27 April 2015

Pickups 32: Famicom Cartridges 32 (14.03.2015 - 26.04.2015)

What's up, people? Haven't made any new post on my blog since a long time.
I was busy with other things, but anyway...
Here there are some cartridges I picked up since the last time. :)

So, I guess I will start from the first picture.
 This one turned out to be 4-in-1, where Contra was separated into 4 menu points. Sadly, you can't start with regular weapon, which kinda sucks. It will definitely go for sale/trade. ;)
It also features level select cheat, which is not bad. I haven't tested if Konami code for extra lives works. On my 76-in-1 FunTime, it didn't work.

Super Mario Bros. 2
 This is a cartridge without any label. It's actually Super Mario Bros. 2, the USA version. It even has the copyrights completely unchanged.
I decided to use "Super Wonderful Mario" label, because that's the label that was used on pirate carts with this game.
It looks kinda better than without any label.
And just for fun I decided to compare it with my cartridges that I have. :)
You can see the following things:
- NES cart (NTSC version)
- Famicom cart
- Pirate Famicom cart

Not exactly great game imo. It's not bad, but not one of my favourite ones for NES/Famicom.

1994 Super HIK 2-in-1 0216
 This multicart includes Red Pig (Tale Spin hack) and Chip and Dale.
Chip and Dale is exactly what you'd expect.
As for Red Pig, it's a hack of Tale Spin.
Apparently, inspired by anime called "Porco Rocco" about the pig that we play as, who was a pilot as well.
The things that are changed in it from original game are:
1) Different title screen, obviously
2) You start on level 2, but a storyline remains in the same order as it was originally, so it looks like: You get the goal for level 1, you start level 2, you beat level 2, then get the goal for level 2, and go to level 3.
3) Upgraded weapon. You shoot very fast right at the beginning, much faster than originally.
4) You get 9 lives at the beginning, which is really typical for pirate hacks like this, to add more extra lives.

The sprite hack work is really lazy. Main character still looks like Balo the Bear, like in original Tale Spin game, but his red hat was slightly cut down.
Quite possibly one of the laziest hacks that I've ever seen for Famicom.

1995 Outstanding Rare Card 2-in-1 (AF-004)
 This cartridge includes Star Soldier and Musashi no Ken.
You change games by reseting the console, just like with the previous cart.
The copyrights are left completely unchanged in both games.

1994 11-in-1 A-042
 A cartridge that I had as a kid!
I sold it like a year or so ago, which was really terrible idea, and I regretted that I've done it. Thankfully, like a few weeks ago, I was finally able to get it back.
Of course, the condition is shitty, but that was originally when I sold it.
A really cool multicart, which includes some great gems on it.

  1. Contra
  2. Prince of Persia
  3. JJ: Tobidase Daisakusen Part II (a sequel to 3D World Runner)
  4. Little Mermaid: Ningyo Hime (Disney's Little Mermaid)
  5. Dragon Unit (Castle of Dragon)
  6. Zanac (15 Lives)
  7. Duck Tales 3 (Duck Tales Title hack)
  8. Tengen Tetris
  9. Karateka
  10. Yie Ar Kung Fu
  11. Sky Destroyer

Batman [B-M1]

 This is just Batman for NES, the American version. The copyrights are unchanged, everything seems to be the same as it was in original NES version. ;)

Big Nose Freaks Out
 One of CodeMasters/Camerica games, originally released for NES. None of Camerica games were ever licensed by Nintendo. This is the second part to Big Nose series. The first one is called Big Nose The Caveman, the game I am still searching for.
And it was obviously released on pirate carts, just like any other CodeMasters/Camerica games!
For now I only have Super Robin Hood and this game, but I am looking forward to getting more games from that company. ;)

FC Genjin: Frekthoropus Computerus [F-C2]
 This is just Bonk's Adventure, the Japanese version.
Despite the weird label, there is nothing wrong with the game itself. The copyrights is the only thing that was changed in the game.
Everything else is the same as it was in original Famicom version. :)
As I said earlier in this blog, when I talked about original FC cart, a really awesome game that you definitely should play! ;)

