5 February 2015

YouTube videos update

EDIT: So, I finally decided that instead of uploading these sorts of videos of my main channel, I decided that I will upload Russian videos on my second channel, because of one reason:
* There are not many people, who are subscribed to that channel, so I thought that if I upload my Russian videos there, it will certainly keep the content of that channel more updated. ;)

Hello, everyone!
This is one major update about my main YouTube channel. The thing is that more and more people from my country, aka. Russia, get interested in my videos, and some of those request the commentary videos to be made in Russian. ;)

Also, another thing worth pointing out is that English commentary videos of mine are not really that popular to begin with, but some videos like, videogame music videos or simple gameplay videos are actively watched in the whole world, so "gameplay & commentary" videos in English will come out much more rarely.
So, I figured out that maybe I should make some commentary videos in Russian. Some people I asked for advice, told me that if I am in this kind of situation, I should probably indeed try to make Russian commentary videos, if people are really interested in the content that I upload on my YouTube channel.

Some pickups stuff and other similar stuff that'll be on my blog, will still be posted in English. :)

Well, that's about it.
Thanks for reading!
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