27 March 2016

Pickups 40: Famicom Cartridges 40 & Super Nintendo/Super Famicom Cartridges 7 (February 2016 Pickups)

We are back with more pickups. This time, it's something that I picked up in February. ;)
As I was ill at the end of February, and couldn't pick up some stuff from mail and such, or meet with people about cartridges, I will also include a few cartridges I got at the beginning of March (the first week, from 1st of March to 6th of March)

First up, as usual, Famicom cartridges.
Gremlins 2: Shinshu Tanjou / グレムリン2 新種誕生
(sorry for too high brightness)
Here's a really nice update to my collection: Gremlins 2: The New Batch, the Japanese version. I was able to trade two of my pirate carts successfully for it, and now I own this game in my collection. :)
It's not the cheapest game to get, but it's a really good game, worth having in any form.
I had it before on a pirate cart, where there was US version, now there is an official Japanese cart with it.
I think you all know what this game is, and I won't have anything new to say about it, so let's move on to the next cart I got. ;)

Guevara / ゲバラ [SFX-GQ]
Another official cartridge, that I got from trade again. :)
Guerilla War, also known as Guevara. This cartridge also has end label, but it just has the Japanese title and SNK written on the top. ;)
Very well known game among pirate carts, as well as (maybe) among NES carts too.
Those were all official Famicom carts for now. Hoping to get more of them soon. Now we get to pirate carts.
Mag Max / マグマックス [LB21 PCB]
This cartridge originally used to be the Steepler one, but it has the back label missing. But it's not a major loose for me. I got it, because it was one of the early Famicom games on a pirate singlecart (I  checked the PCB, it has LB21 ID, yet the label itself doesn't have it for some odd reason).
It's just one of the many shooters for Famicom, but here, you can get yourself parts in order to look like a real robot. If I remember correctly, it's from Nihon Bussan, the same company that brought us Terra Cresta, as well as Booby Kids on the same platform. ;)

Elevator Action / エレベーターアクション [LB31]
The arcade port of the game under the same name. From the same company that ported 1942, Exed Exes, Geimos, Tiger Heli on Famicom, that's known as "Micronics".
But I'd say that this is not too bad of a port, and it's playable.
You just need to get to the very bottom, while collecting stuff from red doors. It's kind of difficult, because some of the enemies can be hard to dodge, and not get a shot, and then lose a life.
But still, pretty good game, that's worth checking out, if you like some arcade games. ;)

In Russia, for some odd reason, I've mostly seen this game under the "tv game cartridge" case. I saw it maybe once or twice on regular cartridge case, but saw this game under this "tvg" format like 5 or 6 times already, and I happen to own this game in such format.
I think it's already known fact that it's a rip of official Jaleco cartridges released in 1990s, so there is nothing much to say about this pirate cart. ;)

Super Mario Bros. / スーパーマリオブラザーズ [LB35]
I don't think I can add anything new about this game. ;)
It's the same well known classic Super Mario Bros., that many of you have played on NES, or Famicom.
It's the level select version, with glitched music too, that was on my other pirate carts. (I sold my other carts, and this is not really rare to come across on pirate cart, so I regret nothing :P
Afterall, this cartridge case even looks better for me)

Hi no Tori Hououhen: Gaou no Bouken / 火の鳥 鳳凰編 我王の冒険 [LF-16]
A pirate copy of Hi no Tori, also known as Firebird on pirate carts.
Originally got it as non-working, but the problem was that the PCB was inserted the wrong way.
The chips were located here on the back side, and not on the front, that was common among pirate carts, but here they did it the same way as Famicom carts do.

Thankfully, this cartridge wasn't dead, like my Argus copy (sadly, my Argus cart is apparently unfixable, so I will have to get rid of it), and so I can actually play this pirate copy, if I want. :)
Fixed the problem, and even though it was slightly yellowed on the front side, it's not too bad for me.