Super Bros. 10
 This is just a regular hack of Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu with Mario in it.
For some odd reason, this cartridge works incorrectly on my Famicom consoles, so it will go for sale/trade. ;)
(forgot to take a photo of title screen :/)

Pooyan [LA57]
 Finally upgrading my collection of Whirlwind Manu carts! First cart today is Pooyan, a classic arcade game, originally by Konami, but this Famicom version is by Hudson Soft.
Basically, just pop up the balloons to make wolves fall down, and don't let them get near you.
That's in the first part of the level.
In the second part, you just have to make sure that they don't get to the top and don't push the rock at you.
The third part is kinda the same as the first part, but you use some sort of weapon, instead of some arrow thingy.
Pretty fun game overall. ;)

Mach Rider [LB07]
 It's just Mach Rider for Famicom.
Ride from point A to point B as a biker, that can be seen on the picture, while destroying other bikers, and dodging some obstacles on your way.

Goonies [LC01]
This is just Goonies for Famicom, by Konami.
Besides the removed copyrights and title, everything else is the same in the game, as in original version.

Gekikame Ninja Den [LH82]
 I don't think that this needs introduction. This has been countless times on my blog, so we will go on to the next cartridge. ;)

9999999-in-1 KD-6037-B
 Ahh yes... The multicart that started it all on my channel.
 This was the first multicart I've ever covered on my YouTube channel, and that video got 8000+ views. Thanks everyone! :D
 As for the games included here... It includes Track & Field, Soccer, Duck Hunt, Galaxian, F-1 Race, Tank 1990.
Nothing much else...

Chip to Dale no Daisakusen
 The first part of "Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers" game series for NES/Famicom. Japanese version.
Now I found the version with "Chip & Dales" name, instead of "Grand Combat". Unlike that other version, here the copyrights are unchanged.

Little Mermaid: Ningyo Hime [M-U1]
 It's just Little Mermaid, the Japanese version.
Not sure where this label was originally taken from. My other copy has the label taken from official version. But it has the writings, in golden paint, which is kinda cool.
It's something that was common to see on old pirate carts, and in my opinion, it looks really awesome. :)

New York Nyankies [P-M1]
 This is just New York Nyankies for Famicom, aka. Rockin' Kats.
The Japanese version, without copyrights.
A game, where you have to save your girlfriend. You have a boxing glove that you can use to beat bad guys or use it to be able to bounce from the ground to the higher areas you couldn't go to with normal jump. Or get over some obstacles.
Pretty fun game overall, one of the best cat games on Famicom imo, besides Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, Felix the Cat imo. ;)

Spartan X2 [J-D5]
 Or "Jackir's Dragon 5" according to the label. :P
It's just Spartan X2, the direct sequel to Spartan X / Kung Fu for Famicom / NES. :)

Super Mario Bros. 3
 Well, it looks like Super Mario Bros from the first glance, but it's actually not.
The PCB that was put inside includes a completely different game.
 It's actually Super Mario Bros. 3. The Japanese version.
This pirate version has 30 lives, item select cheat, that I mentioned a few times on my blog, and the title screen is different.
It says something like "Super 'super the third part' 3", according to the online translator.

It still says "(C) 1988", but not "Nintendo" at the bottom.
Sadly, A B A B A B A B SELECT SELECT SELECT SELECT etc. cheat doesn't work, like on some pirate copies.
But, at least, it has the pretty useful item select cheat, and the title screen loads properly, unlike my other pirate copy.

Terminator 2 - Judgement Day [A-Q1]
 It's just Terminator 2 for NES, the one by LJN.
In my opinion, it's kinda ok game, but also really frustrating and difficult at the same time.
Not exactly the game I like, but it's not as bad as AVGN said about it. The first Terminator game was much worse. :P

1995 New Scientific Technique Gold Card 2-in-1 [JQ-002]
 This is just a standard 2-in-1 multicart, like any other multicart from 1990s, where you change games by pressing Reset.
It includes Power Blade 2 and Terminator 2.

