13 July 2016

Pickups 44: Famicom Cartridges 44 (June 2016 Pickups)

Hello, people!
And I am back with more pickups. This time I got a few more cartridges in collection, quite a lot of Whirlwind Manu bootlegs, a few regular carts, and some other goodies.
So, let's check out what I got!

Duck Hunt [LA07]
Great classic light gun game from Nintendo in a pirate cart form. I surely hope that you know what this game is, and so we won't talk too much about this game.
Copyrights are removed, but all the modes are presented (Game A,B,C), that are usually cut down in separate games on some multicarts.

Pinball [LA10]
I actually got two copies of this game: one - proper bootleg cart copy; two - Russian-made PCB, but with restored label and cartridge case.
First copy looks pretty solid. No copyrights inside, or Nintendo string in the actual game.
Really great and fun game, that's even great to paly nowadays. :)
I just really like Pinball types of games, and this does the job really well.

The second copy has a brown PCB, that's usually found among Electronika game cartridges, that put Russian translation ROMs on their carts.
This is how the PCB looks like in that cartridge. On the first copy, it's regular green, and on globs, instead of chips here.
Now, it's held very nicely in cartridge case very nicely, after I did some fix and dirty job inside.
The version of Pinball is exactly the same as on cartridge above, so we'll move on!

Baseball [LA19]
I am not really a big fan of baseball games, and I can't really figure out how to play this one, but it's good to have at least this pirate copy in collection of Whirlwind Manu carts.
No copyrights, or any mentioning of Nintendo.

TwinBee [LB16]
A pirate singlecart of TwinBee.
And, as you would expect, this is the version that cuts down some of the graphics, and so, starting from level 4, you get some really badly glitched up backgrounds, and objects too.
Here's the video demonstration of such bootleg version (from multicart):

Unfortuantely, this version is the only one you can meet on almost any old pirate cart. If there actually exists a pirate cart with LB16 ID that has a proper version with copyrights inside (which was somewhat common with some of these WM carts), I'd be really glad to see it.

SonSon [LB18]
Got yet another copy of SonSon, but with torn out labels, unfortunately, so it's likely I am going to sell it later, as I already have a proper version with all the labels and everything.
In fact, afterwards, I restored the labels, just so it looked less awful than what you see here.
Left: my original copy; Right: restored copy, that you saw above
It doesn't really look as accurate as original pirate cart, but still far better than what you saw earlier. :)
Just the regular SonSon game from Capcom that you all know.

Gyrodine [LB20]
In fact, I used to have this game before, with this ID and everything, but my original copy went for restoration of my Legend of Kage cart, which had really badly cracked up back side, and one other cart.
And so, I got this copy in collection. I like it even more actually, because of Cassette Remarks sign.
Copyrights are remained unchanged in-game, so it's like official copy...
Speaking of which, we'll come later to this game again.

Satan Den / GeGeGe no Kitaro - Yōkai Daimakyō / Ninja Kid [LD02]
For quite some time, when I was looking at the database of Whirlwind Manu cartridges, this cartridge was kinda interesting to me in a sense of: "what game is actually included inside".
I was able to pick this game up recently, and I found out that this is actually Ninja Kid, as it's known in US, or GeGeGe no Kitaro - Yōkai Daimakyō, which is the name of this game in Japanese Famicom release. The version that's included here, is the Japanese release, judging by the picture, and Japanese symbols on the label.
As with other few copies of games, the copyrights remained unchanged, so it still says Bandai on the startup screen.
Pretty interesting bootleg that I finally got my hands on.

Tiger Heli [LD24]
A restored copy of Tiger Heli, again with brown PCB, as it was with Pinball game from earlier.
Except... this one is held on tabs from the sides, instead of the ones in the middle, so it was easier than ever to find an appropriate cartridge case, and insert the PCB there.
Here's how it looked like:
Don't worry, folks, I glued the window on the left PCB after taking this photo!
Funnily enough, this copy of a game has the NTDEC copyrights (1990 NTDEC). It's a bit odd, but kind of funny too. So it looks like I am gonna have yet another NTDEC copyrighted game in my collection of bootleg Famicom stuff. :D

Argos no Senshi / Rygar [LF-32]
The japanese version of Rygar, called Argos no Senshi. Even though it says Tecmo on the label, there are actually no copyrights in-game.
In terms of releases, the American version was also released on pirate carts, and the label was almost identical to the one on my cart, except it had ID, TV GAME CARTRIDGE and TECMO removed from the label.

