2 August 2015

Pickups 37: Famicom Cartridges 37 + GB Cartridges 5 + Gameboy Console

Hello everyone! Welcome back.
Here it's the new post of my pickups since the last post. I am sorry for not posting too much in that time period. I was kinda busy with producing new videos for my channel, as well as going to one of my comrades from Saint-Petersburg.
So, I guess, let's just get to the carts and other stuff that I got.

Nintendo Gameboy + Accessories
 So yes, I finally got myself an original Gameboy from 1989, as well as a few accessories with it: multiplayer adapter, Gameboy Camera and a cartridge.
 A console, first released in Japan on 21.04.1989, and then in USA (1989) and Europe (1990).
It's got black and white monochrome screen, with 4 shades of grey, and 160x144 screen size, stereo sound, and GameLink function to have a multiplayer option.
It's got basic controls here, just like the NES controller: D-Pad, Select&Start, B and A buttons.

On the screen, it has an LED, that lights up when the console is turned on, but there is one interesting thing that I got with GB, when I used rechargable batteries, but I will get to that later.
 On the bottom of the console, there is a headphone jack to plug in headphones and listen to GB music, on the sides there are game link connection to be able to connect other Gameboy through the cable and have multiplayer, contrast and volume controls.

On the back side, there is a slot for Gameboy cartridges, and a slot for batteries.

Here is some information about GB, if you feel like reading it. ;)
 The GB was in very good condition, no yellowing or anything like that, but the screen isn't exactly in the best condition. I originally got the GB screen separately from GB, so I glued it later on, but the protective skin thingy for the screen feels a bit worn out.
But at least, there are no cracks on the screen, which is good.

Here's how the screen looks like:
 As the screen is not backlight, you definitely need to have some good lightning in order to be able to see anything on the screen.
As you could see by the photo, I actually had some good set of lightning, so you could see anything. ;)
 So, yeah... I should have mentioned this before, but anyway... it takes 4 AA batteries, and they last approximately up to 10 hours.
 As I don't feel like spending money on buying new batteries, if I want to play games on my GB, I decided to get myself some rechargable batteries.
And here is the adapter that I use for these kinds of batteries.
 Just make sure that the battery says "Rechargable" on it, otherwise, you'll damage it.
 Yes, it uses a European power socket, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find such adapters with different power sockets in the nearby stores.

 This is a Japanese release of Gameboy Camera. Other than having a Japanese text, instead of English, there don't seem to be much difference in functionality.
Developed by Game Freak, who was behind Pokemon games for Gameboy, and published by Nintendo in 1998. Designed for original Gameboy.
Nowadays, this thing is not really useful, since it only takes pictures in black and white, with 4 shades of grey, but it's a pretty good thing to have in the collection, in my opinion.

Also, interesting fact is that this camera was even nominated once as being the world's smallest digital camera. ;)
Here's some stuff on the back for you to read.

Game Boy Four Player Adapter
 This is basically an adapter that allows to play a game up to four players.
The first player hooks this thing up to his Gameboy, and then other players connect their GameLink cables to it, and then play the game they want.
Pretty interesting thing for its time.

And now we get to some Famicom carts awesomeness.

Mighty Final Fight
 A Japanese version. Just a standard beat-em-up, developed and published by Capcom in 1993 for NES/Famicom. It's also considered as one of the rarest and most expensive games in original form. But this pirate cart... is not exactly too rare.
Even though I am not exactly a huge beat-em-up fan, there is something about this game, that I like, and I play it sometimes, when I hook up my Famicom, and want to play something. :)

Juuouki [S-E1]
 A Japanese version of Altered Beast. A Sega game, released on Nintendo Famicom. Not a bootleg (well, the cartridge itself is a bootleg copy lol)! It's a real deal! :)
Developed by Interlink and published by Asmik in 1990. I actually have this game on two extensive multicarts, but this game seemed quite interesting to me, so I decided to pick up a singlecart.

Волшебная Палитра [R-A1]
 This is just a Russian translation of a game, called "Videomation".
Developed originally by FarSight Studios, and published by THQ on NES in 1991.
I have no idea, who was the translator here, but it's dated to 1995. Other than a Russian translation, it's just the aforementioned game, which is basically kinda like Mario Paint v0.2 or something. :D
Yeah, it's a game, where you can draw stuff, make full video animation, just like in Mario Paint, except not exactly quite as good.
But this game is decent enough for what it actually offers.

Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima 4
 The last game in Adventure Island series, as well as last officially released game for Famicom. Now this one is with the label, taken from original deal, but slightly modified. For example, it has the English title on the top of the Japanese logo, as well as they didn't fully remove the copyright information. It still says "(C) SUSUMU MATSUSHITA COMPANY", which was also presented on original copy.
Funnily enough, the copyrights in the actual game are not even changed at all. It still says "(C) 1994 HUDSON SOFT" there.
Pretty good pirate copy. :)

Felix the Cat (Dragon Co.) [DH1065]
 Here's the Felix the Cat game. And no, it's not that Hudson Soft game, that was released on NES, which is very good one. Instead, it's Dragon Co. pirated game, which is an incredibly shitty ripoff of real Felix the Cat. The controls are pretty bad, the graphics are not bad, the music is not quite as good as in original Felix game. The storyline is based off "The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg" cartoon, where pirate dog captures a golden goose, which laid eggs which could be transformed to the real gold, that Felix would give out to poor people.
Not a very good game, given the fact how the controls and hit detection are terrible in this game. And this is not the only game that suffers from these problems. Some other games, like Wait and See!, Tom and Jerry 3, Lion King 5, which are also from Dragon Co., also have the same problems.

Street Blaster 5 20 Peoples Turbo [S-P5]
 This is just one of the variations of Street Fighter 2 Pro, from Cony Soft, except the title screen was hacked to read "Street Blaster 5 20 Peoples Turbo", and some clones added in the game, which also have different names.
For more information about this game, you can check out this article at Bootleg Games Wikia website: http://bootleggames.wikia.com/wiki/Street_Fighter_II_Pro

Jurassic Park (2 copies)
Two copies of one game. Jurassic Park. Based of the movie, under the same name.
Probably one of the most common games so far that I found in Famicom Piracy territory. Now I own three copies of this game, funnily enough. :D
Not exactly one of my most favourite games for NES, so these carts would be just kept in my collection. :)

Super Bros. 5 / Super Wonderful Mario (Super Mario Bros. 2) [S-W2]
 Yet another Mario hack, added to my collection of Mario hacks for Famicom.
This one is basically Super Mario Bros. 2, the European version. Except, it's hacked to say "Super Bros. 5" on the title screen, as well as MARIO was replaced with MERIO in the storyline, and that's pretty much it in terms of hacking.

Yeah, the major difference is that they only changed the name of the game, and that's pretty much it.
Lazyness in a nutshell...

And... speaking of the label... why the Snow White is so screwed up here? She has her arm cut down, as well as somebody's art on her skirt... Really weird, and creepy...

Rush'n Attack [LH09]
 This, pretty much, is just Rush'n Attack, despite the fact that there is an FDS name of the game, written on the label. Except, this version is without copyrights.

4-in-1 Please push reset button
 This is just a reset based multicart, that apparently contains Super Mario Bros (named as Waterpipe 2 on the label), Soccer, Spartan X, Mach Rider (misspelled as Machride on the label).
But, actually, the list of the games is different. Maybe, the PCB was changed before I bought it, or it was sold like this, I really don't know.
It has Soccer, Thexder, Zunou Senkan Galg and Ninja Hattori-Kun on it.

Robocop [R-C1]
The Japanese version of Robocop for Famicom. ;)
The label was taken from "Robocop 3", which is kinda funny. But at least, it fits somehow with the game that's included inside, even though, this is just the first part of Robocop, based of the movie.
The cartridge that I had before, had the label upside-down. This one has a normal label, without such problems.

20-in-1 (TWENTY IN ONE)
This is just the same exact cartridge as "20-in-1 Super Cartridge" that I covered before on this blog. ;)
But, in a different cartridge case, and different label.

Inside, even the menu system, and all game versions are the same as on the other cartridge.

James Bond Jr. [NT6055]
This is just James Bond Jr., the US version, despite the weird label, which is actually taken from Star Wars. Not really sure what is the connection between James Bond Jr. and Star Wars...
But, at least, inside there is an unhacked version of the game, with copyrights and everything. :)

Gekikame Ninja Den (T.M. Ninja Turtle I)
Just another version of TMNT, released on bootlegs, with the different label.
It just says "T.M. Ninja Turtle I", which is kinda right. ;)

Inside, there is a regular Japanese version of a game, with level select cheat, by pressing Select button as many times as you want to start on later levels.

