4 February 2016

Pickups 39: Famicom Cartridges 39 & "New" Famiclone 6 & Super Nintendo/Super Famicom Cartridges 6 (January 2016 Pickups)

Hi everyone!
Now we are in 2016, and it's time for a new post of my pickups in collection. :D

I got quite a few cartridges for Famicom and also a sort of "new" Famiclone, which I might probably make a separate text review of. :)

Let's get started.

Battle City [LA40]
 Unlike my other pirate copy of Battle City, this one has copyright information completely unchanged, and on the back side, it apparently advertises "Jovial Race" game by Sachen.
Here's the picture of Jovial Race cart:
(photo taken from FamicomWorld)
Kind of odd to see the back label, where it advertises Sachen game, on a Whirlwind Manu bootleg cart. :P
Still looks kinda funny.

Sky Destroyer [LA60]
Sky Destroyer, on a standalone cart, with LA60 ID, but in a "TV GAME CARTIRDGE" cart case, which is common to be found in places, like China or Russia.
But, also, it has a back label, "Cassette Remarks", which is rare to see on cartridges of such type. Usually, there is nothing on the back of these types of cartridges, but here, there is actually this label, commonly found on bootlegs on late 80s-early 90s, but in regular cartridge case. :)

SonSon [LB18]
 A regular "SonSon", that was originally from arcades, but then re-released on Famicom.
Copyright information was saved, it still says "(C) 1986 CAPCOM" on title screen.

Mickey Mouse: Fushigi no Kuni do Daibouken [LD28]
 The Japanese version of Mickey Mousecapade.
Not the best possible condition, as the front side is in different color, than the back one, possibly because it was on sun too much, and the plastic case looks kinda burned.
It has Dendy sticker on the back, and therefore, it's Steepler copy. But I got this cartridge, just because of ID (LD28). ;)
Copyrights were removed.

Battle Tank [G168]
Basically, "Battle Tank" for NES.
Copyrights were removed, that go before "Battle Tank" title. The credits are left unchanged that go after it.

Chip to Dale no Daisakusen 2
Also known as "Chip'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2". Japanese version.
Copyrights were removed. 9 lives were added at the beginning.

Steepler copy, and in pretty neat condition overall.

Contra (NTDEC)
Regular Contra. NES version.
When you enter Konami code, you are actually given 99 lives, instead of 30, like originally it did.
Also in credits, "PRESENTED BY KONAMI" is replaced with "PRESENTED BY NTDEC".
No copyrights on the title screen though.

Another copy I have with the same version inside, will go for trade with my comrades.
"Konami code" entered. Doesn't say how many lives you have, until...
... you get to the game, and see that you have more than 4 lives.

Daiku no Gen San
A pirate copy of Daiku no Gen San. Also known as Hammerin' Harry (hi, Kevin! :D)
Copyrights were remained unchanged.

The Dragon [NT-614]
The picture of Bruce Lee is taken from "The Game of Death" movie. Dates to 1996.
This is a pirate game, originally published by Ramar International, released the year prior.
A platformer/beat-em-up that features both English and Arabic languages option.
Apparently, you are playing as Bruce Lee, however the main game sprite is Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat 1.
Interesting pirate cart, which I will definitely keep in collection.

Dragon Ninja

This is actually an official cartridge from Namco. :)
It's also known as "Bad Dudes" for NES, where there is infamous phrase: "Are you bad enough dude to rescue the president".
Not really a great game though, feels really choppy for me. :/
But still, a pretty cool official cart in collection.

Flash & Batman
A hack of Monster in my Pocket. Main characters were changed to Batman and Flash. 9 lives and 9 continues were added to the game. As well as getting health portions restores your whole health, and not just one bar of it. :P

Guevara / Guerilla War [A-B4]
A bootleg copy of Guerilla War / Guevara.
It is apparently called "REVOLOUTION HEROES", right with the typo on actual label.
Also, this cartridge holds ID "A-B4", and on the back side there is "Cassette Remarks" label, which is rare to see on cartridges which hold "A-B1" type of IDs. :)

The copyright screen is remained in game, but the copyrights themselves were changed around.

