31 May 2015

Pickups 34: Famicom Cartridges 34 (23.05.2015 - 31.05.2015)

Hi everyone!
It's time for another post of my new pickups.

But before that, I would like to say "Thank you so much for helping me reach 30000+ views on this blog overall. I hope you enjoy reading posts about my pickups, as well as some reviews that I don't post as much here, as I would like to. I will be doing my best to keep this blog up to date!"

And now, here there are the carts I got quite recently.

52-in-1 Supervision
 I decided to start off with this cart quickly. It's one of the multicarts I've been really looking forward to getting, and finally I got it.
It's 52-in-1 by Supervision - the cartridge that was mentioned in the blog of one of my idles, PirateGamingHeavy, aka. thecheetahmen92, as well as on Bootleg Games Wikia.
This cart uses the same menu system as Action 52 for NES, but has official Famicom games, rather than original ones by Active Enterprises.
It's kind of similar to 64-in-1 by Supervision, but a few games are different here, than on that cart. Other than that, it's just a different variation of multicarts by that company.
Now, I am also looking forward to getting Supervision 110-in-1 and Supervision 115-in-1. I hope I can get those two multicarts as well in the near future.
The most notable thing about those carts, is that they include about 95% real games, no repeats, and all of those are early Famicom games. I say "Famicom" games, because they include Japanese versions of the games on them, rather than US/European ones. For example, Ice Climber would have seals, instead of fuzzy snow monsters, and City Connection would have an anime woman we'd play as, rather than some blonde guy, etc.
The exact list of included games here:

  1. Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima
  2. Gradius
  3. Hokuto no Ken (title screen is removed)
  4. Star Soldier
  5. Goonies
  6. Kage no Densetsu
  7. Tetris [Tengen]
  8. Super Mario Bros. (SMB2J graphics, world select)
  9. Twin Bee (corrupted, gltichy graphics on level 4)
  10. Ninja Jajamaru Kun
  11. City Connection
  12. B-Wings
  13. 1942
  14. Gyrodine
  15. Flappy (level select)
  16. Spartan X
  17. Bomberman (level select)
  18. Front Line (title screen is removed)
  19. Choujikuu Yousai Macross
  20. Galaxian (faster shots hack)
  21. Star Force (5 lives)
  22. Yie Ar Kung Fu
  23. Ninja Kun - Majou no Bouken
  24. Mario Bros (says "Mr Mary" on the title screen)
  25. Mahjong
  26. 4 Nin uchi Mahjong
  27. Lode Runner
  28. Championship Lode Runner
  29. Donkey Kong
  30. Donkey Kong Jr.
  31. Donkey Kong 3 (says "Gorilla 3" on the title screen)
  32. Mappy
  33. Excite Bike (title screen is replaced with the plain text)
  34. F-1 Race
  35. Road Fighter
  36. Pinball
  37. Baseball
  38. Popeye
  39. Galaga
  40. Galaxian
  41. Pac-Man
  42. Ice Climber (title screen is removed)
  43. Exerion (infinite single shots)
  44. Kinnikuman Muscle Tag Match
  45. Battle City
  46. Sky Destroyer
  47. Gomoku Narabe
  48. Balloon Fight
  49. Formation Z
  50. Pooyan
  51. Circus Charlie (says "Circus Troupe" on the title screen)
  52. Super Mario Bros. (same as #8, but with glitchy scrolling)

Double Dragon II [LH112]
It's just the Japanese version of Double Dragon II.
The cartridge itself looks pretty interesting. The case was taken from some Namco carts that had the label rounded at the top.
I saw these types of pirate carts being quite wide-spread in Argentina. Almost everyone has at least one cartridge with such weird cartridge case.
So, I decided to pick this one up, from FamicomWorld.
Also, it's a Whirlwind Manu pirate cart, and apparently, the last one in the series, because there was no other carts going after that. At least, according to CaH4e3's cartridge database.

This version is also special, because it has a "Select Area" cheat on the title screen. Just press A B B A A to get to the next level. To get to level 3, you press A B B A A A B B A A, and so on.
Pretty neat. Thanks to fcgamer for sending me it, along with one other cartridge I will mention here.

Godzilla 2
Well, I got it by accident, along with 52-in-1 and a few other carts mentioned below.
Not really familiar with this game, so I can't really comment anything about it...

Jurassic Park
A game, based of the movie.
Pretty decent game, I played it a bit. Just go around, shoot dinosaurs, turn off/on computers, collect stuff.
And this cartridge you see if one of the variations of Jurassic Park. There were other cartridges, with other labels of this game. I showed you one other variation of this label last year.
Maybe, some time later, I will share photos of other labels on my blog, who knows. ;)
The "Ocean" logo was replaced with weird dinosaur's sprites, and copyrights were removed, like usual.

Kyatto Ninden Teyandee
A game, based of the anime, that's also known as "Samurai Pizza Cats".
The label is taken from original cart for Famicom, but was edited, to remove all the copyrights stuff.
But you can see that they kinda failed there, because Yattaro (that white cat from the top left) is slightly cut down.
Tecmo logo is replaced with "Ninja Cat", as well as original ID with Chinese name, and copyright with "Ninja Cat" again.
"Family Computer" logo, as well as "Kyatto Ninden" were removed from the label.
Inside, there is a version with a changed color palette. God knows why they did it.
The logo was supposed to be in different color, like yellow and red, but here it's pink and white. I don't understand why it's that.
Other than that, it's identical to original game.

Rockman [LF57]
 Finally got this game!
It's Rockman, also known as Mega Man in USA and Europe. One of my favourite games for Famicom, and I finally have a pirate singlecart of it.
Got a really nice deal with fcgamer from FamicomWorld (thank you so much for this cart and Double Dragon II)

Side Pocket [LG06]
Just a regular North American version of Side Pocket. I wonder if the Japanese version ever existed on bootleg carts or not. The label is taken from Famicom cart, but "LG06" ID and "TV GAME CARTRIDGE" texts were added here.
And yeah, it has a Dendy sticker on the back, meaning that this is a Steepler cartridge that was sold in their shops back then.
If you are any hardcore Steepler Dendy cartridge collector, and want this cartridge from me, then sorry, I won't sell or trade it. :P
Even though I like "Cassette Remarks/Remarks" carts more, I kinda want to get a few Steepler cartridges in my collection. :P

And inside, there is exactly the same version I had as a kid. With "1990 New Pocket Game" string. I had a TV Game Cartridge shaped cart, but sold it some time ago to my friend.

Tom & Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat & Mouse
It's just Tom & Jerry from Hi-Tech Expressions for NES. Really great game, starring Jerry, where you have to rescue Tuffy from Tom.
The last stage before final boss is kinda awful, due to high difficulty, and many traps, but other than that, it's a really nice platformer that you definitely should play!

The cartridge was in shitty condition when I got it originally. The front label was all in weird stickers, which I successfully ripped out, and then cleaned it with some nooby tools. Looks better now.
It has a Dendy sticker on the back, but a bit different than the one we saw earlier.
And yeah, I am not selling or trading this cart to anyone. :P

Top Gun Dual Fighters
The Japanese version of Top Gun Second Mission. Nothing really much to say. :P
The label is taken from Famicom boxart.

Well, that's about it!
Thanks again for 30000+ views overall.
I am planning to review some Supervision carts in the future, as well as some interesting pirate cart series, so stay tuned for those in the future!

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