16 October 2015

Pickups 38: Famicom Cartridges 38 & Mega Drive Cartridges 3 (September 2015 Pickups)

Hello everyone! I am back with another post of my Famicom cartridges pickups.

Sorry for not keeping this blog up-to-date. Since my studies started, I just don't have time to make a new post on my blog, and show off what I got.
Because of my lack of time, I decided that I will try to make at least one post per month about my pickups here.

First of all, before we move to the pickups, I just want to say this:
I think that all of you know James Rolfe, who has been making Angry Video Game Nerd show episodes since 2004. Well, not so long ago, he started some sort of let's play kind of show, called "James & Mike Mondays", and, in the latest video of that about "Super Morial Arms", aka. Dead Fox... he actually used one of my old photos of my pirate Famicom carts collection, which I made at the end of 2014.
Here's that video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAh962sc90A
Go to 0:22 - 0:25 to see the photos.
And this is my post of my Famicom pirate carts collection: http://somerussianmariodude.blogspot.ru/2014/12/videogame-collection-10-famicom.html
I think that these pictures were some of the first ones that could be found via. Google Images, so that's why these were used for their video.
And this is funny, because my post got 350+ views, barely...
And that video got 80k+ views. I wonder if people, who watch that video, that don't know my blog, will find out where these photos came from. lol

And, as those pictures are outdated, I am actually thinking of making new photos of my Famicom cartridges collection, official & bootleg at the end of 2015. :)

Let's get to the main event here, the reason why we are all here today.

Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu
This is a really great platformer by Now Production / Hudson Soft, starring Jackie Chan. The US version, which is not common on pirate carts at all. Usually you'd see a Japanese version, so this is kinda rare bootleg cart. The label is taken from NES boxart, but the copyright stuff is removed here, of course.

Tennis [HVC-TE]
 A regular Tennis by Nintendo. My other copy with pulse label was completely all worm out in terrible condition. This one is in far better condition, so I will keep this one in my collection. :D

Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2 - Karakuri Land [IF-22]
 The sequel to original Kid Niki - Radical Ninja game for NES, which was released only in Japan.
A far easier game, than the original one. You get three hit points, and you get to choose a different level on the map to go to. Basically, a Karakuri Land attraction park was built, but all the visitors got dissapared once they entered it. And it's no expection to the girlfriend of Yanchamaru that wanted to go there, so it's up to us to save her. A basic side scrolling platformer, nothing much to add here, other than that, it's one of the easiest games I've ever played, and it's not quite as good as the third game in the series, which I hope I can get my hands on in the future.

Bird Week [TFS-BK]
 I got this game just for collection, but I doubt I would really play it.
It's basically a game where you collect catterpillars and feed your chicks with them. Not really a fun concept in my opinion, and this game overall is just boring to play. Not to mention that the music here sucks. The graphics aren't bad for 1986, yeah.

Don Doko Don 2 [TFC-DDII-5900-41]
 This was a really lucky find. And also one of the more pricy games I have. The original Don Doko Don 2, starring as a weird old man with a hammer. A pretty well designed side-scrolling platformer, kinda like Mario games. And yeah, this game is actually known as Super Bros. 8 on pirate carts, but there does exist original DDD2 on pirate carts, but it's much more rare than Mario hack.
It's not a terrible issue to me, because Super Bros. 8 is, at least, not a really lazily done hack, unlike Super Mario 14, which is Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 hack, where only a few main character sprites were changed and pirates called it a day.
As for storyline, a couple had a weeding, but the prince was turned into toad by an evil bat, because of which the weeding had to be stopped, and it's up to an old man to find a few ingredients to be able to restore the prince back to his original form.
In fact, without any hesication, I would say that this is one of the best Famicom games I've ever played, and you should definitely give it a try.

Donkey Kong 3 [HVC-DT]
 The third game in Donkey Kong arcade game series. Not quite as good as other Donkey Kong games, but pretty decent noneless. You literally shoot to Donkey Kong's arse, and not let your flowers get captured, which is what you do on the levels.

A few multicarts here, of course...
76-in-1 Tsang Hai
 76-in-1, released by Tsang Hai in 1990. In fact, this is one of the variations of this multicart I own. There exist the other versions of this multicart, but they are basically just with different labels, and that's it. :P
The game's list is not 100% true, even though it indeed has no repeats. I will make a review about this multicart in the future, because it's actually quite interesting. :)
And I will leave you with the screens of the main menu.

