9 November 2016

Pickups 45: Famicom Cartridges 45 + Mega Drive Cartridges 4 + "New" Famiclone 7 + Other Accessories (August 2016 Pickups)

3 months of no writing anything on blog... and here we are back now in action!

Sadly, I didn't have any new pickups into collection in July, I was in work with summer practise stuff from university, and there were very few people, who were ready to sell/trade anything.

But, at the end of August, I upgraded my collection a little bit with a few things.
So, before talking about Famicom carts, I will start with a few accessories and one Famiclone I got.

Basically, I got "Video Game System Subor SB-225" Famiclone, and original Famicom (sadly, not working, and by the time you see this post, I actually already sold it to one person).
The controllers have the original Subor logo with two boxing gloves and "Сюбор" written on them, as well as the word Joystick.

I will talk in a few more details about Subor Famiclone later, but now, we'll see what else I got:
Three PCBs for Sega Mega Drive. I haven't been picking up anything new to my collection of Mega Drive carts. I guess I need to get myself a real SMD first, and then maybe look at some games worth grabbing :)
Now, sadly I don't remember, which PCB had which games, but from what I can tell, these are the games that were on them:
 This was one of the PCBs. It has "Risk" game on it.
 Next PCB is 2-in-1, with contains Castle of Illusion and Quack Shot. Really good multicart.
The third PCB didn't work for me. But maybe on official Sega console, it can give me some good results, I need to check it.

I got the NES Zapper, besides these few things:
I think that the blog readers would be familiar with this light gun anyway.
If not, then it's basically the grey version of NES Zapper, the official Nintendo light gun, released in US and Europe, bundled with NES console. It has 6 feet cord, which is quite long, and nice.
The trigger is really nice and clicky.
You probably know that with most consoles there was orange version of zapper, to make it look like not an actual gun, but a toy gun, I guess.
But still, it looks pretty cool anyway. :)
What I need to do is basically mod my AV Famicom, if I want to use it. Because, there, it's thought that light gun is connected to 15-pin port. Even though there are NES ports on the front, you are unable to use any NES accessories, unless you make a simple mod on the board.
The schemes for this mod are lying somewhere around on the net, you can find them easily.

Also, there are numerous clones of NES Zapper, with 15-pin port. I think that I would be glad to pick them up, maybe some time in the future. :)
It's cool to have an official deal, and old cloned accessory/console/etc from 1980s-1990s.

Brief info about Famicom, which I sold later, after getting it.
The previous owner connected a wrong power supply with wrong polarity, making the console fry and stop working. Really sad thing.
But at least, I was able to test its controllers through connecting these to my working Famicom, and there was nothing wrong with them.

Anyway, let's go to Subor SB225.
I originally got this console without anything, only actual unit and controllers.
Earlier, first player controller didn't really work well, but after some screwing around with its wires, and now it works like new.
Lovely Subor logo here
I also replaced rubbers inside the controller 1, so it worked better. :)
I love how this console overall copies original Famicom, but with its color changed to black.

Even though it's PAL console, which nowadays, after playing on AV Famicom, feels weird to play games on slower speed, I still love it, and I find it even better than Dendy Classic, or Dendy Junior Famiclones from Steepler. :D

Now, for some comparison between Subor SB225 and its later re-release that I have been having for quite a long time:
Notice at changes between controllers of both famiclones
Yes, I still have never opened up my Liko KL235 famiclone. And yeah, sadly some screws missing on my Subor SB225, but oh well...
This looks almost exactly the same outside.
Inside, these are just 3 boards with ribbon cables, and NOaC. But the expansion sound works, I tested Akumajou Densetsu and Gimmick, both worked well. I guess one of the pins that responds for expansion sound from cartridge, was soldered properly, and not left unused, like in newer Famiclones.
One main difference between Subor and Liko, besides the changed name is:
The text written above Power switch and Reset button on Subor is in a form of sticker. On Liko, the text is printed right on plastic itself.

