14 March 2015

Pickups 30: Famicom Cartridges 30 (27.02.2015 - 14.03.2015)

Didn't get too many pickups since 2 weeks, but there are some interesting carts I got.
Special thanks to GreatDragon and MrNorbert1994.
As you can see, I got 14 cartridges in total, 6 official carts and 8 bootlegs.
Let's start...
Duck Tales (Wanpaku Dakku Yume Bōken, Naughty Ducks Dream Adventures / わんぱくダック夢冒険)
Just a first part in Duck Tales series for NES/Famicom.
I like the second part much more than the first part, but I wanted to get this game on a cartridge anyway, and got this game on official Famicom cart this time. ;)

Hello Kitty no Hanabatake (Hello Kitty's Flower Shop / ハローキティーのおはなばたけ)
Developed by Shimada Kikaku (who also developed Felix the Cat, Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2, and some other games), and published by Character Soft in 1992. Released only in Japan.
Basically, you play as a Hello Kitty character, and you have to water the plants, which is done by pressing Down on the D-pad. You can use hammer on enemies by pressing B button, so that they wouldn't get on your way when you are watering your plans.
Pretty decent game that I have on 400-in-1 Real Game Famicom multicart. :)

Kaiketsu Yanchamaru (快傑ヤンチャ丸)
Developed and published by Irem Corporation (in USA, this game was released as Kid Niki: Radical Ninja and published by Data East).
Released on several platforms than just NES/Famicom (like C64, Apple II, etc.), originally on arcades.
It was always one of the most difficult games to me, as you die from just getting one hit from any enemy. Thankfully, there are endless continues, so there's a chance to be able to finish this game. :)
I personally like the sequels much more, most notably the third part, which is probably the most well known game in the series, thanks to a cheap Mario hack, called Super Mario 14 that was released on bootlegs. :P

Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2: Donuts Ike ha Oosawagi (けろけろけろっぴの大冒険2 (ドーナツ池はおおさわぎ!!))
Another game, developed by Shimada Kikaku, as it was mentioned before. And published by Character Soft.
Very similar gameplay-wise to Felix the Cat, although in my opinion Felix the Cat is a bit better game. :)
This one is still pretty nice and simple platformer. Nothing too complicated. The only thing I don't really like about the game is some boss battles.
For example, "match-up the cards", or "rock, scissors, paper" games. If you lose in these games, which, due to my idiocy, I happen to lose quite often, you just go back to the beginning of the stage, losing one life.
Other than that, it's a pretty decent game, that's worth checking out!

Sanrio Carnival 2 (サンリオカーニバル2)
Another Character Soft/Sanrio game. Just like the first part, it's just yet another puzzle game. But here, you need to match three candies that are the same color, and sort of fullfill the flowers, shown at the top of the screen. Kinda simple game, and nothing too special, but decided to get it in my collection anyway. ;)

Terra Cresta (テラクレスタ)
Developed and published by Nichibutsu. Originally from arcades.
It's just a standard vertical shooter type of game, kinda like Xevious, Star Force, etc..

As for pirate carts that I got:
The two following carts were sent to me by MrNorbert1994, thanks to him for them.

Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (Super Disney 4) [NT6086]
The front label that was originally put on the cartridge by MrNorbert1994.
The back label that was originally put on the cartridge by MrNorbert1994.
The original label that was put on a pirate cart.
The front label I had to put, as I accidentally ripped out the original one. Oops... :X
This is just Adventures in the Magic Kingdom for NES. MrNorbert1994 put the custom label on his carts. When I started taking out the labels, I saw the NT ID, but sadly ripped out the original label of the cartridge as well. I put a better label on the top of the cartridge, the photo of which I might provide some time later... ;)
I had this game on one of the crappy reproduction carts, but wanted to get it on a pirate cartridge that worked fine on my Famicom, and thankfully, this cart worked fine there. :)
The copyrights are partly removed, and look like complete nonsence. But other than that, everything else in the game works perfectly!

Bananan Ouji no Daibouken / バナナン王子の大冒険 (Super Sonic) [NT6067]
The front label that was originally put on the cartridge by MrNorbert1994.
The back label that was originally put on the cartridge by MrNorbert1994.
The original label that was put on a pirate cart.
I have no idea, why this is called Super Sonic on original label, but this is just the Japanese version of Banana Prince, but with removed copyright information. Everything else in-game works fine. :)
My two other copies of Japanese Banana Prince didn't work on original Famicom at all, but this copy works flawlessly.
Thanks again for the carts, Norbert! :D

Earthworm Jim 2 [NT849]

This is just Shin-Shin Electronics' attempt to port Earthworm Jim 2 from SNES to Famicom, which, in my opinion, is an epic fail for a few reasons:
1) The graphics and music suck major shit. The music is really earrapy, and would probably make the blood come out of your ears. The graphics on the background are just painful to look at
2) The game is way too short. Most of the stages from original game were removed. You only get the first level, separated into two, the bonus stage with falling old women, (on some versions there would also be Puppy Love level), and the last level, where you were supposed to carry cows to end, but carry pigs for no apparent reason.
Also, my version for some reason doesn't play music at first, when the game starts. But when you beat the level or lose the life on the first stage, the music returns back.
On my version, the aforementioned Puppy Love theme is absent, and you can't even access it via. password system
And even though SuperGame's version has slowed down controls, I find that version somewhat better than this one.

Side Pocket [LG06]
This is just Side Pocket for NES, a Whirlwind Manu pirate copy. Funnily enough, even though they used the Japanese label for the game, they put the North American NES version on it, with the copyrights removed, obviously.
It says "Made in Singapore" on the back on the cartridge, which is kinda interesting.

Super Contra 6 [C-A6]
This is just a very popular hack of Contra Force, with Rambo, Gile, Ruy and Bill in it. You have 8 lifes at the beginning, but by pressing UP+Start, you get 17 lifes for each character.
The characters from original game were removed from the storyline, and the ending scene.
And the credits are also removed entirely from the game. I had a recent bootleg cart of Contra 3, but I personally find this hacked version somewhat better than original deal. :P

Tiny Toon IV [T-T4]
No, this is not Tiny Toon Adventures 4 game by Konami or something, that would be based of a popular Warner Bros. cartoon from 1990s.
It's just Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout, with a changed title. Besides the hacked title and copyrights, nothing else in-game was changed.

Tom and Jerry 3 [DH1070]
A Dragon. Co game, based of Tom and Jerry characters.
It has 6 levels, and you play the first, third and fifth stages as Jerry, and the other ones by Tom.
No storyline or anything like that in the actual game.
The controls are really slowed down, I haven't even been able to beat the first level without dying, because of screwed up controls.
The graphics are kinda ok, the music is meh.
Don't really bother with attempting this game. It just doesn't worth your time with terrible controls, that makes the game basically unplayable.

35-in-1 (Steepler)
Another fucking multicart! - (C) MrNorbert1994.
It's another cartridge that came bundled with some Dendy Famiclones from Steepler, like Dendy Classic, Junior, Junior-2, Subor SB225, and such.
It includes Pac-Man, Mario Bros. (the title screen music is screwed up), Road Fighter (Fuel was updated to 200), Tank 1990 (All modes).
Pretty standard multicart, nothing too complicated, but still not too bad for a cartridge that would come bundled with some Famiclone back in 1990s. :D

That's it for my pickups. ;)
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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