You might recognise some of the titles here. ;)

This cartridge came in the box. The picture is taken from Moero TwinBee: Cinnamon-hakase wo Sukue for FDS.
Apparently, there is a game's list on the back, but I can't tell you for sure, because I can't read Chinese.
Inside the box, you get the cartridge. No manual. :P
The picture here is taken from HiryĆ« no Ken: Ougi no Sho (Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll) for Famicom. But it's not included here.

The menu is pretty weird: it's divided into two menus: one contains 22 games, and the other one 20 other ones. You just have to push Select button to change menus.
Not a bad multicart for its time! :)

The cartridge is from Supervision as well. The back stuff is the same, as on the other carts of Supervision that I showed earlier, so there is no point in making a new photo of back side here.

RAF World
A japanese version of Journey to Silius, but with removed copyrights on this copy.
At first, when I originally got this cartridge, for some odd reason, it didn't boot. I was sure that the cartridge works, and the PCB might have been changed around (by that, I mean that it was inserted the wrong way).
I carefully opened up this cartridge with the tips that Cah4e3 shared me before, change the side of PCB, and then turned it on, and it worked fine. :)

Really great game from Sunsoft, which could have been a decent Terminator game, but sadly Sunsoft lost the license for Terminator, when they were delevoping it. Oh well...

Ninja Ryukenden
Here's the original Ninja Ryukenden, also known as Ninja Gaiden or Shadow Warriors. The version with copyrights, nothing was removed here. ;)

Ninja Ryukenden II
The second game in the series. I actual had two copies of it before, with the same label, but now I have one, because I traded another one.
This version is also with copyrights. Now I own all Ninja Ryukenden games for Famicom in pirate carts form, great! :)

Magic Jewelry
A very well known unlicensed game from Hwang Shinwei, wihch is a Columns ripoff, and actually a very well made one too. :)
With great music, pretty entertaining and fun gameplay.

The only thing that it lacks is the options, that were presented in original Columns game, like changing the difficulty, level and most importantly... 2 PLAYER MODE.

Other than that, it's a pretty great game, that you should give a try. ;)

And yeah, this copy with original label has copyrights completely unchanged. There is another version of Magic Jewelry released with a different label, that has copyrights removed, but I don't have that cartridge yet, so I can't show it to you for now.

Magic Jewelry 2
Yes, Magic Jewelry 2! One of my dreams finally came true! :D
This is basically Magic Jewelry 1, but with options! So, it plays much more closely to original Columns, as you already have options, like difficulty, level selection, turn on/off the music, turn on/off flash, and 2 player mode.
Obviously far better than original Magic Jewelry, but both of the games are some of my favourite unlicensed games that I've played!

Batman: Return of the Joker
A pirated version of Batman: Return of the Joker. The only thing that's changed here, is the copyrights info. Other than that, it's still BRotJ game, the US version.
Also, on the back side, instead of traditional "Cassette Remarks" label, you are actually given passwords for the game, which is actually quite useful!

I've always loved these pirate carts, that actually give you the additional information about the game that they are copying on their bootleg copies! It just makes them look more unique and cool. :)

Tetris (Bullet-Proof Software)
The first officially released version of Tetris for Famicom. By Bullet-Proof Software from 1987(?).
Not particularly great version though... mainly due to control mapping.

You press Down to rotate the blocks, and A to drop them down immediately... Yeah, it's not really a great choice of controls design... I wish it was the same as in Tengen or Nintendo versions.
But oh well... Other than that, it's not too bad, but out of all versions of Tetris, released on NES/Famicom, this sadly is gotta be the worst one, if not counting pirated versions, like Pika Chu (Tengen Tetris ripoff) or Falling Blocks (same shit), which are far worse, than this game.

Funnily enough, this copy also has copyrights completely unchanged.

Aladdin II (Chengdu Tai Jing Da Dong Computer Co.)
The infamous Aladdin game for Famicom. It's considered to be the worst port out of three Aladdin Sega Mega Drive ports (one - by SuperGame, and the other one - by NMS software).
The controls are terrible (you can still keep moving and using a sword, if you hold B button and release the D-pad), the hit detection is bad (you can go through platforms, and stand in still air after you walked a bit from a platform), really bad overall visuals, and awful music.
Unless you are hardcore pirate carts collector, avoid this game at any cost. :P

Also, I got a few Rockman games on pirate carts. Now the only Rockman game left to get is Rockman 2, and then I will have pretty much all Rockman games released on pirate carts.

