10 November 2016

Pickups 46: Famicom Cartridges 46 (September 2016 Pickups)

Let's keep our blog updated with a few pickups that I got in September!
From now on, I will be adding my watermark to the photos of mine. I see that some people use my photos of cartridges, consoles, etc. for profit uses, like selling their carts, etc., but showing my stuff instead of making their own photos.
I decided that I'll leave my old photos here as they are, but newer photos will have my logo in them.

Anyway, let's get to the bootleg Famicom cartridges that I picked up:

This is a pretty standard reset-based multicart, that contains 4 simple games on it.
Mario Bros., Battle City, Exerion, Yie Ar Kung Fu. All the games are without copyrights.
The first game is with Mr Mary title. Pretty classic thingy on bootlegs. :)

10-in-1 Racing Series
I already covered this multicart in "[RUS] Gameplay & Commentary" series on my channel. But the separate video is also done, it needs rendering/editing.
For now, you can actually watch the video in Russian, where I review certain multicarts in it. This particular one starts at 1:21:37 :
I traded the smaller copy to get the bigger one :)
Basically the same deal, except different cartridge case.

11-in-1 Ball Series
Now, this multicart was already covered in the separate video before on my channel. Here's the link to that video:
Not too bad multicart. But the problem with this one and the one from earlier, is that 50-55% of included games - original ones, the rest is repeats.

Now we get to singlecarts now:
Tank 1990 [LB91 PCB]
Finally I got this game on a singlecart.
This is a pretty common Battle City hack, that was released on numerous multicarts that you can think of, usually with modes separated in the multicart menu as individual games, or with Mode A only, as it's done on newer multicarts.
This cart however, contains the full ROM with the menu, where you can choose what mode you want to play, and depending on mode you choose to play, the harder or easier the game will be.
On harder mode, you can a few new bonus items, such as ship (allows you to go on water), and you can cut the grass, if you collect two gun bonus items.
There are far more levels than 35, like it was in original game. Again, depending on mode, there are either 50 new unique levels, or 118 or something like that.

The hack itself is made by Yanshan Software, the Chinese company that also made a few more Tank hacks, and infamous Super Contra 2, the harder mod to original Contra that I played earlier on my channel:
If I get enough time, I will make a separate video on Tank 1990 game on my channel. :)

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom
Pretty decent multi-genred game, that's made by Capcom with famous Walt Disney characters in it.
You get racing course, platformer, arcade stuff in it. It really is fun for what it offers to the player.
For Walt Disney fans, and fans of Mickey Mouse, I think this would be a pretty nice game for a kid back then.
You need to get 6 keys from the events that you have here and then get a golden key to open up the way to Magic Kingdom.

As for the cartridge itself, I've wanted to get it with this exact label for quite some time. And I even had a chance to get it in smaller cartridge case from one of my friends, but he had financial problems, and so he had to re-sell it to someone else for higher price.
I am glad that I own this copy at least, even though, the condition is not perfect.

Bubble Bobble 2
The early bootleg copy of this game. Kinda rare on official carts, and... on bootlegs, I'd say it's somewhere in the middle: not too common, and not too rare.
This is the Japanese version that has 20 lives at the start. Plus, for some odd reason, you skip the intro right when you boot up the cartridge, it goes straight to the title screen, but... if you wait a little bit, the actual intro appears, where you can see the storyline.
Unfortunately, the 2 player mode isn't the same as it was in original Bubble Bobble game (you and your friend could play at the same time on one screen). It's done the same way as in many early arcade games: player 1 dies, player 2 gets the control, if player 2 dies, the control is received back to player 1.
Visually, this game is better, but gameplay-wise... slightly worse than the first game.

And just for fun, I am gonna add here my little gameplay footage that I made from this cartridge:

Just yet another copy of Chessmaster, in a form of bootleg copy, with original label; this time with Remarks label on the back.

Chip to Dale no Daisakusen / Grand Combat
Another copy of Chip and Dale, with Remarks on the back, and pretty heavy PCB on chips inside.
The label is from original deal, but the name is changed to "Grand Combat", instead of "Chip'n Dales".
The copyright string says: Good Luck Gin Shin
I wonder what's it all about...

Saiyuuki World
The first Sayuuki World game in the series. I covered the second one earlier.
It's also known as "New Son Son" on bootlegs, the latter game is called "Son Son 2", if I am not mistaken.
And it's kinda funny coincidence, because SonSon and Saiyuuki World were both based on Journey to the West novel.
It's a platformer with a few RPG elements thrown into it (buying stuff from shops to upgrade your weapon, increasing your health, etc..)
From what I've seen, this is not a too long game, but you need to get yourself equipped very well, in order to be able to beat it without too many problems.
Thankfully, this game is not fully RPG, otherwise I think that without knowing Japanese, I wouldn't be able to get too far in it.

Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima III [A-I3]
Nope, this is not Adventure Island 4, as it might seem from the label. This is actually the third game in the series. The ID itself even gives you a hint, that this could be not that "last officially released Famicom game", but a predecessor.
Unlike the earlier copy, which had the label taken directly from official Famicom cart and slightly changed, you get 2 of each items to choose at the beginning of the game (2 blue dinosaurs, 2 red dinosaurs, 2 tomahawks, 2 boomerangs, etc..)
Pretty nice game, and I recently played its hack, where you have Mario instead of Takahashi Meijin himself, called Super Bros. 11 / Mari Adventure.

It's a bit more upgraded than the second game, and slightly more difficult, but at the same time, it's really a fun game, and not as irritating as the very first one in the series.

Werewolf: The Last Warrior [C-W3]
Also known as Warwolf. Here, it's US version, with "II" added in the title for some odd reason, making you think that this could be a sequel, when in fact it's not.
Fun fact: I saw this game being released under the title "Juuouki II", with original Juuouki (Altered Beast) logo used on the label.
Haven't played too much of this game, I gotta check it later. :D

World Cup Soccer
Tecmo World Cup Soccer, the original version. I already had its hack, that was called Fifa International 97, but here it's not a hack.
I haven't really got into this game, I got it for collection purposes, plus, it wasn't too expensive, so I went for it. And yeah, the Steepler label on the back. :)
Slightly worn out label on the back, and "10" written a few times on the cartridge case for some reason, but that's alright.

Young Indiana Jones
From what I've seen, this is a really common game on bootlegs. Even more common than any other Indiana Jones game for NES (Temple of Doom or Last Crusade, both versions).
And it's probably for better, because this game is better and more playable than Temple of Doom or Ubisoft's Last Crusade. Yet another platformer ;)
And on this cartridge, there is a cheat, that lets you upgrade your health; it's the very famous cheat: UP+Start

Yeah, this post was rather quick, but that's because there weren't too many pickups in September. In October I got a few more carts, and there is one pretty rare and interesting cart, that I've never seen before among my comrades. Not gonna spoil it right now here (well, unless you are from Facebook group, you already can guess what game it is, but oh well... :P)

Stay tuned for next post. ;)
(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2016)

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