Hunt for Red October [H-R1]
A game, based of the movie under the same name.
The copyrights were changed/removed. As well as, the code was added to add 47 lives, involving you to hold Select and press Start, as well lose a life.

Magic Jewelry
Just a "Magic Jewelry" game by Hwang Shinwei from 1990... which apparently was re-released in 2005 under this label with Chinese title.
Copyrights were removed. Not sure about "RCM" logo that appears after entering a code on Game Over screen, but I believe it's also removed there.

Mickey Mouse III Yume Fuusen
Also know as Kid Klown, but I think that Mickey Mouse III version is better. Now I have the pirate cart with original label. :)
Sadly, the original owner left some sticker on the top of "Cassette Remarks" label, and so that's why it looks worn out here. Oh well, at least, it's still there, and not removed. :P
Copyrights remained unchanged.

Micro Machines [NT-872]
Another copy of this game. :)
Just like the other one, the "CodeMasters" logo screen was removed, but the copyright information on title screen remained unchanged.
Those blue lines on the left and right side are not a glitch of a pirate cart. The same stuff happens on "official" NES copy, running on NTSC NES. ;)

Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six [S-N6]
Basically, a Spiderman game, developed by BITS, and published by LJN for NES.
Sadly, this version, while has copyrights unchanged, has some graphics cut-down, and I've heard that the last stage is represented into graphics garbage.

Super Boogerman [O-N1]
 A "SuperGame" port of Boogerman from Mega Drive.
A quote from Bootleg Games Wiki:
"Super Boogerman is the NES port of Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure, originally released for Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo. created by Super Game at 1997.
The game is a recreation of the original Boogerman, but is considerably less faithful than Boogerman II: The Final Adventure, with a mixed-up level order and severely limited abilities for the player, which is compensated for by providing infinite ammo. The graphics are more faithful to the original game than Boogerman II: The Final Adventure.

Like many other Super Game's products, this game has no ending; after the player defeats the third boss, the game merely resets."

Super Mario Bros. 2 [FDS Conversion]
Before you ask, no, I am not selling this cartridge! I know a few people, who are interested in purchasing FDS conversion of Super Mario Bros. 2, but you are out of luck in this situation, as I wanted to get the singlecart of this game for quite some time. :P

Yes, this is one of the few FDS conversions of Super Mario Bros. 2 out there.
The actual title is gone, as well as MARIO/LUIGI was replaced with SCORE.
Besides, MARIO GAME was changed to ROMEO GAME, and LUIGI GAME to LAMBO GAME.

Also, A+Start cheat works in order to get to World A-1. :)
I haven't tested if this FDS conversion crashes on World 7, C and if it crashes on World D-4, after you beat Bowser. I'll have to test it out later. ;)

Super Bros. 11 (Adventure Island 3 hack)

I show off two copies of this game here.
Different labels on both, but pretty much, the same hack included on both: Super Bros. 11: Mario Adventures.
A hack of Adventure Island 3, which adds 30 items of each in item inventory. Also you are given 9 lives, and you are playing as Mario, dressed as Luigi.
Other than that, I didn't see too many other differences between this and original.

Tecmo NBA Basketball
A pirate copy of Tecmo NBA Basketball. The copyrights were removed.
The cartridge case looks to be the one, used on official Famicom carts. There are even two holes on the left and right side on the top.
There is even a Cassette Remarks label on the back, but sadly, in a bit ruined condition as can be seen here.

Terminator 2 - Jugdement Day
Sadly, originally I got this cartridge with the PCB that didn't work for me, for some odd reason, but I was able to find a working PCB, and inserted into this cartridge case.
It looks neat, although the plastic case changed its color on the front side, and doesn't look as nice, as it was before.
Still, not bad.
Copyrights were unchanged, which is kind if rare to see among bootleg copies of Terminator 2 for NES.

