5 July 2015

Pickups 36: Famicom Cartridges 36 + "New" Famiclone 5 + Some accessories

Hey, everyone!
Haven't updated this blog for a while. I have been busy with my studies and all other stuff, but I finally have some free time now, so I think I will post more regularly to my blog.

This time, it's not just Famicom cartridges, but also one Famiclone, which I actually used to have before, CIB as well, but sold it a year ago. Finally, I got it again, but not CIB. Still not too bad. :)

It's Dendy Classic-2, also known as Micro Genius IQ-502.
I got the console itself, two controllers, AV cables (not shown on the photo), 3 PCBs and 1 cartridge.
Maybe, I will review this Famiclone more in-depth, I don't know.
For now, I provide the photos of the console itself, so you can see what it looks like more closely.
 The console was pretty dirty inside (these are the photos I made before I cleaned it).
I took it apart one of these nights, and gave it a good clean. Now it looks almost like new, not counting all the stratches on the buttons and on the back labels.
The one I has works on NOaC labeled UM6561AF-2, which is one of the earliest types of NOaC.
Just like any other NOaCs, this one also has some imcompatibility issues.
Prince of Persia, for example, doesn't work correctly with this particular chip, it just glitches up during gameplay.
Also, in some games, like Jungle Book, Felix the Cat, Cliffhanger, the screen is darker than it should be. And some SuperGame games, like Aladdin, Lion King, which are Sega Genesis backports, some screens are displayed with the annoying green tilt.

But thankfully, the expansion sound chip is presented, so we can listen to VRC6 soundchip, and Sunsoft 5B just fine (assuming that you have Gimmick! for Famicom, either official cart or a high quality reproduction).
 This is the controller I got... It needs some cleaning as well. I haven't done it yet. Maybe I will later.
It's pretty huge, but also really comfortable.
The D-pad is really nice, B and A buttons are great.
 It uses 15-pin controller plug, but it works only with Famiclones, and when plugged in Famicom, it will work as the second player controller. You can't use it on your Famicom as a first player controller, unless you build an adapter that allows you to do so.

And also... I got a few of the controllers in my collection.
The first one that goes here is "Dendy Junior" controller, made by Micro Genius. Came bundled with Steepler's Dendy Junior that were manufactured by Micro Genius Taiwanese Company that brought us their Famiclones, like IQ-501, IQ-502 (shown above), etc.., and some of their own games.
 Looks like an exact copy of a regular Famicom controller, except for a few things...
1) Instead of "I" sign, it says "Dendy Junior".
2) The color layout is white and dark grey, instead of yellow and red.
3) The controller wire comes out of the top, instead of the left or right side.
4) There are turbo buttons added here.
5) It's detachable controller, that uses 15-pin controller plug.

And I have to be honest: this is gotta be one of the best Famiclone controller I've ever used. Screw those reviews, like SatoshiMatrix's Famulator controller (that controller is so friggin' small, and not so comfortable to use, and the turbo buttons don't always work. not to mention that it's 9-pin controller, and not 15-pin), or any other reviews of nowadays Famiclone controllers saying that some of those are the best to use.
No, no and once more... NO!
This controller, and only the bootleg Famicom controllers from 1980s-1990s, like this one are the way to go.

The build quality of this controller is really solid. It feels almost like a real Famicom controller by the feel, and button pressing. Not quite exactly on the same level as the real deal, but it's really great for a Famiclone controller.
I played a few games on it, and it was more than a joy to play on this controller.
Turbo buttons work really well. Even though, you can't have 16-shots-a-second power with it, like you had with Hudson's Turbo Controller, it's still pretty good to use for games, where the buttons need to be pressed quite a lot to do the shot.

I got two of these controllers, and the second one needs some restoration, which I hope to get done in the future. But for now... as I have this controller, I will be really glad to use it to play games on a Famiclone that have 15-pin controller plugs.

There are several other Famiclone controllers that look like this, that are made in 1980s-1990s, and came bundled with some Famiclones, like the ones, made by NTDEC. But this is the controller I happen to own. ;)
Really great controller overall. This is what I can honestly say, that it's one of the best controllers ever made for Famicom clone system.

I also got this controller, which seems to be a nowadays knock-off of Nintendo AV Famicom controller...
It says Simba's on it, and unlike Dendy Junior above, this one is not really that great.
The buttons don't feel exactly quite as good as the real deal, or any other Famiclone controllers I've used. It uses 15-pin controller plug, just like the controller above, which is better for me, than 9-pin controller plugs.
Can't really recommend this controller, sorry.
If you want the controller that looks like NES dogbone controller, just get the real deal. :P

And, here we go to the cartridges that I got recently.

Spartan X [LB29]
Yes, some Whirlwind Manu goodness.
It's Spartan X, also known as Kung Fu. From Irem Corporation, 1984.

On this cartridge and the next one, there is this symbol on the top right of the cartridge. Can someone help me to identify what this logo is? :)
Write down your ideas in the comments or PM me, if you know.

Choplifter [LC07]
 Another Whirlwind Manu bootleg in the collection. :)
This time it's Choplifter for Famicom. Produced by Jaleco in 1986.
The copyrights are left unchanged in the actual game.