Bucky O'Hare / バッキー オヘア [B-E1]
This is a pirated version of Bucky O'Hare, where the main character dies from one hit from anything.
The copyrights were removed, and this game is actually one of those games from Konami, which had anti-piracy protection.
Remember what was with TMNT3, where Shredder on the first technodrome was unbeatable? They removed copyright information there too.
And sadly, Bucky O'Hare becomes close to impossible when dying from one hit. Thankfully, there are still unlimited continues, so there is a chance that you can at least somehow try to beat it.
But I guarantee that it will cause you a lot of problems, and over 100 lost lifes. :/
Right at the beginning of the game, I went straight to the enemy, and died... X_X

Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari / ダウンタウン熱血物語
Also known as River City Ransom, although here, pirates put original Japanese version, judging by the label.
Copyrights remained unchanged.

Dragon Unit / ドラゴンユニット
Also known as "Castle of Dragon". On this cartridge, there is Japanese version, without copyrights.
Not really one of my favourite games though, it's far harder than Castlevania, for example.
I was able to beat Castlevania many times without any problems, but here... I can't really get to the actual castle.
The biggest problem here is that there is only one life, and no continues. So you die once, and you are doomed.
On actual cartridge it says "TV GAME CARTRIDGE" with the same font as what was used on Whirlwind Manu. I don't know if WM actually released this game with their IDs and such.
Oh well... Not a bad cartridge into collection.

Jackal / 特殊部隊ジャッカル
A pirate copy of Jackal, US version, despite the fact, that it has the cover from Famicom Disk System release. ;)
The title screen was removed, just like on the other copy, and it no longer says "Jackal".

On some versions, it has a lot of extra lives, but that also had title screen presented. I've never come across that version on singlecart. That was only on multicarts, like 8-in-1, that also had Prince of Persia, where you could fight guards from distance, Rush'n Attack, Side Pocket, Duck Tales 2, Flying Hero and other games.
Wanna find that version of Jackal with a lot of extra lives on singlecart, but I doubt that it was released on standalone carts, and it's something that's exclusive to multicarts.

Lethal Weapon [F-JI]
The US version of Lethal Weapon, with really terribly screwed up copyrights.
Not a bad game though. Kind of fun beat-em-up, based of the movie under the same name. :)

Funny thing is that even though this is "A-B1" type of ID, it actually has "Remarks" sticker on the back, which was mostly on older bootlegs, like WM ones, of the pirate copies without any sort of ID like "A-B1".
Not a bad copy into collection. :)
OMG... X_X
I think it's supposed to be "Probe Software" logo...
"Ocean" logo?

One of the many versions of Mortal Kombat for Famicom.
This one is MK3 Special, which is actually Mortal Kombat II Special. According to BootlegGames Wiki, it has 28 characters to choose from at the beginning.
JY Company cheat code works fine, no problem.

Not a bad version of MK on Famicom. I saw far worse, like the ones from Cony Soft, called MK5 or something like that..

Power Blade 2
A pirate cart of Power Blade 2. Not the best condition, the bottom right corner is a bit screwed, but other than that, not a bad cartridge. Works perfectly fine on my Famicom, unlike the other copy, which I used to have earlier.
Pretty good game, that plays somewhat similar to Rockman games.
Developed by Natsume, and published by Taito, originally.

Copyrights were unchanged. :)

RAF World / ラフワールド
I traded my other copy of RAF World for this one.
Unlike that one, this also has copyrights completely unchanged.

Also known as Journey to Silius, pretty fun game, definitely worth playing.
And really great music as well. :D

Rockman 4: Aratanaru Yabou!! / ロックマン4 新たなる野望!!
It's just Rockman 4 / Mega Man 4. :)
It's a hacked version to have 9 lives and longer life bar, which makes it a bit easier to beat.
The label is taken from original JPN CM, which you can view here:

Not a bad cartridge itself, it will definitely be in my collection. :)

Seirei Densetsu Lickle / 聖鈴伝説LICKLE
Yes, this is another copy of Seirei Densetsu Lickle, also known as Little Samson.
As for label here, the pirates decided to take the one from US NES boxart, and not Japanese label, which I think looks somewhat better. ;)
Pretty good looking cartridge though. The copyrights were removed, and besides the fact that they used US NES boxart, and added US title, they put JPN version here instead. :)

Pretty rare and expensive game on official NES and Famicom carts, and it's a bit cheaper on pirate carts, but still not one of the cheapest games to get. :/
Still, really awesome platformer with 4 characters having their each abilities, as well as music themes, and pretty colorful visuals overall. :D

