9 May 2015

YouTube videos update #2 & other things

Hello everyone!
This is not the new post about my new pickups. It's something about my progress with YouTube videos on my main channel.
As many of you noticed, these days I am making more videos of videogame soundtracks, and among those, there are soundtrack videos that are basically the remakes of my older videos I made back in 2013-2014.
The reasons for that are:
- Poor video design
I used to put just the cover of the game and title screen along with some information about the releases, and music composers. The thing is that some information was incorrect in some places.
For example, I made a really terrible mistake in Lion King Dark Technologies soundtrack, crediting Chris Edwards as the music composer, but in fact, the composers were Kevin Bateson and David Whittaker.
With the video design that I use, I only have to put the title screen of soundtracks and the tracklist for each track, and that's it. Nothing complicated. All the need information about the tracks will be written in the video descriptions, and those people who aren't lazy buggers, will definitely check it out.
- Sound quality & poor fade-out effects
Well, you might ask: what's the deal with sound quality? It's the old hardware, so that's understandable.
Yeah, I completely understand that, but I found out that adding a reverb effect, as well as stereo to these tracks, make it sound somewhat better for "music / soundtrack" types of video.
Also, you might say this: "why not just download the soundtracks that are already on the net and edit?"
No!! And I say: NO!!!!!!
I like recording the tracks for my videos on my own!!
I use some special programs, like NSFLive, and Audio Record Wizard for that thing: the first program is to play music from NSF files (NES Sound Format), and the second one is to record the soundtracks played in NSFLive.
The sound quality is much better when you record the NES track on yourself. You can adjust the volume of each specific channel by yourself, the settings needed for playing these tracks. And also, not to forget, the unused music content. Because in some games, there can be some tracks that were not used in the entire game at all.
And just downloading the ready tracks and putting them in one video already ruins the whole fun and loses any point in making these soundtrack videos in the first place!
I also add the reverb effect, to sort of give the echo effect in these tracks. Yes, it might be not as perfect as in grad1u5's VGM videos or in MrNorbert1994's VGM videos, but the music sound decent enough in my opinion.
As for the usage of Audio Record Wizard, the problem with NSFLive was that it recorded tracks in WAV, which were larger in size than MP3s, and there were some slight glitches in tracks. It's difficult to describe that.
But with recording them in ARW, the music sounds good enough, no glitches, everything is clean.
Also, I experienced the problem with NSFLive that the sound channels went out of sync, when I recorded them in WAV, which was one of the reasons why I had to re-record the tracks several times. With ARW, I didn't have any problems like that. Everything works like a charm.
Another thing worth pointing out that my old videos had problems with fade out effects. I sometimes added fade out effects for 1 second, 2 seconds and such at random.
Now that I finally figured out that making a fade out effect for just 5 seconds in Sony Vegas, while editing, is no longer a problem to me.

And just for comparison, check out these videos:

If you have a good ear, you can notice that the sound quality in the latter video is much superior to the older video. Also, the video design is much more improved over the time! :)
Even though, there's no reverb effect, it still sound kinda better imo!

Not only the video design is better, but also there are no sort of glitches in the tracks, that sound kinda like 0.1 seconds drops or something. :)

The sound quality is also slighty improved, not only the better video design. ;)

Also, with these VGM videos, in case you want me to make some specific music video, I am sorry guys, but I don't accept requests on specific VGM videos (only from some of my old comrades).
But, you can expect the remakes of older VGM videos from me in the future. :)

As for other videos on my channel... I will be making those, when I have motivation and enough free time for them.

Another thing I would like to inform you is that I have decided to put some articles on one very well known wiki website about pirated games & software, known as Bootleg Games Wiki.
If you read my previous post carefully, you could notice that I already created one page on that wiki site.
And it's about 11-in-1 Ball Series, the multicart that contains early sports games for Famicom as well as some arcade games with balls in them.

Also I decided to create a wiki page of that well known multicart, the review of which hit 7000+ views on my blog, 400-in-1 Real Game.
But I need to do one thing with my review: remake the game's list to add exactly what version of game is included, and if there are some other specific differences besides that.

Maybe I will put up more wiki pages on that website. I don't know for now.

That's about it for now. ;)
Thanks for reading!

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