20 February 2016

NES Game Manuals #1: Super Mario Bros. 2 (NES Asian Version)

Welcome back to this blog!
Today, we'll take a look at the manual for one of the games I recently picked up.

Now, normally, I scan Japanese manuals only, and therefore "NES Game Manuals" wouldn't really fit into the stuff that I do. But, we have here a NES cartridge of Super Mario Bros. 2, known as Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic in its original form, released originally on Famicom Disk System.
 The funny thing is that this is exactly the same version as PAL NES version, and on NTSC hardware, it will be playing much faster, as well as the music will be in higher pitch. :P
For those, who think that "Chinese are the ones who made the version run faster than original", please go away from my blog, videos, etc., and never check out the stuff I make. Because I am fed up with some random idiots, who don't know shit about the versions of games, released in different countries, and stand by their faulty point.

Anyway, enough of this.
The basic differences are:
1) The color of the cartridge case, it's more light grey, than dark grey
2) It says "Asian Version" on label
3) Different ID
4) It got 5 screws on the back, instead of 3
5) The "Caution" label is different

The gameplay video of this cartridge will be available later, and attached to this blog post.

And the manual was something that grabbed my attention.
It's written both in English and Chinese, so I decided that this manual is worth scanning.
Afterall, as I am also getting rid of some NES cartridges I have in collection, tha I don't need anymore, this is a must-thing for me to do, is to make scans of the manual.

Here it is. Enjoy! :)
The front page
Page 1-2
Page 3-4
Page 5-6
Page 7-8
Page 9-10
Page 11-12
Page 13-14
Page 15-16
Page 17-18
Page 19-20
Page 21-22
Page 23-24
Page 25-26
Page 27-28
Page 29-30
Page 31-32
Page 33-34
The back page
That's about it for the manual. As for now, this is the only interesting NES manual I have that's worth sharing here. But, if I find any more manuals for any other game I have, that I didn't post here, preferrably Japanese version, or something like that, I will post it here.

P. S. Thanks to Kevinhwsohn for providing me this copy of Mario 2! :D
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  1. Hi there! I'm sorry, my comment (which is rather a question) is off topic but I do wonder if there are still any non-NOAC Famiclones in production nowadays? Thx in advance!