11 June 2015

Pickups 35: Famicom Cartridges 35 (31.05.2015 - 06.06.2015)

Here is the new stock of the pickups of Famicom bootleg carts.
So, let's get started...

As the title suggests, this is a regular chess game, but on NES. From Software Toolworks, 1990. It was never officially released on Famicom, only on NES.
I actually have another copy of this game, but with a different label. This time, I got this game with a label, taken from official boxart. :)

Dragon Scroll: Yomigaerishi Maryuu [LG39]
A japanese-exclusive Famicom game. An RPG, made by Konami in 1987.
Picked it up just because it was a Whirlwind Manu pirate cart. :)

Maybe later I will try to play through this game to see how far I can get in it. XD

Gremlins 2: The New Batch [NT804]
A game, based of the movie. Made by Sunsoft in 1990.
Exactly the same game, as was released on NES. The "Sunsoft" logo was removed from the title screen, but other than that, everything else is exactly the same as in original game.
You control Gizmo in a nice little platformer with a top view, and go through various levels in the building, and you have some weapons, like super tomato, matchstick-firing bow and such.
A really great gem from all of the pickups today so far. :)
My most favourite thing about this game is the music, composed by Naoki Kodaka.
Here's the video, made by grad1u52, that you should definitely check out & listen to some awesome music from this game.
The label was actually taken from the French movie poster, which I can tell for sure, by the text translation of the poster.
"La Nouvelle Generation" or "La mauvaise graine pousse toujours" already speak for themselves. ;)

Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger
One of the games I already had, but this one has the label, taken from original boxart. And, it's not glitching up crazily on title screen, unlike my other copy. Plus, it has "Remarks" label on the back.
A game, based of the TV show, to my knowledge. I am not 100% on that, though.
But, it's a pretty neat little platformer. I played through it a bit, and it was good imo. :)

Mechanized Attack
One of the light gun games, that I picked up just for collection. :)
Will have to try it out later, to see what this game actually is.

The copyrights are removed, and it only says "(C) 1991".
Just like in Operation Wolf, you have an option to start the game by pressing "Start" button on the controller or by pulling the trigger on the lightgun. :)

Ninja Ryukenden [N-R5]
To my knowledge, the label was taken from some Samurai Spirits game. Or something like that.
Either way, it's just Ninja Ryukenden for Famicom. Copyrights are still left in the game, completely unchanged.
I've heard that pirate copies of this game tend to have a lower sound pitch, when they are played on Dendy Famiclones, and sometimes they can crash during the cutscenes...

That's bullshit! I tell you that!
My good friend, MrNorbert1994, played his NTSC copy of Ninja Gaiden, which is this game, but the North American release, on his PAL NES, and it crashed there during cutscene.

As you can see, the real Ninja Gaiden NTSC NES cartridge crashed on PAL NES, so, it's more an issue of PAL system, rather than so called "badly-done" pirate copies of the game!
Also, I don't really have official cart of Ninja Ryukenden yet, sadly.
But I tested this game on one of my other carts, that I recently sold to one of my comrades/collegues, on AV Famicom and PAL Famiclone for the results:
As you can perfectly see... On PAL Famiclone, the music sounds low pitched, which makes no sence, considering that PAL Famiclones are using 2A03 processor, and generally are NTSC machines, but running in PAL speed, so the sound pitch must be playing like on NTSC system, but with a slower speed.
But here... it sounds like it's played on PAL NES.
And just to let you know... I do not own an NES console, nor a converter to play Famicom games on NES, so there is no way I could record this gameplay on PAL NES!!!

Super Robin Hood
Oh yeah!! :D
The first ever Camerica game I had for Famicom. :)

I actually own this on 4-in-1 multicart that has Mermaid, Soccer and Magic Jewelry on it, but now I also got a chance to purchase a singlecart of this game. Really awesome.

Basically, you just play as a Robin Hood himself, and collect keys and other things to progress further in the game.
I like it, even though I am really terrible.

Super Contra 2 [G-135]
This is some really bizarre, obscure, and f***ed up hack of original Contra.
The level were re-arranged, re-designed so poorly, that it's really difficult to beat it without dying. The first level, for example, is an entire mess. In some places, you can get into water, in others it's just a blank spot, so you can fall through it and die.
I actually beat this hack once, but with the use of savestates. I can't even beat the first level without savestates, which is already bad.

