22 February 2015

Pickups 28: Famicom Cartridges 28 & GB Cartridges 4 (22.02.2015)

Hello everyone! It's AlexSRMD again, and it's time for another post of my recent pickups.
I haven't released anything new on my blog since January (not counting the update post I made about my videos), so let's make a new pickups post today!

And I picked up quite a lot of carts. Some of those will be sent over to my friend, and the others will be in my collection.
These are the carts for my friend.

A cartridge, compatible with keyboard Famiclones
It's called "Magistr Genius" and this cartridge was designed to work with keyboard Famiclones, and therefore, it's not compatible with regular Famicom machine.
Sadly, I don't have a keyboard Famiclone anywhere in my collection, so I can't test this cartridge in full.
Once I start it up, I am sent to the desktop, but I can't even control a mouse cursor or do anything else, even when it goes to the Screensaver mode.
The cartridge looks similar in terms of design to N64 cartridge, which is kinda funny. But, of course, it won't fit or even work on Nintendo 64 console. :P

Next few cartridges are Alexander Chudov Dendy-exclusive games, released originally in Russia, and then in some parts of Asia, like China.
I won't comment too much about those, but I will briefly describe what these games are.
"The Travel Around the Europe" if we try to translate the Russian name of the game into English. ;)
Basically, you select a country that's located in Europe, and answer the questions about that country. If your answer is right, you get points. If it's incorrect, you have to choose another country to play.

"The Text Editor"
I can't test this game either. I need a keyboard Famiclone, which sadly, I don't have, and therefore I can't tell what exactly you are supposed to do here... Moving on.

 "Warehouse #18"
It's just a typical Sokoban clone, although much slower than... say for example, Porter from Caltron 6-in-1.

This is just a standard Russian game, ported into Famicom cartridge by Alexander Chudov. In 1997 like many other games we've seen here. ;)

Super Donkey Kong - Xiang Jiao Chuan (VT-277)
This one is a shitty port of Donkey Kong Country, presumably made by Chengdu Tai Jing Da Dong Computer Co., who also made Aladdin 2 for Famicom, which is equally a pretty terrible game.
The controls are pretty awful, the music is out of question, the graphics of the main characters look awful.
For more information, you can check out this page:

Gekikame Ninja Den (T.M.Ninja Turtle I)
A game that was covered over billion times on this blog. The first games in Ninja Turtles series for the NES. But, unlike the other TMNT pirate carts, the level select cheat doesn't work here, but the copyrights are removed... Well, the beginning screen is changed up to "Gin Shin. Good Luck!" text.

Hmm... I wonder what's that Gin Shin has to do with anything... :/

Saiyuki World
A pirate copy of Saiyuki World, originally made(?) and published by Jaleco in 1988. It's kinda funny to see this game in this cartridge form, because somewhere in 1990s, Jaleco would already come up with the cartridge design, like this. Later, of course, pirate companies would steal this cartridge design, and instead of Jaleco on the front side, they would write "TV GAME CARTRIDGE" and on the back side, instead of "Made in Japan", it would be "HOME GAME COMPUTER".
This cartridge though doesn't have any writings like that, but the cartridge shape is the same as on later Jaleco Famicom carts. The plastic is very cheap on here, as well as it fits a bit oily. As soon as I got this cartridge, one of the tabs wasn't keeping the cartridge case in place, but it wasn't broken at all. And so, I was able to open up the cartridge safely.
These black TV GAME CARTRIDGE shaped bootleg carts have some of the cheapest plastic I've ever seen and used... So, if you get a cartridge, similar to this one, take a good care and don't do anything to be able to break it easily. ;)
The yellow or white TV GAME CARTRIDGE shaped carts are of a much better plastic, if you ask me!

Quite frankly, this is the worst type of "over-nine-thousand-in-one" carts I've ever seen so far!
This cartridge includes ONLY TWO FRIGGIN' GAMES!!
And sadly, there's no Unchained Melody or Can You Feel the Love Tonight theme in the menu, unlike the 9999-in-1 cartridge or 9999999-in-1 cartridge I have. And those ones included 4-5 games at best.
Other names you can see here after "Tank" and "Wild Gunman" are just repeats. Nothing else... :(

And the last cart from that photo is...
Desert Tank [D-T1]! :P
Well... not really. It's Blaster Master, but it's called Desert Tank on the label for some odd reason.
Well, it came in not exactly a great shape, because the PCB just pushed in every time I tried to insert the cartridge into the console, so I had to use the glue tape and put it on the left and right sides on the PCB and the cartridge case. And now, after that, the PCB doesn't push in, and everything gets inserted with no any problem. ;)
It's the Japanese version of Blaster Master, called Chô Wakusei Senki Metafight.

