5 July 2015

YouTube FAQs

Hello, everyone!
I have finally decided to create a FAQ page for my YouTube channel.

Q: Who are you?
A: My name is Alexander. I am known as "SomeRussianMarioDude" or "AlexSRMD" on the internet. I use "AlexSRMD" or "AlexRUS" these days as a shortened version of my nickname, but "SomeRussianMarioDude" is my main nickname, noneless.

Q: What videos do you make on YouTube channel?
A: I make videos about anything that concerns Famicom piracy, and what was so unique about it back in 80s-90s, and what pirates brought to the countries, where Famicom piracy was widespread, and there was no official NES/Famicom hardware.
The videos that you'll see about this topic, are:
*FAMICOM PIRATE CARTS / MULTICARTS - the gameplay of various pirate carts for Famicom, that I own. Here I try to cover some of the more unique and interesting items in my collection. Those are either singlecarts (one cartridge = one game) or multicarts (one cartridge = more than one game).
*BOOTLEG FAMICOM GAMES - here, I cover different pirate game hacks, or pirate originals, that were released for Famicom. I own some on actual cartridges, but some others would have to be played from emulator, because I don't own them in physical form.
*BOOTLEG GAME ENDINGS - here, I show the endings of different pirate game hacks, or pirate originals.

Q: Any other videos you make on your YouTube channel?
A: Yeah, there are in fact other videos. One of those is "Music/Soundtrack" videos. Basically, it's just like any other OST, VGM videos you probably have seen before.
I cover the music from some old videogame, like NES/Famicom, Gameboy, etc.
I also do the playthrough videos, as a random video filler, where I try to beat the game, without dying, and sometimes, on different difficulty, depending on how good I am at a certain game to challenge myself, even though I am not really that hardcore kind of player. So don't expect some awesome and outstanding skills in these.
If the playthrough is made in more than one part, there will be a separate playlist created for that matter.
Besides that I make gameplay videos, on any other games, than are just Famicom pirate games/hacks, as well as, on some homebrew hacks of different retro games.

Q: Do you have any other channels?
A: I have two more channels that you might want to check out, if you are interested in the content that I produce.
2ndAlexSRMD - I upload completely random videos there. Mostly those are either live videos, or quality test videos. Sometimes, there also appear some "bullshit series" videos, that not many people might understand, and think that those are just pointless video fillers that waste time (when they are not intended to have any logical sence). Subscribe to that channel only on your risk
SRMDAlexSM64 - This is where I upload Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64 related stuff, from original game to its hacks. Nowadays, I mostly make hacks videos, because I find hacks much more fun to play than original game. Most of SM64 videos were on my SomeRussianMarioDude channel, but when I decided to quit SM64 back in 2013, I deleted SM64 videos from my channel, and later in 2014, moved to that channel. Nowadays, I am back to SM64+hacks. Those, who want to see some SM64 content, can subscribe to it.

Q: Do you play on emulators or on real console?
A: Most of the time, I play on real consoles. Starting from January 2015, I play all NES/Famicom games from AV Famicom HVC-101. Before that, I played NES/Famicom games on various Famiclones, mostly on Video Game System Liko KL235.
I play SNES/SFC games on my Super Famicom. Regular Gameboy games are played on Super Famicom too, using Super Gameboy adapter cartridge.
If you see the picture with random filters added, as well as some lags popping out, and some messages like "State Loaded", "State Saved" or something like that, that's an emulator. Although, I usually point that out in the description to the video.
If that's not pointed out, that it's likely that I played the game from a console.

Q: What do you record the footage with?
A: If it's a footage from console, I use Dazzle DVC100 USB capture device. As well as some programs, like VirtualDub and Bandicam.
If it's a footage from emulator, I only use Bandicam.