So, yeah, if needed, later I will make a review on this famiclone. But for now... I suggest getting to actual Famicom cartridges I got:

Lunar Ball [LA48 PCB]
Pretty good singlecart of Lunar Ball. LA48 is written on PCB, so it's Whirlwind Manu cart, yet, for some odd reason, it doesn't say that on label.
Still pretty nice cartridge that goes into my collection.

Batman [B-M1]
Now I got the actual US version copy of Batman into collection. :)
I gotta love how the label apparently has Salamander on label, or something similar to it.

Flash & Batman (Monster in my Pocket hack) [B-A2]
Speaking of Batman, here we have another copy of Flash & Batman. The main difference between this copy and my other one I used to have, is that this cartridge has changed copyrights to "(C) 1992 Double Batmans".
My other B-A2 was already traded to one guy, as it was basically the same inside as my copy with original label.

New Ghostbusters II [C-B7]
I have been looking for getting this game into collection for quite some time. This is a really good Ghostbusters game for Famicom.
You just go on and capture ghosts with your partner, and that's it. No boring moving of Ghostbusters logo on screen, or driving a car, before being able to capture a few ghosts, like in first game. Or crappy controls and lack of Pause button, like in Activision's version.
This is Hal Laboratory game, and it's better than those two games. :P
Pretty common on famicom multicarts, like 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 with this exact label.

The copyrights aren't removed at the start, so it's like official version. :)

Heavy Barrel
A pretty interesting looking cart. :)
It's the original version, Heavy Barrel, and not the well known hack, under the name Chip and Dale 3.
It has the regular label, taken from original box art, but also some sort of label on the back "Again and Again of Resurrection", which apparently is the protip on how to get back to life.
Anyway, certainly a really cool cartridge, which I've been looking forward to getting into collection.

Kyatto Ninden Teyandee
Pretty well known game on Famicom bootlegs, which was originally released only in Japan, and it's based on Samurai Pizza Cats anime. :)
Pretty simple and straightforward game that you can probably easily beat in one sitting, even though the cutscenes and stuff is all in Japanese.
The label is taken from original Famicom one, but it's edited to remove copyright stuff on it.
The title screen is with proper colors, unlike some of the later bootleg releases (1996 ones).

Super Mario 14 (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 hack) [S-M7]
Just the regular bootleg hack of Kid Niki 3 with Mario in it. Except, here, this time, the copyright string was changed from 1993 WARIO to 1996 MARIO.

To The Earth
Now I got To The Earth game on a singlecart into my collection. The only problem is that the label is restored, and not the same as it was on original bootleg cart, so it's not quite as valuable as the actual pirate copy.
But noneless, it's nice to have this game, that's not that common to find in the first place.
Unless, you have CRT TV, you wouldn't have any luck playing this game on actual console, because it's a light gun game, and you need to use your zapper to shoot at targets. ;)
Kinda fun game, but also really difficult one too.

Балда (BBG Company)
This is actually Balda, and not Colored Lines, as it says on the label.
The version made by BBG company (there also exists one, made by Alexander Chudov, which I am still searching for). And it's only playable, if you have a keyboard Famiclone.
So, for now I am not really able to play this one.
But I think that any day I can get my hands on one of many keyboard Famicom clones that would be compatible with this cartridge.

Волшебная Палитра
Yet another label variation for this Videomation RUS translation hack. :D
This time, it looks like the label was hand drawn, and it looks kinda crappy, but at the same time, really hilarious.

Now, onto a few multicarts:
1997 Super 3-in-1 [NT947]
This is actually a pretty interesting multicart, and I am glad I was able to get my hands on it.
It contains two games on it, but I don't think that both of these are too common to be found on singlecarts: Panda Prince and Earthworm Jim 2/4, both by Shin-Shin.
Panda Prince is a port of Donkey Kong Country, with main character sprites changed to pandas. The label on this cart is just... LOOL. Panda heads put on top of DKs themselves. Pretty mediocre port to be honest with you. Some levels are missing, and the music is a bit earrapy.
Earthworm Jim 2/4 is the port of Earthworm Jim 2 from SNES.
Music and backgrounds are not that great, and there are not a lot of levels included here. But Earthworm Jim 4 adds Lorenzen's Soil, Puppy Love, Udderly Abducted. The first level was missing in original EJ2 version.
Also, the menu itself is pretty interesting here: you get Earthworm Jim 2 & 4 and Panda Prince, two options to choose, because Earthworm Jim 2 and 4 are basically the same game, but you just start from different stages.
Later, I will put the screenshot of that menu, in case anyone is interested.