Star Wars (Namco) / スタ- ワ-ス
A pirate copy of Namco's Star Wars. This pirate cart is in Supervision cartridge case, which looks kind of awesome. :)
It has some caution stuff on the back, both in Chinese and English. As well as it has "Supervision" logo, and apparently this cartridge was made in Japan, although, I kind of doubt about this cartridge being released in Japan lol
Not too bad of a cartridge. I took it apart before, and it was an entirely chip based PCB, which was the same size as the cartridge case. :D
Really great item in collection of bootlegs.
Not exactly one of the best games though. One hit - death, no continues, and not too easy of a game.

Super Mario Bros. 7 (Grand Dad 3M)
Another Mario hack going into my collection, this one being the hack of Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy, with Fortran on title screen, and Mario head being put on top of Fred's one in-game. The copyrights at the beginning and at the end were removed.
It's another cartridge in "Ending-Man" cartridge case. My other Rockman 4 cart, which I used to have, had the same case, but without "Remarks" label on the back, and with Chinese caution stuff.
This one has "Remarks" on the back, which is actually more valuable for my collection of pirate carts. ;)
Pretty good pirate cart, entirely chip-based. :)

Track & Field 2 / コナミックスポーツインソウル
 It's Track & Field 2, or Konamik Sports in Seoul. It has the end label, which says Konami Sports.
The front label is not in the best condition, but the one that was on other cartridge, is far worse. Here it looks a bit better.
It's just like Track & Field 1 with all the sports events and such. Nothing much to say here.

Twin Eagle (Sachen)
This is actually not "Twin Eagle: Revenge Joe's brother", which was released officially on NES.
It's a Sachen game, that's just called "Twin Eagle". But it's shooter game again.
Here's the gameplay clip of this game, if you aren't aware of it at all:
Pretty interesting cart, which I think I will leave to myself. ;)

2-in-1 Super Golden Card (king002)
A pirate multicart that includes two SuperGame ports: Earthworm Jim 2 and Boogerman.

Supervision / NTDEC 8-in-1
This is a pirate multicart, apparently made by NTDEC and produced by Supervision.
It includes the following games:
1. Double Dragon II (JPN version, removed title)
2. Ninja Ryukenden II (JPN version of Ninja Gaiden 2, NTDEC copyright)
3. Juuouki (JPN version of Altered Beast, NTDEC copyright)
4. Super Contra (JPN version of Super C, removed title, level select, start with spread gun)
5. Kyuukyoku Tiger (removed title)
6. Robocop (JPN verson, removed title)
7. Batman (US version, NTDEC copyright)
8. Heavy Barrel (JPN version)
Here there are screenshots from the cartridge:
But actually, as it turns out, there apparerntly exists another cartridge that was produced earlier, by Super Technos. (thanks to taizou_hori from Twitter for photos):
So, apparently what Super Technos originally did, is that they took Super Contra 6-in-1 cartridge, and put three extra games on it, Double Dragon II, Tiger, Robocop.

But NTDEC later decided to ripoff this cartridge, and have only one version of Super Contra, removed one extra repeat, and add Ninja Ryukenden II, Juuouki, Batman, Heavy Barrel.
Hmm... Interesting. :)

8-in-1 KK3311
Another one of those blue TV GAME CARTRIDGE 8-in-1 cartierdges, which includes some chinese knock-off games. XD
This one includes:
1. Dragon Knife
2. Xmas Gift
3. Hua Rong Dao
4. Apple Chess
5. Highway Racing
6. Burrow
7. Boxes World
8. Boxing Wrestle

I haven't really checked, what's actually included on the cartridge, but I will surely do that, and will make a video about this multicart soon enough! ;)

21-in-1 (CF-001/21B5)
I showed this cartridge before, but the other one had the tabs broken, which helf the PCB in place.
This one is in mind condition, and everything is alright with tabs, cartridge holders and everything, nothing is broken.
It's just the cartridge from my childhood, nothing much. ;)
This is where I played Ninja Hattori Kun for the first time, and I really liked BGM from.
Even though, this is a cheap-ass multicart, that has only 4 games, I am keeping this multicart in my collection.
Funny enough, there exist another 21Bx ID, and it has 4 games too, but if I remember correctly, it had Mach Rider, Gyrodine, Bomberman, Mario on it.
Same deal, cheap multicart again, but maybe someone has nostalgic memories with that one too, who knows, so some carts like this had rights to exist. ;)