TMNT2: The Arcade Game [DH1018]
Despite having any mentioning of Dragon Co. on the label, this is not some pirate crap, produced by Dragon Co. themselves. It's just TMNT2: The Arcade Game, game by Konami from 1990.
Here, the title screen is unhacked, and there are 2 lives, instead of 3 or 9, unlike on the other copies I already have. ;)

Super Contra
This cartridge is kind of interesting. It's Super Contra, but without any built-in menu for choosing any level to play, or weapon to start with, before the actual title screen.
This one starts immediately at the title screen, but it's also hacked a bit.
First of all, the Konami logo has been replaced with 30 lives code. But what's really screwed up about my copy, is that when entering this code, you are given 50 lives, instead of 30.
And funnily enough, in my copy, you start with 15 lives by default. Normally, Super Contra is considered to be the easier version, than Super C, that gives 10 lives only with the cheat code, but in Japanese version, you'd get 30 lives. Here, they over-hacked the game a bit, so it becomes even far easier than official version.
Next up, is that it added two text strings "Contra 2" and "Super Contra", which are actually the titles of the game. So, it has three names on the title screen, one being the Japanese name, the second one being "Contra 2" and the third being "Super Contra". Wow...
Another thing worth pointing out is that this version has a level select cheat.
And, yeah, I am sorry, SuperBrain1997, but I just can not insist on not showing the label that was on your cartridge. Because, my cartridge has basically exactly the same version as your cart, but mine has more extra lives added, so here there are the photos of his cartridge:
So, the front label has no title logo, just the picture taken from original box art. ;)
On the back side, it has an interesting label.
It shows a code for level select, which is the same on my cartridge, funnily enough.
Basically to skip levels, you need to press A B B A A (a few more A presses, depending on what level you want to visit) START.
So, for example, to get to stage 2, you need to press A B B A A START
For stage 3, you press A B B A A A START
For stage 4, you press A B B A A A A START
And so on...
Pretty cool version of Super Contra I have to say. Sure, it was overhacked somewhat, but this stuff with added cheats, as well as game itself telling you certain cheats, makes this version pretty unique. :)

Bubble Bobble (FDS conversion)
Yep, folks. This is an FDS conversion of Bubble Bobble, released on bootleg carts for Famicom.
Here there are a few things that let me know that this is an FDS conversion for sure.
This is a pretty good article from "The Cutting Room Floor", where there is a comparison of NES version and FDS version: https://tcrf.net/Bubble_Bobble_(NES)

1) The "Bubble Bobble" logo is positioned more at the center of the screen, rather than at the top, like in NES version
2) Stage 8 is colored in brown color, rather than just being grey.
Here there are screenshots for some proof:
EDIT (03.08.2015):
After making this post, one good person, who is well known for making pirate ROM dumps, called CaH4e3, corrected me about the cartridge of Bubble Bobble that I have.
So thanks to him about the provided information.

The version that turned out to be inside the cartridge is the hacked Kaiser version, without Kaiser copyrights.
It still has the level select cheat added to the continue option. :)

My cartridge looks like this:
(Another version of Bubble Bobble PCB with the same version as I have)

Here is the original Kaiser version:

As for CHR-ROM version that CaH4e3 has, it's much more different, than what I have. It looks like this:

And the version that there is on this cartridge is dumped in a form of ROM, and is available under the name: Bubble Bobble (FDS Conversion, Kaiser hacked)(Unl)[p1][!]

Thanks for correcting me, and avoiding some confusions and misleadings, CaH4e3.

This cart also has Remarks on the back, right on the plastic, but I was too lazy to make a photo of it. :P
And here's my video, covering this version of Bubble Bobble in my video series "Bootleg Famicom Games":

1996 Photo-Gun 9-in-1 [JY-084]
This cartridge is notable for having the majority of the light gun games, released on NES/Famicom. ;)
It has Mechanized Attack, Operation Wolf, Gumshoe, To The Earth, Shooting Range, Gotcha! The Sport!, Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Hogan's Alley.
All games have copyrights removed, but also Gotcha! The Sport! has the title screen screwed up.

This cartridge is pretty interesting. It's kinda like Power Joy PJ-008 84-in-1 multicart, one of the most common pirate multicarts abroad. It usually came bundled with Power Joy Famiclones, that look like Nintendo 64 controller, with NOaC Famiclone built right into it.
It was made after 2000s, because of some hacks that were made during that time period, like the infamous Pandamar, or Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley hacks.
As for game's list, pretty much the majority of included games is the same as on aforementioned cart, but with some differences.
Maybe I will review this multicart some day on my channel. But for now, I will leave you with the screenshots of the menu.