So, yeah, pretty good cartridge, I am glad I was able to get it. EJ4 is really rare game to find on singlecarts, and even better than I found myself a good replacement of that other 3-in-1 cart which contained Aladdin, but only menu was booting.

1996 (1995) Super HIK 23-in-1
Nothing much to add here, this is just another version of 23-in-1 I covered some time ago on my blog, but in TV GAME CARTRIDGE form, which I think looks even cooler than Liko shaped cartridge case. :)
The cart that came bundled with Subor Famiclones, such as the one that I covered earlier today.

35-in-1 Tank 1990
Another version of 35-in-1, except this time it's in yellow cartridge case, instead of blue, like my other cart. Maybe I can trade this one later, we'll see how it goes :)
Afterall, this is one of the most common multicarts in my country, so getting rid of one of those is not a huge loss to me.

Now, wanna see a few official Famicom carts, besides bootlegs? Well, here you go! :D
A really standard early Nintendo game. :)
Now, I own it in official cart form, and not just Whirlwind Manu bootleg

Burger Time
A classic arcade game, where you build burgers and avoid all sorts of weird enemies on your way. Kinda difficult game, as I was able to get only to level 3 of it, and lose a lot of lifes while doing that.

Dynamite Bowl
The bowling game for Famicom.

And we get two pretty interesting official carts here...
Saiyuuki World II
Yes, now I finally own the Jaleco big carts, where TV GAME CARTRIDGE design was stolen from.
And I gotta say... holding these official Jaleco carts in the hands feels more satisfying than some bootleg TVG carts, because of really heavy and sold plastic, that you can barely even break :D
Quickly, let's discuss what differences pirate companies did, that produced TVG carts:
1) Changed Jaleco logo, obviously. It was replaced either with TV GAME CARTRIDGE name or something else written in Chinese
2) The backside string "Made in Japan", was either left here, or in was changed to blank space, or changed to HOME GAME COMPUTER
3) The front labels on bootleg carts were a bit bigger than the space given for them, so they get a bit out of bounds.
Later, I will make a proper comparison on this blog, and show it all more in details.

As for the game itself, really decent platformer, based of Journey to the West novel, that has a few elements, like in Rockman (level select, health bar, etc..)
I actually own it in bootleg cart form too, and it looks pretty funny side by side.
Yes, the pirate copy is much smaller, plus the labels slightly differ from each other.
But the game is exactly the same on both carts, on bootleg cart the copyrights are removed, and that's it. :)

Ninja Jajamaru: Ginga Daisakusen
Yes, the second Jaleco big cart in my collection. It was kinda cheap, so I picked it up without a second thought. On ebay, it looks like it goes for not too low price.
It's just another game in Jajamaru series. I haven't got deep into this game and learned more info about it, but I hope that soon I will check it more in depth, what it looks like. :)
But from what I looked, it's yet another platformer, and a pretty decent one too.

Now, yeah, that's all for my pickups from August. Most of the cartridges and other gaming stuff was picked at the end of this month. Sadly, there are not many people who are willing to sell or trade cartridges, and so July remained without any pickups for me.
But in a few following months I got a few more cartridges into collection, and you'll get to see them soon. :)

Sorry for such a delay with posting anything new here. XD
I hope that I can balance out my IRL stuff, and blog stuff here, to make more content.
And as I checked earlier, my recent posts got almost 1k views, which is really nice to see, and I should say "thank you!" to all for you.

See you soon! I am not going anywhere too far. ;)
Have a nice day!
(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2016)

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