And now here there are other pirate carts I picked up. ;)

Caesar's Palace [C-P9]
 This is just a regular Caesar's Palace for NES, but in a form of pirate cart. The label is taken from Sega Mega Drive game. Even though it's not an original label, it's still quite fitting.
The copyrights are removed at the beginning of the game, but other than that, everything else works like in original game. ;)

Chessmaster [C-M1]
The label is not original, and it's not known where it originally was taken from.
It's just Chess Master for NES, on a pirate cart. Copyrights are not removed or anything like that. ;)

Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi: Crazy Land Daisakusen
 It's Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi for Famicom. I already had this game before, but I decided to get this pirate cart with this label, that's kinda taken from original label.
The PCB is on one glob, which leads me to think that this pirate cart is from late 90s, as well as the cartridge case. But other than that... everything works well with it.
Of course, just like with previous cart, for some odd reason, the bottom part of the title screen is a bit glitchy. The copyrights are not removed though.

FUN FACT: There was actually a hack of this game, called Super Mario 15, which is not dumped yet. Basically, instead of the boy with the ball, you'd play as Mario. Sadly, since that hack is not dumped, we can't really see how that hack looked like. :(
I'm really curious to see how it was, and if they failed to change some sprites in the actual hack.

Double Dragon 4 [NT6064]
This is just Target Renegade hack, except it's called Double Dragon IV on the title screen. The label is taken from the Gameboy game, called Double Dragon.
Other than a changed title screen, there don't seem to be any changes in the actual game.

Gun Smoke [G-S6]
This is Gun Smoke for Famicom, a pirate version by NTDEC, one of the companies that distributed many Famicom games back in 1980s, but was sued by Nintendo for selling bootleg stuff somewhere at the beginning on 1990s to my knowledge.
Also, speaking of Gun Smoke on pirate carts, there was a corrupted version distributed on pirate carts, where the enemies would appear on the screen at random, so it would be very difficult to react on the stuff that happens on the screen, leading you to losing a lot of lifes. I played that version on one of multicarts ROM dumps, and I don't have that buggy version on any of my pirate carts, and maybe I'll make a video about that version some time later. ;)
And, my cartridge doesn't have that glitchy version. It plays almost the same as the regular version, except the copyrights are changed around, which was a really great surprise for me.
Not really sure where this picture was originally taken from.

Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2: Donuts Ike ha Oosawagi (ENG)
This is an English translated version of Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2, the game originally made by Shimada Kikaku, who also made Felix the Cat for NES. Both games are similar gameplay-wise. Except, this game was originally published only in Japan, while Felix the Cat was published in North America and Europe. I personally like Felix the Cat much more, but this game is also quite good. :)
There's only one failure with this English translation, and that's the text in the boss fights, that's represented with sprites garbages, rather than an actual text, which leads me to think that the ROM that pirates used, wsa unfinished in terms of translation.
The copyrights are not removed, everything is present in the game. :)

Mario Rider [AT-21B]
This is just a hack of Top Rider for NES. The title screen and the main character sprites are the only things that were changed. Everything else is the same as was in the original game.

Pokemon 4-in-1 [SK-2000]
Now we get to something really interesting. Pokemon 4-in-1, apparently made in 2000, according to the ID of the cartridge, at least. Made by Union Bond and published by YanCheng.
It includes 4 priate originals:
- Picaclick - basically click on different pieces to make them disappear, and collect as many points as possible. Similar gameplay-wise to "Collapse!" game.
- Pacman - a ripoff of Pac-Man, which apparently seems to be done from scratch, rather than just being a hack of Namco's game with Pikachu as a main character.
- Picaslot - a simple slot machine.
- Picadance - a regular DDR clone, You use D-pad (UP, DOWN) and B, A buttons to play this game.
I made a quick video about this game, so I will upload it soon enough on my channel. ;)

Street Blaster 5 Turbo 20
Also known as Street Fighter 2 Turbo. A pretty crappy port done by Cony Soft. Terrible AI, which makes the game way too difficult to play, as well as way too difficult to beat your opponents. Graphics and music are alright though.

Super Mario Bros. 3 [S-M3]
 It's basically almost exactly the same version as LH75 version of Mario 3 that I covered earlier in this blog, except the title screen is actually not hacked. But the title screen loading sequence is screwed up.
You get the item select cheat, just like in the aforementioned version. ;)
We all know what Mario 3 is, so I don't think I really need to explain what this game is for you.

Toy Story [NT889]
Basically a port of SNES/Mega Drive game, under the same name. Developed by Ei-How Yang, and released by KaSheng(?) in 1997.
A pretty short one as well, with only five levels presented in the game, which can be beaten pretty fast. The music and graphics are pretty good imo, the controls are also not bad. It's kinda funny that when you finish the level, the music from Contra plays in the background.