Contra [LH62]
 It's just the regular US version of Contra.
I find it funny, how they used the Japanese label on the front, and Japanese Caution stuff on the back, yet they include the North American release inside instead.
Haven't played through this cartridge yet, so I can't tell if the copyrights at the end are changed. On my other copy of Contra, it says "Produced by NTDEC". I will definitely try this cart out to see what exactly it says at the end here. ;)

Speaking of NTDEC...
15-in-1 (1988 NTDEC)
 This is probably the oldest multicart I own so far, as it says "1988 NTDEC".
Most other multicarts I own are from 1990s. But maybe my 10-in-1 Kenboy multicart could have also been made at the end of 80s, as well as 20-in-1 Super Cartridge. As for this, it clearly says 1988 on the menu screen.
NTDEC is a well known pirate company, known in full name as NinTenDo EleCtronics, that produces many bootleg copies of Nintendo Famicom games, as well as some Famiclones and accessories, but disappeared somewhere at the beginning of 90s.
It includes exactly all of the games that are featured on the label.
I made the gameplay of this cart not so long ago. Here's the video for you:
Pretty decent multicart, considering when it was released, and what games it includes. Pretty much all of the included games are pretty good imo.

Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy, The
Another CodeMasters game in my collection, besides Robin Hood and Big Nose Freaks Out. An adventure type of game, released in April 1991 for NES, and then later on other gaming consoles, like Sega Mega Drive, Amiga, Game Gear, etc..
Haven't really played it before, but I've heard that people say that it's good, so I definitely gotta play through this game at some point. :D

Flash & Batman [B-A2]
So this is a hack of Monster in my Pocket, with Batman and Flash in it.
It raises the number of lifes and continues to 9, as well as when you get a potion to upgrade your health, it upgrades the full health, and not just one bar of health.
The color palette was swapped for some enemies, which is something I don't like in the pirate hacks, because enemies look creepier that way.
Also, all the information about "Monsters" was removed, and all the texts where it mentions that word, everything was changed to "Batman".
For example, it said "Monsters in my House", but now here it says "Batman  in my House".
Can you even imagine this? Batman in your house... I would be shocked, if it was real...
Also "Monsters Rap" - my most favourite track in the whole game, was changed to "Batman Rap", and so on.

Not a bad hack, but really friggin' hilarious at a lot of points, and also easier than original game.

Magic Jewelry
One of my most favourite games for Famicom.
And also, it's probably one of the best unlicensed games ever made for that system.

Yes, it's Magic Jewelry! The clone of a Columns game from Sega systems.
Developed by Hwang Shinwei, and published by RCM group in 1990, as it says on the label, and on the title screen.
Just like in Columns, you need to put three same blocks in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally to get points. At the end of each level, you get a XXX column, which, once you drop into the top of some block, the same looking blocks on the screen would disappear, and you move to the next level.
The background was stolen from Golgo 13 game for NES. The "Statue of Liberty" - the famous sightseeing of New Your, is exactly the same as in the aforementioned game.
The music is re-written in 8-bit format by Hwang Shinwei from the real songs.
Here's my VGM on this game (in the description, you can see the real names of each tracks!):

A really entertaining and awesome game. It's definitely worth playing in my opinion. Especially, if you like Columns, I think you could enjoy this one as well.

Thanks to MWK from FamicomWorld for selling me this cartridge! :D

Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Yoko Soft)
Yes, it's that original version of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior by Yoko Soft / Hummer Team from 1992.
I wasn't really expecting to find it on auction, but was lucky enough to win it there.

I also have Master Fighter II version of this game that adds Vega as a playable character.
But it's also great to own the original version. Pretty nice for collection.

Not a bad game, but not really that great. The versions that Cony Soft produced are far worse, and are barely playable, in comparison to this one, in my opinion.

Super Bros. 8
And here it is... Another Mario hack in my collection, one of my most wanted ones. It's actually Don Doko Don 2, originally developed by Natsume and published by Taito in 1992.
This one is a hack that changes the old man into Mario.
The label is kinda funny: it was taken from original box art. And it has two names on the label, the name of the hack, and the name of the original game.
The hack's name seems to be the photoshotted from TV, and the original Don Doko Don 2 name... from original label, I guess...
Also, it says something in Chinese on the label, which I sadly can't read.
If you know, what it says, please, let me know!

Anyway, this hack also adds 8 lives, and slightly enlarges the health bar, making it a bit easier to play than original game.
Really solid platformer, pretty good and not that difficult to play, once you know what you are doing. :)

Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Montana Land e Yƍkoso [T-T2]
This is the second part of Tiny Toon Adventures franchise for NES/Famicom, based of the TV show. On this cartridge, there's the Japanese version, which, besides the translation, doesn't have any other changes.
The copyrights are removed here, and it was done really lazily, that it still says "Warner Bros" on the copyright screen, and KONAMI logo was screwed up really badly, and now says "KOko".

I've heard that some versions like this would shake badly. My version actually works fine, despite the fact, that the copyrights were so lazily and badly hacked out.

The Japanese sub-title translates to "Welcome to Montana Land", but the North American one says "Troubles in Wackyland".

Got this cartridge along with Dendy Classic-2. I tried my best to remove the glue tape from the cartridge case, but it seems like it was glued on so badly, that I messed up the label. :(
How sad...

Inside, there is a regular over-nine-thousand-in-one multicart, with the "Can you Feel the Love Tonight?" music playing in the background, and Super Lion King background.
The games included here are Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, Super Mario Bros., Tank 1990. Nothing special...
The music video of this can be watched here (PAL speed):

And also I got these PCBs along with the console... I will be selling/trading those later, but for now... I decided to record the gameplay videos of those for my channel.
There are regular multicarts on those, and they are not even in the cartridge cases, so I don't think I'll need them.
By the way, here there are the menu screens and title screens of some games, that are on these things.

Thanks for reading!
I hope that I can make more posts to my blog, as I have more free time now.
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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