Hi no Tori
This is just Hi no Tori for Famicom, the pirate cart, on EPROMs, and not just on cheap glob-top technology.
Despite that the copyrights were removed from the label, they are actually completely unhacked in the game itself. Kinda odd.
Not a bad game though. I played it a bit from a switch multicart that I have. ;)

Bucky O'Hare
The Japanese version. And also, which is pretty important thing, is that it has copyrights left completely unchanged.
This is one of the games that has anti-piracy protection. If the copyrights were removed, then the character would die from one hit from everything, no matter how long the lifebar is. You can get the similar effect with "HARD!" password to see what I mean.
But with that pirate version without copyrights, you are basically stuck with the main character dying from one hit from everything, which makes the game pretty much almost impossible to beat.
Thankfully, this version is unhacked, and therefore, I can at least beat it without too much of a problem. :)

Doraemon (Waixing)
The "Doraemon" game by Waixing, in the box. And here is the cartridge itself:
Now I own all Doraemon games, released for Famicom. XD
This is basically a Somari hack, made by Waixing. Original "Somari" game was by Hummer Team.
It has pretty much the same control problems, as Somari, as well as no continues or check points.
The title screen is funny. It says 机器猫小叮当 / Ji Qi Mao Xiao Ding Dang / Machine Cat Small Ding Dong, as well as Stage!! Ok, good good.
Wow... best title ever for a video game!
Pretty crappy game though, but it's kind of interesting as well. And pretty much the only platformer that was released on Famicom, because the official games were action adventure and shooter hybrid and RPG. If you want a better platforming game, starring Doraemon, you can look up the one for Sega Mega Drive, or some Doraemon games on Super Famicom, or Dorabian Night one on PC Engine. ;)

As for the labels... it's just one of the releases of this game. My copy also says "socat" on the cartridge label.
Doraemon and Nobita on the cartridge label were clearly stolen from this picture, but edited:
Not only that, but that picture also came from the movie poster of "Eiga Doraemon Shin Nobita No Uchu Kaitakushi / Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Spaceblazer / 映画ドラえもん 新・のび太の宇宙開拓史"

The label for the box was clearly stolen from "Doraemon: Nobita to Fushigi Kaze Tsukai / Doraemon: Nobita and the Strange Wind Rider / ドラえもん のび太とふしぎ風使い" movie poster. As a proof, here, I provide you a picture from that poster.
I also saw at least another release of this game, which looks like this:
I am not sure where this picture was taken from. If you know the original source, let me know in the comments down below! :)

Aladdin [JY-025]
Aw yeah! :D
An original Hummer Team version of Aladdin, a port of Capcom 1993 game from SNES, with music and animation, which is not exactly too common. I own like 4 or 5 copies so far that are mapper hacks, and they are missing most of the music or the background animation.
Here, everything is fine. :)
As for the game itself, it's pretty decent. Sadly, the control problems are the same as they were in Somari, but thankfully they are not as terrible as in Dragon Co. games, so you can eventually get used to them. The graphics and music are pretty good for a pirate game.
It's missing a storyline, as well as a few areas, but other than that, it's actually a well done bootleg.

Dragon Spirit [LH81]
Another Whirlwind Manu pirate cart. This time is Dragon Spirit for Famicom. :)
The copyrights were partly removed. It still says "Namco" in the copyrights. A pretty decent shooter. Played it a bit before.

Educational Computer 2000 48-in-1
 Basically a cartridge that was designed for keyboard Famiclones. If you try playing this cartridge on a regular system, half of the programs won't work or will work incorrectly.
Sadly I don't have a keyboard Famiclone now, so I can't really use this cartridge, and my only way to explore the programs of this cartridge is to use emulator. Thankfully, the ROM was dumped, so I can use this somehow on my laptop via. emulation.