1944 (1943 hack)
A hack of 1943, Japanese version.
If you are familiar with 1943, and you play this, you'll notice something a bit different, besides the title screen, and choppily removed "3" and replaced "4" on the actual label.
And that's that, the controls were changed.

In 1943:
B - regular shot
A - bombs
Hold B - turbo shot

In 1944:
B - regular shot
A - turbo shot
B+A - bombs

Other than a changed control scheme, and "1943" being changed to "1944" anywhere else in the game, there are no any other differences.
I kind of like this control scheme, and think it's slightly more comfortable than in original 1943.
But as far as comparison goes between 1942 and 1943 on Famicom, the latter one is better, and much more recommended to play.
1942 suffers from poor framerate, sound engine. 1943 has a smooth speed and also pretty good music and sound effects during levels.

Poker 2-in-1
Hmm...where to start? Basically it's one of the strangest ones I've seen.
Basically I got the same copy as this one back at the end of 2014 - beginning of 2015, and apparently that copy was broken, as the reset button to change games didn't work properly.

It has the following games:
1. Peek-a-Boo Poker
2. Idol Shisen Mahjang / Tiles of Fate

And on that cart, the reset button didn't work for the most part. You'd have to turn off and on the console to get to Mahjong game, but even after that, getting back to "Peek-a-Boo Poker" would have been a pain in the neck, because reset and turning off/on the console wouldn't help much, so you'd have to try turning off the console, keep it like that for like a minute, and then turn on, and hope that the other game would turn on.
Here, the reset button works perfectly fine, and I can change games normally, like on any other 2-in-1 cartridges, where there was no menu, so changing games would have to be done by pushing Reset button on a console.
That previous cartridge even had a ripped out label, so I tried to find one for restoration, but it looked like crap.
Here, it looks pretty damn nice, the native label from pirates themselves, who released this pirate cart on a wild, and the "2-in-1", the dragon thingy near the woman and cards, as well as shining effect of carts are in golden paint, which look kind of neat, if you point the cartridge to the light. :)

4-in-1 [Q004]
This is a multicart I had as a kid, but sadly, the only thing that was left from it was PCB. I showed it in my collection video, but that was a restored variant with a different label, and random cartridge cases I had nearby.
Now, I have the "original" version of this multicart.

It includes the following games:
1. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (copyrights removed)
2. Yo! Noid (instead of Tiny Toon)
3. Zen Intergalactic Ninja
4. Darkwing Duck

A pretty good multicart with good games, included on it. :)
Re-used the same picture as before, but there are no differences in title screens between this copy and singlecart. lol

Gold Cassette Series 8-in-1 [A010]
This is another one of the more interesting multicarts out there.
I actually have a story with this particular cart...

Back in 2014, I had Green Beret LH09 singlecart, which had Rush'n Attack US version included.
With copyrights. The PCB was not just glob top, but it was chip-based board as well. :P
But, when you tilt the cartridge, or insert it incorrectly, you'd get a menu from this multicart.
Sadly, none of the games from it booted up, except for "Green Beret", which was Rush'n Attack.
So, I was interested to see if the multicart with these included games exist or not.

And lucky, it indeed exists. And all the included games here work perfectly fine! :D

The menu system isn't one of the most comfortable ones to use... You use Select to change games on it. And the sound effect is there.
It seems like that possibly the same pirate company was behnid the development of "Super Mario Party" multicart, because you change games by using "Select" button, as well as the same sound effect plays, as here.