Here's Rockman 3: Dr. Wily no Saigo!?:
It's the same Rockman 3, as we all know. The copyrights were removed from the game, but other than that, it's exactly like original version. There is no health upgrade cheat here, which is made by pushing Select button, which can be seen on some later pirate carts.
Originally, when I got this cartridge, the person, who sold it to me, said that this cart didn't work on Famicom.
Since this is an old pirate cart, I believed that it should work perfectly fine on original deal, and it's entirely chip-based cart. The huge PCB is inside, of size of the actual cartridge case.
Basically, I inserted the cartridge into the cart slot, and slightly pulled up, and it worked fine. :)

Actually, as for now, this is my most favourite Rockman game in the series, and I am glad that I finally got it on a proper cartridge.

Also I love how the cartridge case looks similar to official carts. Even the two holes on the top are left the same as they were originally.

Rockman 6 - Shijou Saidai no Tatakai!!
Here is Rockman 6, the last game in original Famicom series.
What's funny is that, although the label is clearly taken from original Famicom cart, the logo is edited out to say "Rockman 7" as if it's the 7th game. But we all know that Rockman 7 was released on Super Famicom instead, and not on Famicom.
So, why they called this game as Rockman 7? I think that's because... with Rockman 1 through 4, they were calling these properly. But then, pirates decided to hack Darkwing Duck, in order to have Rockman in it, and called it Rockman 5. Of course, that hack was really terribly done, just like many other sprite hacks, like Mario 14, Chip and Dale 3, Darkwing Duck 2...
But then later comes out official Rockman 5, and what pirates did? That's right, they called it Rockman 6. And with the real Rockman 6, they call in Rockman 7.

But here is a shitty catch! Actually Rockman 5 and Rockman 6 both were released on bootlegs completely unhacked. I own Rockman 5 on pirate cart, and it's not hacked at all. And here... well, it still says Capcom Presents on the start up screen. And it still says "Rockman 6" on the title screen.
LOL, the lazyness in a nutshell... But, to be honest, I am glad to have Rockman 6 in any shape of form on old bootleg cart, even though the label clearly lies that it's Rockman 7. At least, they left the artwork from original cart completely the same, besides the copyright removal thingy. ^_^

Now we come to a few Whirlwind Manu pirate carts I'll briefly tell you in no particular order.

Makaimura [LF01]
This is just a regular Makaimura, as it was on Famicom. :)
The copyrights are even left the same as in original game. One of the hardest games ever made for NES/Famicom. And the Famicom version is a bit harder, because there is no Continue option... but at least you have an option to use a cheat in order to continue on the label, where you left off. But this still doesn't help too much, because the difficulty of this game is outrageous.

Double Dragon [LH65]
The first Double Dragon game in the series. I find it funny, how they decided to leave "Technos Japan" on the label, yet they removed the original ID, and "Co." as well as "TM" logo here.
Inside, there is original Double Dragon Japanese version. The copyrights also remain unchanged here.

Operation Wolf [LH88]
The light gun game from Taito Corporation. In case with this cart, the copyrights were changed to Micro Corporation, for some odd reason.
There is also a short information about the game on the back side. Apparently, these are the cheats for the game, although I am not too sure.

Mahjong [LA13]
The regular Mahjong game from Nintendo. The copyrights are even left completely unchanged. :)

1942 [LB10]
The picture itself doesn't seem to be taken from original Famicom cart, but it's not that bad. :P
It even has an end label at the top, where it says "1942" twice in different fonts.

This is just exactly the same game as you all know. Not really a great port of arcade classic. The arcade version was far better.
Here, there is poor framerate, bad music, a bit worse visuals. The port was made by Micronics, which is infamous for making crappy ports of arcade games. The other games that they ported were Makaimura (which I mentioned above), Exed Exes (worst f***ing game from Micronics ever), Onyanko Town, etc..

But this one is not quite as bad as Exed Exes for example. At least, it's somewhat playable. :)
This copy also stores original copyrights, so no problems there.