Q: Why don't you make videos with commentary, or why do you make them rarely?
A: The problem is that I am a shy person, so I don't make these videos too often. Plus, English is not my native language, so if you watch these English-speaking videos, you can notice my Russian accent.
I don't make many Russian videos on my main channel, because most of the subscribers aren't from Russian-speaking countries.
When you see some gameplay footage video with my commentary, I usually make them with some guest star, who is usually one of my comrades. Because it's much easier for me to make those when you have someone in your Skype call or something like that.
If the video is with commentary from me, it would have labels like "[RUS]" or "[ENG]".

Q: Why do you make "XXX" video and not "YYY" video?
A: I make a certain type of video, because I simply enjoy making it. Let's say for example, I like making Soundtrack videos, and make a lot of these videos these days, as I really love the music in retro games.
I understand that not all subscribers to my channel might like exactly all types of videos I make, but you have to accept that it's me, and my content, and I enjoy making it.
I know, that certain type of video won't get as many views as the other one, but I don't care if it won't get as many views as other videos! I don't do my work for high number of views, or even money. As long as I enjoy making all these videos, I will keep making them. And unsubscribing from my channel, just because of one video, is a really dumb idea. So, think twice before you even subscribe to my channel, or unsubscribe from it, otherwise, you look like a complete idiot.

Q: Can I request you this or that video?
A: You can leave your requests in the discussion bar of my main YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/SomeRussianMarioDude/discussion) or in my YouTube PM. But, please, consider that I won't do every single requested video from user. I will only make those that I found really interesting and worth making a video of.

Q: Why did you disable the ratings to your videos?
A: The answer is simple: they are pretty much pointless to me, and make people really lazy to write any comment, and there can be trolls, who use ratings in the inproper way (give too many dislikes to the video for no apparent reason). I prefer comments, instead of ratings to my videos. Comments are always welcome, as long as they are not spam, hate or other offensive stuff. Constructive critisism on the video is also welcomed, if you have something against my video, or there is something that you don't understand about it.

Q: Where do you get this/that ROM?
A: Try using emu-russia.net, if you want to find some ROM. If it's a pirate ROM, try looking through YouTube links, and click on "-=Famicom Pirate ROM dumps=-". The file that you are requesting, might be there.

Q: How do you make these soundtrack videos?
A: In case with NES audio, I play the music from NES games from separate NSF files (NES sound format), and use the NSFLive v0.95 program for such goals. (I set my own settings for sample rate, size, buffer size, and blip-buffer filtering, and enable stereo).
To record the sound, instead of using built in option for recording it WAV, I use Audio Record Wizard to record the music in MP3 (All the settings in ARW are set to default).
While producing the VGM video, I also add some reverb effect, to create some sort of echo feeling, to slightly improve the quality.
Of course, it's a matter of people's opinion and preferences if it's better to add some effects in audio, or leave everything like it was in original deal, but I like adding effects specifically for VGM videos of mine. ;)
I use NSFLive v0.95 to record the music either in NTSC speed, or regular PAL NES speed.
To record the music in PAL Famiclone speed, I use another program, called NSFPlay 2.3
I use it quite rarely... Usually to record the music in PAL Famiclone speed.
Nowadays, I record the music in native NTSC speed in NSFLive program.

Q: What's your Skype ID?
A: Sorry, I won't give out my Skype ID on the public (maybe, on some forums I am in, you'll see it, but not more). I accept requests from certain people I am interested in talking with, and won't add random people there.
If you want to contact me privately, you can always do that through YouTube PM, or e-mail.

Q: How many consoles/cartridges do you own?
A: I own like 12 Famiclones, Famicom HVC-001, AV Famicom, Super Famicom, Mega Drive clone, GB Pocket, GBC, GBA SP, and such... I haven't really bothered to count how many consoles I have, and what exact consoles I own.
On the blog @ http://somerussianmariodude.blogspot.ru/ I post the updates on my collection.
In the future, I am planning to create my own pic database of all cartridges I own for Famicom and other consoles.

This "YouTube FAQs" post will be updated, when it's needed!
Thanks for your attention, and enjoy my content.
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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