64-in-1 Supervision
A famous multicart, produced by Supervision that includes 53 games, and other ones being repeats.
Unlike my other cartridge, this is chip-based multicart, and not just 3 glob tops technology. ;)
Still, the same deal, but I will leave this version in my collection. Maybe I will trade my other cartridge, I am not sure yet...
The list of games:
1. Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima (JPN version of Adventure Island)
2. Gradius (JPN version, title screen is removed)
3. Star Soldier (JPN version)
4. Goonies (title screen is removed)
5. Kage no Densetsu (JPN version)
6. Tengen Tetris
7. Super Mario Bros. (graphics&level select hack, graphics from SMB2j, title screen is removed)
8. Twin Bee (glitchy graphics in level 4)
9. Ninja Jajamaru Kun (title screen is removed)
10. City Connection (JPN version)
11. B-Wings
12. 1942
13. Spartan X
14. Bomberman (level select hack)
15. Front Line (title screen is removed)
16. Lunar Ball (JPN version of Lunar Pool)
17. Golf
18. Baseball
19. Pinball
20. Gomoku Narabe
21. Lode Runner (JPN version)
22. Championship Lode Runner
23. Mahjong
24. 4 Nin uchi Mahjong
25. Nuts and Milk
26. Choujikuu Yousai: Macross
27. Star Force (JPN version, 5 lives)
28. Yie Ar Kung Fu
29. Ninja Kun: Majou no Bouken
30. Mario Bros. (title hack, says "Pipeline")
31. Donkey Kong
32. Donkey Kong Jr.
33. Donkey Kong 3 (title hack, says "Gorilla 3")
34. Mappy
35. Excite Bike (title screen is replaced with the plain text)
36. F-1 Race
37. Road Fighter (JPN version)
38. Popeye
39. Galaga
40. Pac-Man
41. Galaxian
42. Ice Climber (JPN version, title screen is removed)
43. Exerion (infinite single shots hack)
44. Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match
45. Battle City
46. Sky Destroyer
47. Balloon Fight
48. Formation Z
49. Pooyan
50. Circus Charlie (title hack, says "Circus Troupe")
51. Karateka
52. Super Arabian
53. Anterctic Adventure

110-in-1 Supervision
An upgraded version of 64-in-1 Supervision. Now it has 40 more games, that aren't repeats. :)
Also, when you reset the console, the cursor keeps on the same game that was originally started from the menu.
Say, you decided to play Battle City: you choose it in the menu, and then play it. After resetting the console, you get left on the screen, where Battle City is, and the cursor will be near that game.

It was used in 115-in-1 Supervision too, which is by far the best multicart that they produced. It includes fewer more games, and also using Left and Right on D-pad, can change pages too, instead of just Select button.
And that multicart is still one of the cartridges I am searching for in my collection. ;)