Don Doko Don
The very first game in Don Doko Don series on Famicom, that plays like Bubble Bobble or Snow Bros., and not the second one, which is the platformer, that everybody is likely to be more familiar with.
Yep, this is Don Doko Don 1, where you smash mushroom looking guys with a hammer, and once you clear the stage from all of them and collect items, you advance to the next level. It really plays similar to Bubble Bobble. Yet, the funny thing is that both games are from the same company, Taito.
So, I can say that I own both games, DDD1 in pirate form (which, I would say, is not too common), and DDD2 (Mario 8 hack in pirate form, and official game in official Famicom cart form).

Doraemon [D-Y1]
Heh, yeah!
This is actually Doraemon for Famicom, that one by Hudson Soft from 1986.
What's funny is that copyrights are also not removed from the title screen. In fact, I also played through this cart one evening to check out if there are any differences between official cart, and in fact, nope! Everything is the same. And unlike in Super HIK 4-in-1 version, there is no glitchy scrolling in level 2, and everything works properly.

In fact, I kind of like this label too. First of all, Din Do Happy. This name was already in earlier bootleg copies of the game, produced by Whirlwind Manu, so no surprise there, they just repeated the name on the label.
Then we see what is supposedly a time machine, as well as Nobita and Doraemon.
But what bugs me here, is that Nobita is on the front, and Doraemon in behind him... I thought that Doraemon was always the leader, and the one, who was driving time machine, and not Nobita.
In fact, if you check anime episodes and some movies, you see that our good-old cat robot is driving it.
Next, we see some random kid, that looks nothing like what we saw in the show. In fact, I don't even know, who is he supposed to be here. Did pirates tried to make it like as if it was Gian or Suneo? They actually failed here, as they look differently.
After that, we see Shizuka-chan, trapped in the bubble. And that makes sense, because the last level takes place underwater, and she's the last kid to save from Doraemon's crew.
And also, some random monster on the back, which they probably tried to re-draw, after seeing one on original boxart, but it looks nothing like what was there.

Here you have it. Pretty good game (imo at least), with such a random, weird-ass and funny looking label.

Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzou Ningen
The pirate copy of Dragon Ball Z III. The copyrights are removed in-game.
Pretty nice cartridge case, it's slightly bigger than regular bootlegs, but smaller than official Jaleco carts from 90s (or TV GAME CARTRIDGE).
Funny thing is that apparently, there is some other label glued on top of another one.
And as I found out later, it looks like the same label, as what you see here, but originally it was glued upside-down, but instead of ripping out the label, and trying to glue it the proper way, they decided to glue another one on top of it.

Duck Tales 2 [D-T2]
Good-old Duck Tales 2. But with other artwork. We already saw Duck Tales 2 with original label, as well as with Donald Duck from Quack Shot.
This time, it's with Darkwing Duck on the label. Funny thing is that pirates also used exactly the same picture of Darkwing Duck for Super Contra hack, that was called Darkwing Duck 2.
I think that my copy from May is actually with that kind of thing.

Just like on many other Duck Tales 2 copies, this one has copyrights removed, so it no longer says Capcom on the startup screen. And also, it's Japanese version too, so in case you are not familiar with this game, than it will be kinda difficult to understand what characters are saying.
At least, it's not RPG, otherwise you'd be f***ed.

Flintstones - The Surprise at the Dinosaur Peak!
The version of that rare Flintstones NES game with original label.
It doesn't say that it's Surprise at the Dinosaur Peak on the label, it only says "The Flintstones", but the picture on the left is clearly taken from there.
In fact, from any other bootleg carts with Flintstones II, I saw the version with the label from movie poster is more common to find.

On both versions, you get 8 lifes at the beginning, and also UP+Start cheat in order to restore your energy.

Gun Smoke
A pretty decent bootleg cart of Gun Smoke.
It's the proper version without enemies aapearing at random on the screen. That version was usually common on multicarts, and I haven't really seen it on singlecarts yet. Usually there would be proper one, either with NTDEC copyrights or without them.

