11 March 2015

Famicom Game Manuals #15: Doraemon

So, I am back with more manual scanning, and this time it's the game I covered quite a few times on my blog, as well as made VGM video twice, and made a "Gameplay & Commentary" like last year or something.

It's Doraemon, developed and published by Hudson Soft in 1986 for Nintendo Famicom.
One of the first games based of the Doraemon anime, which was really well known in Japan.
This game was no exception, and since a lot of children back in 1980s loved that anime, and some of them had Nintendo Famicom, a lot of copies of this game were sold there. And, on some flea markets, or online auctions you can find Doraemon game for too cheap price. ;)
I came across like 4 copies of it, all official carts.

I've wanted to get a manual for this game since when I started getting interested in scanning manuals of Japanese retro games, and finally was able to get it.

But first... Let's show some scans of my Doraemon cartridge, before looking at the manual scans. :D
The front side
The back side
Yeah, it's not exactly in the best condition, but thankfully, it's much better than my very first copy. The first copy has an annoying crack on the cartridge itself, as well as the back label was completely ripped out.
And, in fact, this is my second copy of Doraemon I've ever had. ;)
The other ones were sold to my friends/comrades.
(If you are going to use my cartridge label scans for some of your stuff, make sure to credit me!)

And here there are the manual scans themselves.
Front page
Page 1-2
Page 3-4
Page 5-6
Page 7-8
Page 9-10
Page 11-12
Page 13-14
Back page
Well, there are two more "Famicom Game Manuals" posts coming soon. Hopefully, you enjoyed this one!
Keep calm and stay tuned! :)
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