The list of games here:
1. Flipull
2. Shoting Block (Quarth)
3. Tetris (BPS version)
4. Tetris II (Tengen version)
5. Banana
6. Flappy 240 (Flappy)
7. Black White Chess (Othello)
8. Five Pieces Chess (Gomoku Narabe Renju)
9. Runner I (Lode Runner)
10. Runner II (Championship Lode Runner, says Lode Runner on the title screen)
11. Mahjong 2 (Mahjong)
12. Mahjong 4 (4-Nin uchi Mahjong)
13. Arithmetic (Donkey Kong Jr. Math)
14. Lunar Ball
15. Golf
16. Soccer
17. Baseball
18. Tennis
19. Balloon Fight
20. Pinball
21. Islander (Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima, known as Adventure Island outside of Japan)
22. Grading (Gradius with the logo removed)
23. Maze Song (Meikyuu Kumikyoku, known as Milon's Secret Castle outside of Japan)
24. 634 Sword (Musashi no Ken)
25. The New Human (Shin Jinrui: The New Type, known as Adventures of Dino Riki in the US)
26. A S O (ASO: Armored Scrum Object, known as Alpha Mission outside of Japan)
27. Star Soldier
28. Legendry (The Legend of Kage)
29. The Goonies (Logo is missing)
30. Argus
31. Arkanoid
32. Mighty Bomb Jack
33. Mario Bors II (Super Mario Bros. with different graphics and a missing logo)
34. Twin Bee
35. B Wings
36. 1942
37. Spartan (Spartan X, known as Kung Fu outside of Japan)
38. ASCII (Penguin-Kun Wars)
39. Ninja III (Ninja Hattori-Kun)
40. Magmax
41. Gyrodine
42. Wrecking Crew
43. Elevator (Elevator Action)
44. Xevious
45. Ninja (Ninja Jajamaru Kun)
46. City Connection
47. Mach Rider
48. Thunder Bike (Seicross)
49. Execite Bike (Excitebike)
50. F1 Race
51. Road Fighter
52. Zippy Race
53. Bomber Man
54. Front Line
55. Macross
56. Star Force
57. Exerion
58. Galaga
59. Galaxian
60. Pacman
61. Battle City
62. Kung Fu
63. Karateka
64. Ninja 1 (Ninja-Kun)
65. Pipeline (Mario Bros., says Mr Mary on the title screen)
66. King Kong 1 (Donkey Kong)
67. King Kong 2 (Donkey Kong Jr.)
68. King Kong 3 (Donkey Kong 3, says Gorilla 3 on the title screen)
69. Mappy
70. Popeye
71. Ice Climber
72. Wrestle (Kinnikuman: Muscle Tag Match, known as M.U.S.C.L.E. in the US)
73. Nuts and Milk
74. Sky Destroyer
75. Formation Z
76. Pooyan
77. Circus (Circus Charlie)
78. Devil World
79. Urban Champ (Urban Champion)
80. Clu Clu Land
81. Chackn Pop
82. Din Dun (Dig Dug)
83. Combat (Field Combat)
84. Helicopter (Raid on Bungeling Bay)
85. Ninja Fight (Ikki)
86. Arabian (Super Arabian)
87. Antarctic Adventure
88. Spider Andpenguin (Binary Land)
89. Space Frog (Warpman)
90. Gotcha (Gotcha! The Sport!)
91. Hogan's Alley
92. Wild Gunman
93. Duck Hunt

150-in-1 PocketGames


This is the multicart that I reviewed a month ago on my blog.
Here's the link to that: http://somerussianmariodude.blogspot.ru/2016/02/150-in-1-pocketgames-famicom-review.html

9999999-in-1 '97
Ending the today's set of Famicom cartridges that I got in February with a classic "over 9 million in one" multicart. :D
This one has "Can you Feel the Love Tonight?" theme, playing on the menu, instead of "Unchained Melody", which was more common on multicarts of such type.
The game's list is pretty basic:
1. Duck Hunt
2. Wild Gunman
3. Tank 1990
4. Dr.Mario
5. Super Mario Bros.

Also, I got this pirate cart for SNES.

Side Pocket
This is actually a pirate cart and not official SNES cart, and here there are some things that you can notice here:
1) There are regular screws that hold cartridge case in place, instead of screwbits that Nintendo uses, which require special screwdriver
2) The label doesn't have any mentioning of Nintendo license, or who delevoped, published this game, as well as ID and such
3) It has two holes on the back side, in order to fix into unmodified American SNES console, which had two tabs near the cartridge case, with which Japanese SFC/European SNES carts won't get inserted.  
There are even more differences inside:
4) The PCB design... I am sure that it's much more different than in official copy of Side Pocket for SNES. The whole game is on one glob here, and there is a Nintendo chip on PCB, which, I am guessing, makes this cartridge work on official hardware.

As a person, who likes weird and interesting pirate stuff, this cartridge really grabbed my attention, so I decided to get it. The price wasn't too expensive for it either. :)
And, as it turns out, it works perfectly on my Super Famicom, no problems at all.
I played this version of Side Pocket a bit, and well... it's like NES/Famicom version, except with better visuals. I personally like this music in NES version more, but this version is quite decent imo too. ;)

And that's about it.
Thanks for reading this post! See you later!

(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2016)

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