5 September 2015

Mega Drive Game Manuals #2: Doraemon - Yume Dorobouto 7 Nin No Gozansu

Hello, everyone!
It's AlexSRMD back here. I haven't posted much about game manuals for a long time. But today, I finally have acquired one of my most wanted games in my collection: Doraemon: Yume Dorobou to 7 Nin no Gozans.
I'll make a post about my new pickups later. I have some technical difficulties now, that keep me from making photos of the recently picked up carts in a very good quality. Yet, I will have a few other carts from Taiwan, so I think it's best to wait, until I finally get all the needed carts. :)

Here there are the contents of Doraemon MegaDrive game.

The box

I love the design of the front part of the box: the screenshot of the game in the background, and the character we play as (Doraemon himself) on the front. It's kinda the same as what was with Famicom Namco carts. :)
I really like that artwork design.

Let's check out what's inside the box. The cartridge.
I can't really scan the top part of the cartridge, as it's rounded, so it's harder to scan than the top label of Famicom carts, for example.
The cart looks quite decent, in a pretty good condition.

But we are here to see the manual itself. To be honest, I was really excited to see what the manual looked like, and since I finally got it in my possession, let's look at what the contents of it are.

The manual
Front Page
Page 2-3
Page 4-5
Page 6-7
Page 8-9
Page 10-11
Page 12-13
Page 14-15
Page 16-17
Page 18-19
Page 20-21
Page 22-23
Page 24-25
Page 26-27
Page 28-29
Page 30-31
Back Side

That's about it. Thanks for reading this post!
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  1. thank you very much for the mega drive manual. i hope you will post more someday.