moai Kun. (At least I don't see it very often)
The full game's list:
1. Burai Fighter
2. Dr. Mario (invincible Mario)
3. Kings of the Beach
4. Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine
5. Tengen Tetris
6. Moai Kun
7. Flipull: An Exciting Cube Game
8. Quarth

Provided by JP_Ronny. There will be video on this cart any time soon too.

Kaiser 20-in-1
Provided by JP_Ronny.
The cartridge, released by Kaiser, one of the pirate companies, that produced their pirate carts, including some FDS conversions.
It looks like one of the more common multicarts to be found from early 1990s. It should have 20 games on it, with menu where Bubble Booble guy wanders around the screen, and pops out bubbles. But on my cartridge, there is also Contra added as an extra game, and you can get it randomly.
If you turn off and on the console with this cart, it changes between 20-in-1 menu and Contra (NTDEC version). Interesting...

But overall... not a bad cartridge for start.
I had similar cartridge to this one, but the list of games was slightly different. Other than that, the menu was similar to the one here, just a few games were different.
Here's the gameplay video of that cartridge (for 1 hour):
The game's list of this cartridge:
1. Super Mario Bros. ('Super Kid 2', title hack, "2")
2. Mario Bros. ('Super Kid', title screen removed)
3. Popeye (glitchy title screen)
4. Pinball
5. Tennis
6. Donkey Kong
7. Yie Ar Kung Fu
8. Mappy (glitchy title screen)
9. Baseball
10. Ice Climber (JPN version)
11. Excitebike
12. Road Fighter
13. Galaga ('Galag2')
14. Star Force ('Thunderbird F-16', JPN version)
15. Pac-Man
16. Battle City
17. Exerion ('Fire-Peacock')
18. Sky Destroyer ('Skywar')
19. Circus Charlie ('Circus', partly removed copyrights)
20. Choujin Yousai Macross
21. Contra (US version, NTDEC)

And finally we get this...
84-in-1 [AT-101]
Also known as 84-in-1 Power Joy PJ-008. Provided by JP_Ronny. :D
This is one of the most common cartridges overseas. It's as common there, as 9999-in-1 in my country. :)
It has quite a lot of early Famicom games, including some weird and awful hacks of licensed games; as well as a few unlicensed ones too.

It's a mixed-bag cartridge, but it's good for a start too. But I think that 20-in-1 from above is even better. :P
The game's list:
84-in-1 (AT-101)
1. 80 Days (Nagagutsu o Haita Neko: Sekai Isshu 80 Nichi Dai Bouken)
2. 1942
3. Arkanoid
4. Aladdin III (Magic Carpet 1001 with the title screen removed)
5. Argus
6. Adisland (Adventure Island)
7. ASCII (Penguin-Kun Wars)
8. Arabian (Super Arabian)
9. Badminton (Super Dyna'mix Badminton)
1O. Baltron
11. B-Wings
12. Boat Race (F-1 Race hack)
13. Bird Week
14. Boom Man (Bomber Man with the title screen hacked to read Boom Man)
15. Brush Roller (Unlicensed Hwang Shinwei game)
16. Clay Shoot (Duck Hunt with only the Clay Shoot mode available and the title screen has been removed)
17. Chack and Pop (Chack'n Pop)
18. Circus Charlie
19. City Connection
20. Challenger
21. Dig Dug
22. Dough Boy
23. Druaga (The Tower of Druaga)
24. Devil World
25. Dingdong (Hack of Binary Land, replaces the penguins with Doraemons)
26. Door Door
27. Dynamite Bowl
28. Elevator Action
29. Exerion
30. Formation Z
31. Front Line
32. Fire Dragon (Unlicensed Gamtec game)
33. Flappy
34. Flipull
35. Field Combat
36. Galaga
37. Galg (Zunou Senkan Galg)
38. Geimos
39. Gyrodine
40. Gotcha (Gotcha! The Sport!)
41. Galaxians (Galaxian)
42. Gradius
43. Hyper Olympic
44. Joust
45. Karateka
46. Kage (The Legend of Kage)
47. Lode Runner
48. Lunar Ball
49. Macross (Choukijuu Yousai Macross)
50. Magic Jewellery (Magic Jewelry by Hwang Shinwei)
51. Mag Max
52. Mappy
53. Millipede
54. Lode Runner 2 (Championship Lode Runner, says Lode Runner on the title screen)
55. Spar (Urban Champion hack)
56. Shoot UFO (Duck Hunt hack)
57. Othello (Unlicensed Bit Corp. game)
58. Pooyan
59. Pac Land
60. Pandamar (Super Mario Bros. hack)
61. Penguin (Obake no Q Tarou: Wan Wan Panic)
62. Route 16 (Route-16 Turbo)
63. Raid on Bay (Raid on Bungeling Bay)
64. Road Fighter
65. Feat (Yie Ar Kung-Fu hack)
66. Sky Destroyer
67. Space ET (Space Invaders)
68. Star Gate
69. Star Force
70. Son Son
71. Spartan (Spartan X with a broken HUD and slightly glitched graphics)
72. Spelunker
73. Spy Vs Spy
74. Sqoon
75. Star Luster
76. Tag Team (Tag-Team Pro Wrestling)
77. Tank (Tank 1990, hack of Battle City)
78. Twin Bee
79. Wrestling (Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match, title screen says Wrestle)
80. Goonies (The HUD is broken and the player only gets 1 life as opposed to 3)
81. Wisdom (Wisdom Boy, unlicensed Gamtec game)
82. Warp Man
83. Xevious
84. Zippy Race
Later, there'll probably be a video about this multicart from me, we'll see how it goes.

And that's about it for my pickups from October. Thanks for reading this! See you.
(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2016)

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