Hokuto no Ken [LD09]
This is Hokuto no Ken, the first part. This particular cart even has screws on the back, which holds two sides of the cartridge case, and unlike my Argus cart, this one actually works perfectly fine. :)
It even has the copyrights completely unchanged. I find it funny how they decided to write "Family Computer" twice on the front label.

Mario Bros. [LA01]
The first Mario Bros. game, without "Super" word in the title. The classic arcade game, where you defeat all sorts of creatures, coming out of the sewers.
This particular cart is the first cartridge in Whirlwind Manu pirate cart series. :)
And I was finally able to get it, which was kinda my dream among bootlegs.

On the back side, there is a Japanese caution stuff sticker, just like what was on my Sky Destroyer pirate cart.

Inside, there is a hacked version, where it says "Mr. Mary" on the title screen. Other than that, there are no any other differences. It even still says "Mario" and "Luigi", when you beat the coin bonuses.

Top Gun [LF53]
The first Top Gun game. Sadly, my other bootleg copy has a serious problem with the label. The front label was going really terrible, but thankfully, I was able to get this particular cart for pretty cheap.
And this copy even has the copyright information at the beginning left completely unchanged, but the Konami logo was removed on the title screen.

I took those screenshots from my regular Famicom, unlike the other ones at the top, and when hooked up to my AV out channel selector, the picture doesn't display properly, when there is so much white color on the screen. Sorry for that! :(

11-in-1 1994 [A-041]
This is a pretty interesting multicart. It's kinda similar to my A-042, but includes a few different games on it.
It includes:

  1. Contra
  2. Hokuto no Ken 2
  3. Prince of Persia
  4. Duck Tales
  5. Rockman
  6. Rambo
  7. Top Gun
  8. Tetris (Tengen)
  9. Circus Charlie
  10. Battle City
  11. Lunar Ball

Duck Tales is hacked to "Duck Tales 3", where, besides the changed title screen, pirates also managed to screw up the text font slightly in the game, as well as Scrooge McDuck sprites.
Prince of Persia has "Prince of Rosia 1994" on the copyright screen, which is pretty typical for pirate carts.
Rockman, is exactly what you'd except. It's the first Rockman game in the series, also known as Mega Man, but it's actually the Japanese version there.
Battle City is hacked to 1990Tank title screen, and the copyright information was changed to 1994. But it's not that well known Tank 1990 hack, that was on many pirate multicarts. This is just original version, but with a different title. And to be honest, I have never seen this version on any other pirate cart before.

Star Wars (Namcot)
The Japanese exclusive version of Star Wars, by Namco.
My cartridge is not exactly in a great condition, as can be seen on the photo, but I am glad to have it in my possession. From what I've seen, among other NES versions, this seems to be one of the better ones, yet still this is a really difficult game, because you have only 3 lives and no continues, and only one hit.

Nemo - Pajama Hero [D-R3]
This is a Japanese version of Little Nemo: The Dream Master. The copyrights were removed in the game, and the label is not original. We can see here Elijah Wood, holding some weird device in his heads, as well as Tazmania Devil from Looney Tunes, as well as Sylvester the Cat, and the characters from "Once Upon the Forest".
Well, if you watched Dendy Chronicles #8, where this exact label was shown, you'll already recognise this.
Not really one of my favourite games ever, but I decided to get it in my collection. :)

Bubble Bobble 2 [B-B7]
Despite the fact that this label claims that this is Bubble Bobble, it's actually the second part, the game that's quite rare and expensive on official cartridge.
I find it kinda odd why they decided to remove "2" from the title here and in the actual game. And also put "(C) 1996" instead of "2".
It has 20 lives in the actual game, and the storyline at the beginning is taken down, but it's still watchable, if you don't press any buttons on the title screen, and wait for some time, until it starts playing.
Glad to have this game on a pirate cart, even though personally I think that Bubble Bobble 1 is a bit more fun. Still Bubble Bobble 2 is a pretty rare and great gem. :)
Basically, just like in original game, you trap enemies in bubbles that you pop out, and defeat them to get to the next level.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game [T-N2]
This is a rather odd label. I personally prefer the one that was on "Turtle Ninja II" pirate cart. :P
Inside, you have a regular version of TMNT2, with 3 lives, instead of 9, like in one of my other copies of this game.
A pretty nice beat-em-up game, that was improved by TMNT3. :)
If you are a fan of TMNT and beat-em-up, you'll definitely enjoy this game.