Shui Guo Li / Jackpot [Bit Corp]

One of early unlicensed booteg games for Famicom, by Bit Corp.
Also known as Jackpot.
Just a gambling game, nothing much else to say there.

I believe I played this game somewhere before, like on Windows Phone or something, but I don't remember the name for sure, if it was the same name or different one.
But I am glad to see that there actually was NES release of this game. Developed by Ocean Software, and published by Sunsoft.
You have to guide certain number of lemmings to the exit.
They have options to block the way, use parachutes, dig through the ground, etc..
And after beating the stage, you are given the password in order to continue later.

Really fun puzzle game! I definitely recommend checking it out! :)

Lion King III [DH1000]
Pirate original shite by Dragon Co., where you get a chance to play as Timon, Pumba and Simba. Really bad controls, terrible mechanics, weird enemies. Not too bad music or graphics, but the other things I wrote above, really ruin this game. :P
Recommended for purchasing only in collection, but not for actual playing purposes.

Mickey Mouse III: Yume Fuusen
Another version of Mickey Mouse III: Yume Fuusen. This time, it's with Minnie Mouse at the right side.
Copyrights are remained unchanged, just like in my two other copies.

Pizza Pop! Mario [P-M1]
A pirate hack of Pizza Pop!
The other copy that I had before, was with different label, and some random weird-ass guy on the labe, and pizza in the background.
This label is also pretty funny. I didn't see any differences in-game between this pirate cart and other one.
The actual game isn't too bad, the difficulty isn't too high, and you can beat it almost in one sitting without too many problems. :)
Here's my playthrough, in case you haven't seen it yet!
(played from my other bootleg cart that I had before)

Pokemon Yellow Version [K1910]
A regular bootleg hack of Tiny Toon Adventures with Pikachu added to it.
Really bad sprite of Pikachu. I bet that if I was into NES hacking, I think I'd make even better sprite than what you see here.
Also, the other characters that you can play as, aren't changed, so this hack ultimately fails, just like Mario 6, Domkey Kong.

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior
The "official" cartridge of pirated Street Fighter II by Yoko Soft/Hummer Team. :)
It was even released "complete-in-box" with manual and such.
My other bootleg cart with "Supervision" text on the top of cartridge is probably the later re-release of this game, yet the title screen and copyrights are the same, and also there was no new characters added to play as, or fight.
Glad to own this game in collection, even though I am not exactly into pirate Street Fighter games, but they are always cool to own.

Super Mario Bros. 4
Also known as "Rock'n'Roll Mario".
In fact, this is a hack of Armadillo for Famicom.
The version that's on my particular cartridge is pretty special, because it has level select cheat on the title screen.
If I remember correctly, you press Select button before choosing mods to play, in order to change the level to start on (!!that needs to be re-checked, and then corrected afterwards)
But, just like with any other pirate copies of Mario 4/Rock'n'Roll Mario, the majority of copies won't work on PAL Famiclone at all (there exist a few expections, that actually work on PAL clones, but these are incredibly rare to find!). And this was in the case with original version of Armadillo too! It didn't work on PAL Famiclone hardware too, but it worked perfectly on original hardware (that's NTSC).
Oh well... It's not a big deal to me, as I play on AV Famicom, and this cartridge works just perfectly fine there. :D

Super Mario Bros. 16
Good-old Russian cult classic! Super Mario 16!
But with label taken from original deal, which was slightly changed to make one of caveman to look like Mario, by adding a cap, and drawing whiskers. Also, if I remember correctly, one of cavewomen wasn't drawn like Princess Peach on original cover.
On the label, it says "Mario Bros. 16", inside it's Mario 16. Funny. :)
Glad to have this version of Mario 16 in my collection.

Target Renegade [L-H2]
The original version of the game, and not hacked one to be Double Dragon 4. Because, yeah, this game was also known on bootlegs as Double Dragon 4, but here it's with original title screen, and even copyrights are unchanged. :)
Not too bad beat-em-up, even thouhg I am not a huge fan on beat-em-ups..