Super Lion King [L-N2]
This is pretty much The Lion King game by SuperGame, a port from Mega Drive. But this version, unlike all other ones I had, doesn't contain "Bug Toss" level.
When you collect either blue or green bug, there is no sound effect of collecting it, and once you beat the level, you will just advance to the next level, and won't visit "Bug Toss" level at all.
It was traded to me along with a few other carts you'll see later on by SuperBrain1997 himself, so thanks to him. I guess it will be somehow valuable in my collection of pirate carts. XD

Super Contra 6 [NT838]
This is just a Contra Force hack, which I talked about in this blog earlier.
I also made a video about this hack before on my YouTube channel, so you can check out the video here:

The label looks kinda similar to what was on my other copy of this game, but instead of using Super Famicom label and editing it up, they decided to use Game Boy label of Contra Spirits and repeated it 6 times here, which is kind of weird.

Battletoads III
Despite the fact that it says "Battletoad III" on the label, it's actually the first Battletoads game, with screwed up copyrights and UP+Start cheat to restore health.
Never was really a fan of Battletoads, but I don't mind having this copy in my possession.

Blades of Steel [S-H1]
The only thing I know about this game is that it's a hockey game from Konami.
Despite the fact that it says "Stick Hunter", it actually includes another hockey game - Blades of Steel.

2-in-1 Super 708
This is a multicart, from SuperGame, that company, which made quite a few backports from superior systems, like Mega Drive, for Famicom. For example, Lion King, Aladdin, Boogerman, etc..
This cart includes Super Lion King and Super Boogerman, both being a ports of the games, under same names from MegaDrive to Famicom.
Super Lion King also features Bug Toss level on this cart, unlike the other copy you saw earlier.

8-in-1 Waixing  [KK3312]
Seems to be the cartridge made by Waixing, although I could be wrong on that. It also includes a couple of NiceCode games.
I'll definitely review this cart in the future on my channel, so stay tuned for that video! :)

2-in-1 1995 Best Selling Card [GD-004]
This cartridge includes Caesar's Palace and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade by Ubisoft. There is a menu screen once you turn on the console with this cartridge plugged in, where you can choose what game you want to play, instead of reset-based system, where you change games by pushing "Reset" button on the console.

21-in-1 [GA-003]
A standard multicart that came bundled with some Famiclones.
It includes Musashi no Ken, Super Mario Bros., Tengen's Tetris, F-1 Race.

96-in-1 For Subor [9601]
Another multicart. Mostly, there are just random Bomberman hacks here, but it also has a few standard light gun games, Magic Jewelry, Excite Bike, F-1 Race, Circus Charlie.

21-in-1 [21B3]
I've already covered this multicart on my channel, but it was under the different ID (CF044).

It has Super Mario Bros., Mach Rider, Gyrodine and Bomberman on it. Nothing much to say here, so let's move on...

21-in-1 [21B5]
The multicart from childhood. :)
Well, actually I already had the PCB, but here, there was a wrong PCB, and one of the tabs that held PCB in place broke off.
So, for now, I had to use a noob way of putting a piece of paper there, so the PCB could be held somehow in place. Later, I will need to think of a better way to hold PCB in place, as it's not held by the size tabs of the cartridge case, but by the tabs that are located at the center.

The multicart originally included Super Mario Bros., Soccer, Ninja Hattori-Kun (this is that cart, where I met Ninja Hattori-Kun for the first time, as well as this was the first anime based game I've ever played, as many of you probably know).

2-in-1 [OK-213]
A pretty interesting 2-in-1 cartridge. It includes Jungle Book and Wolverine.
No, there is no Bad Dudes on the cart, as you could already guess. There is Wolverine included instead. You change games by pushing Reset button, as this cart uses a reset based system,

Flintstones, The - The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy [F-S3]
The first game in the Flintstones series for NES/Famicom. For some odd reason, they decided to call it "Flintstones III" on the label, and inside, there is no any changes on the title screen, besides just a copyright removal thing.
Pretty good game, developed by Sol, and published by Taito in 1991/92.

Sklad #18 (Warehouse Boy)
I don't remember if I covered this game before on my blog or not... Anyway, it's just a Sokoban clone, created by Alexander Chudov. Not a bad game, although the guy is moving blocks pretty slow.
But at least, it also has a design mode, so if you really want some ultimate Sokoban challenge, you can create your own levels in the game, if you wish. :)

Редактор Текстов (Text Editor)
Another "game" from Alexander Chudov. Here, it's basically like a regular text editor program, but without an option to save your typed work.
Works only with keyboard Famiclones.
Also, my cart here apparently was produced by NewGame company, but the previous owner used a knife to get rid of "NewGame" on the back, but accidentally broke off some of the tabs, so you can perfectly see some glue tape.

That's pretty much it about my pickups!
Thanks for reading and see you later.

(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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