1992 Super HIK 8-in-1 SOUARE
 Apparently, this cartridge was made in Taiwan, according to the text on the back side.
Btw, it's 8-in-1 cart that includes 8 puzzle games on it (well, technically 7, and one other game being a platformer, but you get the idea)
Pretty basic and generic, but really cool noneless.
It includes:

  1. Dr.Mario (removed title screen)
  2. Quarth
  3. Tetris (BPS)
  4. Tetris (Tengen)
  5. Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima
  6. Chinese Chess
  7. Flipull: An Exciting Cube Game
  8. Arkanoid

1996 2-in-1 [TD-261]

 A real dream of kids, who lived in 1990s in the country, where Famicom piracy was incredibly wide-spread, as well as if they loved beat-em-ups.
That's right! Two parts of Battletoads on one cartridge, with the reset based system.
Battletoads & Double Dragon has the copyright screen removed, Battletoads has the copyrights screwed up, as well as UP+Start cheat to restore your health.

1996 Outstanding Rare Card 4-in-1 RS65
 Another multicart from my childhood.
But this one is not exactly the same as I had. Sadly, from mine, only the PCB was left, and I couldn't find anywhere the label for it, so I had to make one myself.
Now that I have this cartridge, with original label, in really good condition and everything, I will definitely leave it in my collection, without any question. :D
It includes Super Robin Hood (aforementioned game), Mermaid, Soccer (Nintendo version, even though the label suggests that there's Tecmo World Cup Soccer), Magic Jewelry (even though it features Columns on the label, but that's technically right, because Magic Jewelry is a complete ripoff of Columns Sega game).
Here's the video I made about this game some time ago:
Also, funnily enough, the copyrights in all included games are completely unchanged. :D

1994 Super HIK 4-in-1 0416
I picked this cart up, mostly because of the third game shown on the label. Yes, it includes Doraemon on it, and it grabbed my attention, so I decided to get this cartridge. The other games included are Street Blaster V Turbo 20 (Street Fighter II Pro by Cony Soft), Mighty Final Fight, Karnov.
Pretty decent multicart.
I had a similar multicart to this as a kid, but instead of Doraemon and Mighty Final Fight, it had Lupin Sansei: Pandora no Isan and Mitsume ga Tooru.
I have the latter game on one of my cartridges. And as for Lupin Sansei, I never liked this game. So this multicart that I got here, is a much better one imo. :D
Also... I noticed a few funny things about the games on this cart:
1) Karnov has the copyrights completely screwed up, but the NAMCOT logo is unchanged.
2) Doraemon is called "Small Dindon", probably because that's how that cat modeled robot is called in China, and has the copyright information changed up at the beginning.

Also, I decided to play through Doraemon on this cartridge, and found out that the vertical scrolling is also glitched up. It can noticed very well on the second world, which is a shooter, kinda like Gradius, Life Force, Star Force, except not as good.
As for that glitchy scrolling, it's probably because of bad mapper conversion. Not sure what mapper Doraemon game was using, and this multicart might be using a modified version of MMC3.
Not sure about that mapper thingy. :/

Here it is my playthrough of Doraemon that I did recently:

And here there are some photos of the menu and games:

1993 11-in-1 Ball Series
This multicart is one of the more unique ones out there. It includes 11 ball games on it that are either arcade games or sports games, hence the name "Ball Series" on it.
Definitely worth having for Famicom pirate cart collectors! :D
Also, I recently wrote a wiki article of this cart on Bootleg Games Wiki website.
Here's the link: http://bootleggames.wikia.com/wiki/11-in-1_Ball_Series

The video:

Also, unlike my 1996 version, the graphic sprites in Smash Table Tennis aren't screwed up.
There were a few other re-releases on this cart, and 1990 release seems to be the first version of this game.
But other than a different year, the multicart versions included are exactly the same. ;)

Thanks for reading!
Hopefully there'll be more posts on the blog soon. :)
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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