Tiny Toon Adventuers [NT805]
Good-old Tiny Toon Adventures, but with logo without being stretched to the size of the actual label. But, we can see that it says "Tiny Toon" a lot of times on label for some odd reason.
Also, the copyrights are changed to something like Apichai of Taiwan, and the girlfriend of Buster Bunny on the title screen was slightly changed to the different color.
Tried beating this version of the game... other than odd copyrights, and changed color on title screen, there was no problem. Plays just like original version, or any other old copies of Tiny Toon, copyrighted to 1992 year, and with stretched Tiny Toon logo.

TMNT2: Manhattan Project (JPN version of TMNT3: Manhattan Project)
Yes, folks! This is actually a japanese version of TMNT3 for Famicom!
The title screen is different, you have options at the beginning of the game to set the certain number of extra lifes, choose Game A or B, which as I understood, actually depends on 2 player mode, if you can hit each other or not.
As for cheat codes, remember that in US version, you use (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B) in order to access the option menu?
Here you get different cheats to access option menus...

(Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A) - gives you a special message in Japanese
(Down, Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, A, B) - level select
(A, B, Right, Left, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up) - the number of continues

And thankfully, in case with Japanese version, even if the copyrights are removed, you won't get to hit enemies twice as much, and Shredder won't become unbeatable.
I can't say for sure, because on my copy, there are copyrights completely unchanged, and even though it says TMNT3, it's Japanese version. :)
Although, technically, it actually is TMNT3, but the first TMNT game was called Gekikame Ninja Den, TMNT2 was TMNT1, and so TMNT3 had to be called as the second part in the series.

Odd that TMNT:TF wasn't released on Famicom officially, but thankfully, we have an access to it through bootleg carts. :)

Top Gun (Raio on Buncelinc Bay) [HFC-RB]
Oh great! It's another one of these...
So I have two cartridges that say "Raid on Bungeling Bay", but include completely different game inside.
This time, it's Top Gun 1 for Famicom, and even with copyright information at the beginning and Konami logo.
I remember that on bootlegs, you get 30 lives to beat the mission.
This copy will be a bit harder to play, I guess :P

Top Gun: Dual Fighters
Yet another copy of Top Gun: Dual Fighters for Famicom. Unlike my other one, which didn't have TOP GUN 2 string on the label, this one has copyrights removed on the title screen, and the other one had those. :)
I don't mind having this game in collection, but I think that I prefer the first game over the second part, to be honest with you.

Yuu Yuu Hakusho Final [Y-U3]
A pirate port of Super Famicom game under the same game.
One of the many pirate fighting games on Famicom. Not really familiar with this game, so I can't say too mcuh about it to you.

Earthworm Jim [NT855]
In fact, this is Earthworm Jim 3 by HummerTeam. A really decent port of game from MegaDrive.
The only big problem with this game is that it doesn't have enough levels, and some bosses take too long to beat.
The music is pretty good, as far as pirates go. The graphics are also looking good for 8-bit.
Overall, decent port, that you should check out.

Super Batman 4 [NT882]
Also known as Batman 2, according to the title screen, or Batman - Return of the Joker.
This is the version that adds a lot of extra lives, so it becomes far easier to beat. :)
Not really too common game on bootlegs as far as I've noticed, but it's certainly worth grabbing.

1994 Super HIK 4-in-1 [D-003]
The cartridge that I had in my childhood. It contains 4 games on it, and it's with menu on bootup.
1. Contra (US version)
2. Top Gun (JPN version, 30 lifes)
3. Thunder Cade
4. Ghostly Village (title hack of Makaimura, aka. Ghosts'n Goblins)

The label is sadly worn out, but the cartridge works fine. :)

1994 4-in-1 AQ002
This cartridge grabbed my attention, because of a few included games on it. Here's the list of what's in here:
1. Prince of Persia
In fact, this is a hacked version, where you can fight guards from the distance, but this may also cause some funny glitches, such as game freeze, where our main character doesn't put away the sword after beating the guards, if the guard goes off screen. And you wouldn't be able to do anything about it, so you'd have to just wait until timer runs out, or just reset the console.
2. Duck Tales
The original version, copyrighted to 1990. Funny how it has Darkwing Duck on the cover, similar to Duck Tales 2 bootleg cart that I showed earlier.
3. Flying Hero
Also known as Firefighter on bootleg carts. It's just Arkanoid-type of game, where you rescue people from burning buildings, collect bonuses and all that. Not too bad, but the music is really weird.
4. Erunaaku no Zaihou
I haven't seen this game anywhere else on bootlegs, so it's nice to have it at least here. Looks like some sort of RPG, so I probably won't get too far in it.
It's titled as Coffers, and many people from my country I know, who own this cartridge, actually confuse it with a pirate game, when, in fact, it's official Famicom game, with copyrights changed on the title screen.

