25 June 2016

Pickups 41: Famicom Cartridges 41 & GB/GBC Cartridges 6 & Mega Drive Cartridges 4 & C64C & C64 Cassettes 1 (March 2016 Pickups)

Sup, people!
Haven't seen in quite some time. Time for another post of gaming pickups.
This time, all pickups I got in March 2016, excluding the ones I received on the first days of March, that were mentioned in my previous post. :)

First up, there will be Famicom cartridges as usual, but also, there is another pickup, that's really interesting, which I will mention near the end.

Urban Champion / アーバンチャンピオン [LA17]
I start with Whirlwind Manu cartridges. just like before. This is a pirate copy of Urban Champion, with removed copyrights. Nothing much to say here. ;)

Excitebike / エキサイトバイク [LA21]
I've been looking forward to getting this game on pirate cart for quite some time. :)
And finally I got this game in my collection. The copyrights on title screen are removed as well as "NINTENDO" in actual game in background.

Yie Ar Kung Fu / イー・アル・カンフー [LA26]
Another game that was common on multicarts, which I got on this singlecart.
Konami copyrights are also removed on title screen, and in-game too.
Really awesome condition overall. It feels as if it's new, and was recently bought from the store. ;)

Life Force / 沙羅曼蛇 / サラマンダ [LF53]
Another copy of Life Force. My other copy didn't look exactly in as great condition as this cartridge. This one also feels almost new, and it also has end-label "SALAMANDER", yet, it has US version inside.
Also the copyrights were unchanged. :)
Thanks to Afonso Gageiro for this cartridge and previous one. I am really glad with these two purchases.
However, that's not all that he sent to me. There are a few more cartridges I got from him, and other stuff too, which you'll see later on.

Blades of Steel [LF55]
A pirate copy of Blades of Steel, with Whirlwind Manu ID. Although it says "Stick Hunter" on label, it's actually Blades of Steel inside, yet there actually was the game on Famicom under this name.
But on all pirate carts I've seen, where it says Stick Hunter, either singlecart, or multicart, it will always be Blades of Steel on pirate cart lol

Rush'n Attack / グリーンベレー [LH09]
I had this before, but I liked the cartridge case of this cart, so I decided to pick it up.
Just like on other copy, there are no copyrights, and as on many others, this is just US version, called Rush'n Attack, and not FDS conversion, called Green Beret.
Oh well... looking forward to getting FDS conversion next. :P

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom [P-C5]
A pirate cart of Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, with partly removed copyrights.
This is a pretty funny looking copy. It has A-B1 type of ID, and "Remarks" label on the back. Mostly, I've seen Remarks label on pirate cartridges, with either Whirlwind Manu ID or if it's later game, without any ID.
This copy is similar to my Lethal Weapon one, which I showed earlier. :)

Not bad looking cartridge, and pretty good game with multiple genres in it. If you are aslo a huge fan of Disney, this game is worth getting in any form possible. ;)

Battletoads & Double Dragon
One of the most common and most loved games in Russia. Battletoads & Double Dragon, the game that combines Battletoads and Double Dragon characters into one, and you get a pretty good beat-em-up.
If you are into beat-em ups, this will be a great game to it. Afterall, this is not as difficult as original Battletoads, and it's more fun imo... even though I am not into beat-em-ups. Platformers, arcade games or some adventure games are more interesting to me, actually. ;)

The copyright screen before title screen, was removed, which was common among any other Battletoads & DD pirate carts. ;)

Digger - The Legend of the Lost City [D-R1]
The game from same people. who developed the game above, Rare Ltd., if I remember correctly.
Haven't really played this game much, but I've heard that this is actually a pretty good one. :)

FC Genjin - Freakthoropus Computerus / FC原人 [F-C2]
Also known as Bonk's Adventure. I used to have this before, but I traded my other copy, and stumbled across this one by chance, and decided to pick it up quickly.

Funny looking and cute label, but it's definitely not from original game. I wonder where these two guys were taken from. ;)

A really great game, that was originally on PC Engine. The NES/Famicom port actually looks pretty good for what it has. I've beaten this game a couple times before.
Definitely worth playing.

Not exactly too common game to find either on bootlegs or official cart, though.

Flipull: An Exciting Cube Game / フリップル
Just a pirate singlecart of Flipull, which is not too common to find. Usually, you'd see this game on any multicart, but here, there is a whole standalone cartridge, which is rather cool. :)
It's also great, considering that it's a game from childhood, which I really enjoyed playing, but never got too far in.

Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2: Donuts Ike ha Oosawagi! /
けろけろけろっぴの大冒険2 (ドーナツ池はおおさわぎ!!

