15 March 2015

Famicom Game Manuals #16: Star Luster

This time there are some scans of the manual for one of my favourite early Famicom games, originally made by Namcot, Star Luster.
Here's the actual box of the cartridge, which is basically the same size, as the regular Famicom cartridge. :D
Here there are the end label stickers. I decided not to take those out, and leave them glued here, just for the collection purposes.
 The actual cartridge. Very awesome condition. :)
 Some sort of paper, that I guess is a registration card, that you would send to Namcot themselves.

Something like a little sheet of paper, that shows up what other games you could get for Famicom from Namcot back then. :)
As well as a brief info about these games. Really nice.

And here's the actual manual:
Front page
Page 0-1
Page 2-3
Page 4-5
Page 6-7
Page 8-9
Page 10-11
Page 12-13
Page 14-15
Page 16-17
Back page
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)


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  2. Awesome!!! Pretty nice scans.
    Could you tell me the measures of the advertising brochures, please?