26 June 2016

Pickups 43: Famicom Cartridges 43 (May 2016 Pickups)

And we are back!
Today, we'll see what I got in May 2016 into my collection.
Unfortunately, I didn't get too many cartridges this time around, but the cartridges are pretty awesome noneless, so we'll get right to them.

NOTE: I will possibly add title screens to each game cartridge later.

Ice Climber [LA20]
This seems to be an early pirate copy of Ice Climber, as this cartridge has copyrights left on the title screen (1984 Nintendo).
I originally got this cartridge, because of back label, and it wasn't too expensive. My other copy will go for sale or trade later.

Pretty nice cartridge. It even has an end label, where it says "Ice Climber" and 20K I think.
I assume that 20K is referring to the ROM size as always.

Goonies [LC01]
Just like my previous copy, this one had copyrights removed.
Goonies for Famicom. The game, based of the movie, where you need to collect certain objects, including hidden ones, and go to the next level. The hidden objects are required in order to get the ending in game.

Tetris [LD101 PCB]
Got this cartridge as a replacement to my other cart, because I accidentally ripped out the label, and had to restore.
No such problem with this cartridge, and funnily enough, it says LD101 right on the PCB.
I am guessing this could be Whirlwind Manu cart, according to that ID on PCB. ;)
Inside, there is a hacked version with Chinese title screen, and changed copyright.

From what I've seen, on any other LD101 PCBs with Tetris, there will always be this hack.
(screenshot will be attached later)

Takahashi Meijin no Bug-tte Honey [LF40]
Ohh... this is actually a pretty nice pickup. :D
It's a pirate singlecart of Takahashi Meijin no Bug-tte Honey, which is something not really common to be found. The official cartridge is more common, but I've always wanted to get singlecart with this ID, once I got interested in collecting Whirlwind Manu bootlegs. Thanks to one of my comrades, who helped me with getting this cart into collection.
Just like with Ice Climber cartridge from earlier, this is a copy with copyrights completely unchanged.

I also got a few regular bootlegs into collection.
Battletoads & Double Dragon
Another copy of Battletoads & Double Dragon. But I like this cartridge case color and label a bit more than other copy, so I'll leave this cart into my collection, and probably trade my other cart to somebody else.
One of the most common games to be found on bootlegs. It can easily be found on a lot of bootleg carts, singlecarts or multicarts.

Darkwing Duck 2
Finally I was able to get this cartridge into my collection.
This is a well-known pirate hack of Super Contra, which adds Darkwing Duck and Nega Duck into the game, and enemies are changed to gorillas and crocodiles. The label also speaks for itself. It's not exactly too common label too. The other version of label with english title, and not chinese one, as here, can be met more often than this one. :)
Of course, original Super Contra is better, but I also wanted to get this weird-ass bootleg hack too.

DJ Boy / Ice Skating Warrior [D-Y5]
This is a pirate hack of Rollergames, with a different title.
The label is quite funny and weird at the same time. We get some random skating guy and Guile from Street Fighter, yet this is not Street Fighter game at all.

Ninja Ryukenden II
I don't really have much to say. This is just a different cartridge case. The PCB inside this one is mine, with copyrights and everything. Originally, there was a version with removed copyrights. But I decided to just have this cartridge case, and PCB that I had before.
Same label as before, and same "Remarks" sign on the back as before, but different cartridge case.

Угадайка - Английский для начинающих / The Guessing Game - English for beginners
This is kind of like a predecessor to Pole Chudes.
A game by Alexander Chudov, where you choose letters, and try to guess the word of different category.
Besides trying to guess the word in Russian, or English, there is also a menu option to translate the word from English to Russian or vice versa. And that's why it's called "English for Beginners", I suppose.
Unlike my previous singlecart with this game, this one actually works on Famicom with no problem.

4-in-1 (4B04)
A pretty decent selection of games. I had this multicart before, but the cartridge case was from different multicart, and the only game that was on that cartridge, was Soccer, but other games weren't.
Here's how that cartridge looked like, just so I could remind you:
If somebody has the PCB from this cartridge, please, let me know. I'd be glad to actually get the PCB from this cartridge, or maybe even the whole cartridge.
On this cart, there should be Soccer, Spartan X, Mach Rider, Super Mario Bros.

On 4B04 cartridge, there are Zunou Senkan Garu, Soccer, Thexder, Ninja Hattori-kun. Pretty decent cartridge. The games are changed by pressing Reset button. I assume that on the other cartridge, the Reset system is also used.

Yeah, unfortunately, there weren't too many cartridges that I picked this month. But trust me, I got a lot more in June.
You'll get to see them soon, as there are quite a lot of interesting pickups there.

So, yeah, thanks for reading this post, and see you later, guys! :)
(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2016)

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