I showed this cartridge before.
It's just Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2, developed by Shimada Kikaku, who also made another famous game, Felix the Cat. :)

International Fifa Soccer '97 (Tecmo World Cup Soccer hack) [F-A7]
This is a simple title hack of Tecmo World Cup Soccer. Other than that, nothing else was changed  in game, as I have noticed.

Little Mermaid
This is the cartridge case of Little Mermaid. There was English version included here originally, but I got the cartridge case only. But thankfully, later I was able to get the PCB that had English version on it, and inserted it in here. Now, besides Japanese version, I have English version of Mermaid too. :)

Street Fighter III Turbo 56 Peoples (Mari Version) [JY-042]
One of the many Street Fighter pirated games on Famicom. This one is Super Fighter III that adds Mario as a playable character.

Mickey Mania 7 (Ei-How Yang) [JY-077]
A port of Mickey Mania from SNES, by Ei-How Yang. It has

R.C. Pro-Am II [P-A1]
Just a racing game from Rare Ltd. From what I can see, the copyrights were partly changed, and partly removed.
I'll attempt to play through this game later. :)

Soccer / サッカー (Nintendo) [S-R1]
Regular Nintendo Soccer game, but a later release cartridge. This one has copyrights completely unchanged.

Top Gun / トップガン  [NT-001]
Got it as a bonus cart from one of the parcels. This is just a regular Top Gun with unusual ID on the label. The version without copyrights, but with about 30 or so lifes.

Wait and See! (Ну Погоди!, Dragon Co.) [DH1001]
A pirate game, based of old Soviet cartoon: "Wait and See" or "Ну, Погоди!". A really crappy platformer with same physics problem as in Tom & Jerry 3.
No wonder, they used the same engine for both games, and I think, for Lion King 3 and 5, and didn't bother to change it for better.

Young Indiana Jones Chronicles
Slightly worn out label, but here's a cartridge with Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. :)
Works perfectly fine, besides the fact, that the cartridge looks somewhat worn out.

Путешествие по Европе
One of Russian games, developed by Alexander Chudov, where you choose a European country, answer certain geographic questions, assuming that you know Russian, and win money. After you answer all questions on one country, you can simply go on and try other one.
Once you answered all questions, about all European countries in-game, you win.

You can't lose in this game, strangely enough. The logical way of losing is to lose all your money. But even, if you get 0 dollars, and attempt to love, this simply won't happen, so you can just continue playing, no matter what.

1997 Super 3-in-1 [NT-935] (partly works)
 Unfortunately, this cartridge only loads menu, but not the included games. :(
I was expecting to see a rare Earthworm Jim 4 by Shin-Shin in here, and play it, but nope...

Apparently, the PCB needs some repairment. It actually loads menu, but can't load any of included games.

4-in-1 (4A03 PCB)
This cartridge includes 3 light gun games + Macross.
Really common cartridge that I've seen among some Argentina people, who collect Family Game carts. Well, I am gonna have this cartridge too. :D

1994 Super HIK 4-in-1 [H-030]
A multicart, which has Jurassic Park, Super Mario Bros. 2 (US version), Chip and Dale 2, Mickey Mouse 3 (aka. Kid Klown).
Pretty decent cartridge, and pretty nice games included on it.

2000 22-in-1 Ball Series
I had this cartridge before, but my other copy was glitchy somewhat, and already started dying off, and one game didn't want to start.
Here, everything is perfectly fine. Except the cartridge case was a bit cracked on the side, so I glued it a bit, but other than that, good cartridge, and it saved in not too bad condition too.

Now, going on to Sega Mega Drive related stuff:

Terminator 2: The Arcade Game

Desert Strike
Two pretty good adds to my relatively small MegaDrive collection. I hope I can also get a real Mega Drive Model 1 one day to be able to play all of these games at proper speed :D

And here, I also got a chance to upgrade my Gameboy collection since quite some time.

Asterix [DMG-XA-FAH]

Disney's Mulan [DMG-AMLP-EUR]

Tweety's High Flying Adventure [CGB-BTWY-EUU]
I had to use GBA SP for other two, because I don't have Gamecube and Gameboy Player to capture the footage from these two games.

Woody Woodpecker Racing [CGB-BWRP-EUR]

I was also able to get a few C64 games in my possession. Some time later, after purchasing these, I got datassette, and was able to play one of the games from here. :)
And it was a pretty exciting experience for me to be able to play on physical C64. Maybe one day, I will also get a few games that I like, or maybe find some way to be able to copy games from internet to cassette and play them that day.
We'll see!

And yeah, that's about it, for my pickups post for March.
I hope to get April, May, June posts up as soon as possible, because I got many goodies in collection in that time period.
See you!
(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2016)

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