The games, included:
1. Rush'n Attack (with copyrights)
2. Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2
3. 1944 (1943 hack) - I talked about it earlier
4. Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun (JPN version of Renegade)
5. Legendary Wings (with copyrights)
6. Castlevania (with copyrights)
7. Ghostly Village (Makaimura title hack)
8. Terra Cresta (with copyrights)

1994 Super HIK 8-in-1 [A-016]
 Another cartridge that was one of the more common and widespread in Russia back in 1990s.
It includes a bit different games, but 2 of them are the same as are on the cartridge above. ;)

The game's list:
1. Contra
2. Side Pocket
3. Double Dribble
4. Gun Smoke (corrupted version)*
5. Legendary Wings (with copyrights)
6. Castlevania (with copyrights)
7. Jackal (removed title)
8. Flying Hero: Bugyuru no Daibouken

*In this version of Gun Smoke, enemies appear randomly on the screen, which makes the game much harder than original one.
Here's the video showing off that version in action:

Overall, a really awesome multicart. :)

8-in-1 Waixing [KK3313]
This is another one of those 8-in-1 Waixing cartridges, just like KK3132 that I already have. ;)
I'll just provide you the list of this cart, and then maybe some time later I will re

The game's list:
1. Shock
2. Shoting Ballons
3. Boxing Wrestle
4. Highway Racing
5. Fish War
6. Robot
7. Hitting Mices
8. Table Tennis

8-in-1 Waixing [KK3314]
Just yet another cartridge in that series. ;)
1. West Journey
2. Boxes World
3. Hitting Mices
4. Dig Mines
5. Edacity Snakes
6. Shooting Ballons
7. Xmas Gift
8. Hau Bong Dao

8-in-1 Waixing [KK3315]
Game's list:
2. Table Tennis
3. Burrow
4. Boxes World
5. Five Days
6. Highway Racing
7. Fish War
8. Baseball

Super Gold Card 9-in-1 128K
This is a somewhat mixed-bag multicart. It includes a few early Famicom games, and then a few later games, released after Super Mario Bros.. :)
The game's list:
1. Tank 1990 (Battle City hack) - this one is even with the menu, before the title screen, to choose what mode to play
2. Super Mario Bros ('Super Mary')
3. Galaga ('Super Galaza', speed shots)
4. Exerion ('Super Exerion', infinite single shots)
5. Super Mario Bros ('Moony Mary', screwed up mirroring)
6. Contra (US version, 4-in-1 Menu, level select cheat)
7. Side Pocket
8. 1943
9. 1944 (1943 hack)

Also, take a look at what it says on the top of the cartridge.
On other cartridges of such type, there usually is "TV GAME CARTRIDGE" text, written on top.
But here, there is a completely different text..
超級星際黃金卡 - "super interstellar gold card"
星際 - interstellar

On the back, where it says "Home Game Computer", there is nothing on the back of this one.
Kind of uncommon type of cartridge to be found, and also really cool cart to own, especially considering that it includes pretty good games on it.

The menu is also pretty cool looking. The title "- NINE - IN - ONE -" is changing into different colors. The multicart menu sound effects are standard ones to be found, just like on any other multicart in a wild. ;)
A few games, as listed above, are hacked, like "Super Galaza" to have faster shots, "Super Exerion" to have unlimited singleshots, 1944... well, you saw this one before. ;)

15-in-1 Hummer
The multicart from Hummer Team, which includes 15 "original" games on it.
1. The Legend
2. The Hummer
3. Pink Jelly
4. War
5. Hacker
6. Heroine
7. The Duck
8. The Egg
9. Beachhead
10. Jungle War
11. Adventure
12. Gorge
13. Peace Sea
14. The Bridge
15. Green Evil