Robocop 3 [NT827]
Funnily enough, despite the fact that the label says "Robocop 3", there is actually a hacked version inside, where it's called "Robocop 4", which apparently was called like this, because they gave "Robocop 3" name was given to Tokkyuu Shirei Solbrain Famicom game.

Not a bad game though. The music is pretty awesome in it, especially the title screen one.

Batman (JPN version)
This label is freaking dumb, but also funny. Another one of those that was shown in "Dendy Chronicles #8". Inside, there is actually Batman game, the Japanese version. I traded my white copy of Batman for this one.
This cartridge is entirely chip based. I was able to open up the cartridge case easily and there was a huge PCB, of the size of the cartridge case. :D

There is even a "Remarks" sticker on the back, but slightly damaged.

Sadly, this copy, unlike the other one, lags a lot, when you have too many enemies on the screen, which I guess, is not really a great sign. But oh well... :P
I guess that the white copy I had before, is not too rare, and I will be able to find it later on, if I want. :D

Still, it's pretty cool to own a Japanese version of Batman on pirate cart, because usually, you'd have US version. The only real difference is that the copyright screen at the beginning is taken from, and Stage 1 and Stage 2 tracks are swapped. I really love Stage 2 theme in this game. :)

Other than that, I think you all know what Batman is on NES. ;)

Big Nose: The Caveman
Another Camerica/CodeMasters game I finally got. This is a platformer, where you play as Big Nose, and run through different islands, in order to find his dinner. :)
Glad to have two Big Nose games on pirate carts. Pretty nice gameplay, really cheerful music, and great visuals.

The Lion King [L-K2] & [NT-656]
Two copies of The Lion King. Despite the fact, that you'd usually find Jungle Book hack, under L-K2 cartridge, there is actually a SuperGame's port of The Lion King... and in fact, on both of these.
But both don't have Bug Toss level. In case with NT-656, I came across one cartridge before, with the same ID, and it had Bug Toss level on it, but was slightly glitchy. So, I guess, under this ID, there is 50 by 50 chance to get either the original version or mapper hacked one, which doesn't have bonus level.

The Chessmaster [NT850]
The regular "Chessmaster" game, which is a chess simulator game. Nothing much to say here. ;)

General Label Whirlwind Manu
This is a pretty interesting and somewhat weird cartridge in my collection.
Because, apparently, it's from Whirlwind Manu, and it actually uses Doki! Doki! Panic logo on the front. But, besides that, there is no Mario game or Doki! Doki! Panic game on it.

Inside there is Saint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen, completely unhacked.
And I doubt that the PCB inside could be changed. On the end label, it even has a piece of glue tape with a text, written with a marker.
So I am guessing that's how this cartridge was sold in stores.
Also I know that fcgamer, the person from FamicomWorld forum, who sent me the majority of carts that I covered today, has a few of these General Label carts available for sale, so I'd need to ask him, what games are included on his carts with such label. ;)

Final Mission [F-M1]
I find it funny that Chuck Norris is actually on this label... Imagine if he was really in the game. That would be totally awesome! :)

BTW, this is Final Mission, a side-scrolling shoot-em-up game. It's also known as S.C.A.T or Action in New York, but I prefer the name that's in Japanese version, personally. :)
And out of all versions, this is the hardest one, but this is the only one released on bootlegs. :P

Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja [J-C5]
That game, which is also known as Super Mario 16 on pirate carts!
Yes, this is Joe & Mac, but in it's original form. The copyrights at the beginning are removed, but other than that, this is exactly the same as the official deal.

As for Sega Mega Drive carts... here is my pickup, but it's not exactly new, because I wrote about it like a year ago, but still... it's Doraemon: Yume Dorobou to 7 Nin no Gozansu.
This time, it's actually CIB. With the manual as well, which you probably saw on my blog already. :)
The contents are in a really great condition. Maybe in the future, I will actually try my best at reviewing this game on the blog, because I actually love this game a lot. :)
This is where you can see my post on the manual scans:

So, that's about it for my pickups now!
Because of my busy schedule with real life stuff, I guess that I will be making posts for now at least once a month about my pickups to keep this blog somewhat active.

(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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  1. I own Don Doko Don 2, tough it came with a weir label that said Don Doko Don 3 (wich i don't think even exists).