Super 4-in-1 '96 [NT-650]
What actually grabbed my attention from this cart is that it contains original version of Aladdin by HummerTeam with music, animation and all that!
But that's not all! The main event of this cartridge is Popeye II - Travels in Persia!
This is just a graphical hack of Aladdin, made by HummerTeam themselves, where Aladdin is changed to Popeye.
But, what looks especially funny, is that the character in-game has Aladdin body and Popeye head! This looks just really baffling.
I'm afraid I am not gonna able to get this version of game anywhere else, so it's great to see that I have it on some sort of old bootleg cart from 90s. :)

Other two games included here are Adventure Island 3, Japanese version; and Double Dragon 3, Japanese version with 6 bars of health.

Super 32-in-1 NEW [CS016]
32 games on a cartridge! Oh my!!
What games could it possibly deliver to us?

Well, it looks we get Mario, Tank, Soccer, some racing game, Contra and Tetris.
But what we actually have inside?
Haha... the label actually lied to us, what pirates usually do with these sorts of multicarts...
We have Unchained Melody theme here, but without any background.
As for included games, we have:
1. Super Mario Bros.
On this cartridge, you can also choose to play any world you want, even beyond world 8!! So you get a chance to play worlds 9-35 (Z). Oh wow!! It's just like on that very well known 9999-in-1 cartridge. :D
2. Soccer
3. Galaxian
4. Duck Hunt
5. Wild Gunman
6. Tennis
And where's Tetris, as pirates mentioned on label? Did they confuse Tennis with Tetris?

Also, where's racing game that pirates put on the cover to the cartridge? It's not presented here, lol.
As my friend, MrNorbert1994, would say: "Another fucking multicart!"
Maybe later, I will make a video about this multicart, who knows! :)

And that's all for Famicom bootleg carts... but we also have two things to cover in this post.

Batman (NES Pirate)
This is actually a hacked version of Japanese Batman release. :)
It adds a level select cheat, which consists of using this combination in order to start on later levels: A B B A A ... (add a few more A presses to advance by one stage)
I'll definitely make a video about this version of Batman, and it's really cool to have NES pirate cart.
I admit, I like NES bootleg carts like this much and much more, than official NES carts. They feel boring to me and somewhat pointless. But I like bootleg carts, because, just like with Famicom pirate carts, these came with different shell, different PCB design, different label, and in case with NES bootlegs, different ways of label position. (they could be glued horizontally, just like originally should be with Famicom carts, or vertically, just like original NES label)
I find them as fun as Famicom bootlegs, but I doubt that I am going to collect a lot of these, since they can be more expensive to get, than famicom ones.
And here's how PCB looks like:
I am not expert on 10NES chip stuff... but... I hope that this cartridge has some sort of tricky way in order to avoid NES protection system, with which, the NES would be blinking and turning off and on like every 2 or 3 seconds.
Otherwise, this cartridge would be working only on clone systems.
I don't have NES, so I can't test that out, only Famicom, AV Famicom, and a bunch of clones.
At least, I have a converter that allows me to boot up NES carts on Famicom perfectly fine.

And we get one official Famicom cart in collection.
Yes, we got back to this game. This time it's in official cartridge form. Nothing much to say here, but it's great to own both bootleg cart and official one.
The label on pirate cartridge slightly differs from original Famicom cart, but the picture used here is the same. Also the logo is a bit different too.
Here's the comparison photo for your enjoyement:
Looks kind of funny that bootleg cart is also slightly bigger by the height than even official cart!
But, you can see the differences yourself. :)

Well, that's it about my pickups in June 2016. Thanks for reading.
See you later with more posts on my blog!

(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2016)

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