Now, this cart is one of the strangest ones I own, and probably my biggest nightmare ever.
Let's start off with the fact that, on PCB itself, it says 2004, so this is one of the more recent cartridges from 2000s. This is quite odd, if you look at it, and pay attention to that it says "Remarks" on the back, which is the text you'd find on the back on early bootlegs from 80s-90s.
Really od to see it here.
Next, is that the included games are not original! They are, in fact, the awful hacks of early Famicom games, made by Inventor, that you'd usually find on plug and play Famiclone systems, like 64-in-1 Gun Fighter (hello to PirateGamingHeavy/JP_Ronny), or 101-in-1 Arcade Action II.
Game's list:
1. Foot Ball (Soccer hack)
2. Pika Man (Super Mario Bros hack)
3. Aether 2 (Warpman hack)
4. Aether Kavass (Choujikuu Yousai: Macross hack)
5. Air Way (Xevious hack)
6. Apple Chess (Pirate Original?)
7. Bandits (Donkey Kong 3 hack)
8. Bestiarian (Hogan's Alley hack)
9. Bicycle Race (F-1 Race hack)
10. Bitha (Pooyan hack)
11. Box World (Pirate Original)
12. Bounce (Mappy hack)
13. Chess / Chinese Chess
14. Cow Boy (Wild Gunman hack)
15. Conte Enegy (Lode Runner hack)
16. Cobra of Sky (Raid on Bungeling Bay hack)
17. Conquerok (Circus Charlie hack)
18. Combata (Ninja Kun: Majou no Bouken hack)
19. Coin Tetris (Magic Jewelry hack)
20. Dada (Popeye hack)
21. Exfrome (Exerion hack)
22. Future Tank (Tank 1990 hack)
23. Gold Digger (Super Arabian hack)
24. Hassle (Front Line hack)
25. Ku Ku Land (Clu Clu Land hack)
26. Ladangel (Challenger hack)
27. Matching (Pirate Original)
28. Mars (Star Force hack)
29. Mars Man (Binary Land hack)
30. Mine (Pirate Original)
31. P.P.Pen (Super Mario Bros hack)
32. Panzer Ply Car (Road Fighter hack)
33. Penguin (Nuts & Milk hack)
34. Rescue Kuck (Donkey Kong Jr hack)
35. Risker (Excitebike hack)
36. Rnpid Gunnery (Hogan's Alley hack)
37. Sea War 2000 (Tank 1990 hack)
38. Shooter (Hogan's Alley hack)
39. Sharp Shooter (Wild Gunman hack)
40. Sky Invader (Sky Destroyer hack)
41. SOS (Pirate Original?)
42. Space War (Exerion hack)
43. Spar (Urban Champion hack)
44. Strange Pop Pop (Pirate Original)
45. Super Elf (Circus Charlie hack)
46. Surface Fire (Millipede hack)
47. Tennis (Tennis hack)
48. TNT (Bomberman hack)
49. Tunny (SonSon hack)
50. UFO Race (F-1 Race hack)
51. World War II (1942 hack)
52. X-Racing (Zippy Race hack)
53. Zero Gravity (Balloon Fight hack)

I will definitely make a full video on this multicart and show off all of these games on my YouTube channel. ;)
Stay tuned for that.

And also I got this Famiclone, which I will probably make a review of on my blog some time later. ;)
A portable Famiclone, with 88 built in games. It also has 60 pin cartridge connector to be able to insert Famicom cartridges into it.
About 95% of my cartridges that I tested on this Famiclone, worked fine. There are only a few carts that didn't boot up on it, or weren't able to be inserted here to be played, but there are not that many of those.
Overall, pretty neat console, but not perfect. But it's good enough for testing out Famicom cartridges on a go, or if electricity shuts down for quite some time, which happens at my countryhouse sometimes, I can still continue playing games on here.

The detailed review of this Famiclone will be available here: (not ready)

Last, but not least... Super Gameboy
I got Super Gameboy complete in box, good condition overall. The cartridge is in package itself, perfect working condition.
The manual is not in the best condition, as some corners are bent, but overall not bad.
There is also a little paper, besides the one where it says about power.

That's it for my pickups for January. Hopefully I can make more posts on my blog in 2016. :)
Thanks for reading!
(C) AlexSRMD Productions (2016)

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