If this hack was more polished and had better level designs, it would have been more playable, and you could beat it easily without dying.

I picked it up only for collection, and I don't think I'll be seriously going to beat it on a real console any time soon, LOL.

Tecmo Basketball [B-L1]
This is just a standard Tecmo Basketball game for Famicom, also known as Ultimate Basketball on NES.
It's just a basketball game, what else can I add here? :D

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters
Ok, it's another copy of TMNT: Tournament Fighters.
I don't remember for sure, if I already described this game or not on my blog... But I will do it again here. :)
Basically, it's a fighting game with TMNT characters in it.
It has "Story", "Vs. Player", "Vs. Computer" modes.
In "Story" mode, the letter by Shredder is sent to TMNTs where Shredder invites the turtles to the fighting tournament. And you basically have to beat your opponents, and then get to Shredder and beat him.
If you beat it on Easy difficulty, the game will ask you to repeat it all again, but in Hard mode.
In "Vs. Player" mode, you beat your opponent/friend. And depending on how many times the player wins, the one becomes a winner. Also, here you can choose to play as ANY character you want, not just the turtles themselves, as well as choose the level, where to play, out of 4.
In "Vs. Computer", it's the same stuff, except, you are playing against the computer.

It's probably the best fighting game ever made on NES. It was never officially released on Famicom, only on bootlegs. Too bad that NES official cart is really expensive to get, but... if you are into fighting games, or a fan of TMNT, I highly suggest you picking up this game! :)

Time Diver Avenger
Unfortunately, in case with this cartridge, the label is missing. But when I got this cartridge, it has the ripped out image in bad quality from internet, so it's not a huge loss.
It's Time Diver Avenger, also known as Time Diver Eon Man. Developed by Atlus and planned to be published by Taito Corporation in 1993. But sadly, this game was never officially released!
It was ready to be released on the market, as it was finished, but sadly, it was never released officially on NES or Famicom.
But at least, this game got released on bootleg carts!

Time Diver Eon Man is the original version from Atlus/Taito Corporation, the release of which was cancelled on NES.
Time Diver Avenger is a hacked version, where the title screen is changed, so instead of "Eon Man", it would say "Avenger", and Taito logo was replaced with Nitra Corporation logo, as well as the year 1993 was changed to 1994.

A pretty interesting cart in the collection. :)
As for game itself, I gotta check it out later to see what it looks like. I remember one of my friends showed it to me before, after when I decided to search for this game on a pirate cart.

Pole Chuves / Поле Чудес
Yes! A Russian game, based of the Russian TV show from 1990s. Only released in Russia (and in some places in China). No official NES/Famicom release. Take that, bitches! :P
Well, yeah, this is basically a game, based of the TV show under the same name, Pole Chudes. Developed and published by Alexander Chudov in Ulyanovsk, but got widespread very quickly across the Russia. As well as, it got released in China, which is kind of mind-blowing thing, but really interesting noneless.
Basically, what you have to do, is to guess the word that corresponds to the topic. If you guess the word right, you get points.
And just like with Pole Chudes 2, the sound effects are stolen from Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman and standard Famicom multicarts.

Pretty cool and unique game for the collection of bootlegs.

10-in-1 Racing Series
Nothing really much to say here. It's just a standard multicart, but with racing games on it.
Apparently, it's from the same people, who made that Ball Series v2 cartridge that I covered on my main channel, because the label design is the same on both carts.
And both multicart utilise the Unchained Melody music, playing in the game's menu.
It includes Road Fighter, F-1 Race, Zippy Race, Challenger (Is it really a racing game???), Route 16 Turbo, Pac Man (I doubt that it's a racing game too...)

Ok, well, that's about it!
Thanks for reading another post of my pickups. See you soon!

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  1. Hi! The label for that Ninja Ryukenden pirate copy is taken from Shadowdancer for the Sega Genesis (actually, is the Japanese Mega Drive version). Here you have the original image: http://www.theoldcomputer.com/game-box-art-covers/Sega/Megadrive-Genesis/S/Shadow%20Dancer%20-%20The%20Secret%20of%20Shinobi.jpg
    PS: I love your blog, you even inspired me to make my own (about Sega Genesis/Mega Drive pirate games, wich i collect and love) :).