Pocahontas [NT880]
I couldn't find much information about this game.
From what I understand, it was made by the same people, who made Super Donkey Kong for Famicom, Ei-How Yang (they had the same warning screen in the aforementioned game at the beginning). And it was published by KaSheng in 1997, and it's a port of Mega Drive game to Famicom.
The music is meh, the controls suck balls. I wonder how long this game is, and if it's really cut down port.
I picked up two copies of this game, one for me, and another one for my friend. ;)

Pole Chudes 2
This game is by Alexander Chudov, and essentially it's yet another Russian-exclusive game.
It is based of a popular Russian TV show from 1990s, where you would basically have to guess a word on some topic, and if you guess the word right, you get points for that. If you guess the wrong letters for the word, you'd lose the game.
There actually was "Pole Chudes 1" game, made by the same person. Except this one is slightly different... The graphics in the actual game, instead of being pink, is just black.
The music that was used in the game is "Polushka  Pole" theme, as well as the music stolen from first gen Nintendo games, like Duck Hunt or Wild Gunman, as well as the sound effects for choosing the letter are taken from standard Famicom multicarts.

Not a bad game, but I wouldn't say that it's one of my favourite games or anything like that. But it's pretty cool to own at least one Russian-exclusive game in the collection of pirate Famicom games. My friend already had this game, so I bought this game for my collection. :)

Also, I got three basic first gen Famicom games, Whirlwind Manu bootlegs. :)
Popeye [LA02]

Donkey Kong 3 [LA05]

Musashi no Ken [LD08]

Also I got some multicarts in my collection.
The first three multicarts were sent to me by Prokman, thanks to him!

4-in-1 [YH-4222]
This multicart includes:

  1. Tekken 3 (Pirate Original, based of Tekken 1)
  2. Mighty Final Fight (named as SD Fighter on the menu)
  3. Tiny Toon 3 (Bugs Bunny's Crazy Castle title hack)
  4. Fifa 2003 (Tecmo World Cup Soccer title hack)

4-in-1 [KT-8232]
This multicart includes:

  1. Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League (named as Goal 3 on the copyrights screen)
  2. Nekketsu Kakutou Densetsu
  3. Nekketsu Kōkō Dodge Ball Bu (corrupted title screen)
  4. Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari (Japanese version of River City Ransom)

4-in-1 [KT-8418]
This multicart includes:

  1. World Championship Wrestling
  2. Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima III (Adventure Island 3 JPN, hacked version)
  3. Kyatto Ninden Teyandee (aka. Samurai Pizza Cats or Ninja Cats, changed color palette on the title screen)
  4. Spiderman: Return of the Sinister Six (cut-down version which ommits some of the graphics)

Weird thing is that these three carts don't work on original Famicom (HVC-001), but works perfectly fine on AV Famicom (HVC-101), and on Famiclones. I don't really understand why it's that, but at least, that's better I suppose. ;)
Ok, next cart is...
10-in-1 '92
This cartridge includes three basic light gun games for NES/Famicom, and Championship Lode Runner. The chinese letters, "10-in-1" text as well as the dragons are written with golden paint.

1993(1994) Super HIK 300-in-1
This cartridge even came in a small package thingy, which you can notice on the photo, and according to the seller, this cartridge is "new" and was almost never used.
We can see the pictures of Wild Gunman, Galaxian, Tetris, Side Pocket, Reflect World (FDS), although... this label is correct by 50%.
It, indeed includes Wild Gunman, Galaxian and Tetris. But instead of Side Pocket, it has Lunar Ball, and instead of Reflect World for FDS, the label of which is used for Tank 1990 on Famicom, it includes Battle City, and there is no any mentioning of Duck Hunt for some odd reason.
But other than that, it's a pretty standard multicart, with the Unchained Melody in the menu.

300-in-1 Well '93
 It's another variation of 300-in-1 multicart. This one is also a Steepler cartridge, btw, that came bundled with some Dendy Junior Famiclones by Steepler. They'd come bundled either with this cartridge or 35-in-1 cartridge, which had three light gun games and all variations of Tank 1990.
This one has almost the same list of games as on the previous multicart, except we also have Ice Climber here.
Sadly, this version is corrupted. You can't select any mountain you want to start on, as well as you have no extra lives, so die once, and you get a "Game Over" screen.
The label itself has Tetris, a mixbag of Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman, Battle City (although, it says 90 on the flag, which presumably has something to do with Tank 1990), Hogan's Alley (not included!), Side Pocket (Lunar Ball is included, instead of this game), two penguins from Binary Land, Galaxian's spaceship.

And the last, but not least...
Super Mario Land 3 - Wario Land. European version, CIB.
 I think that anyone who has ever played Gameboy, knows what this game is. ;)
I was able to get this game CIB in a pretty good condition, which I am really happy about. Plus, this cartridge also has a working save battery, unlike my other cartridge, which is really awesome.
That's about it for my pickups! :)
Hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you later!

(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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  1. Hello from Brazil! always looking at the news in your blog.
    Famiclones not so popular around here but very cheap (+- 15 euro for a new console with some onboard games).

    good to see you are also a big WARIOLAND fan, I believe this is one of the greatest games ever, not only for the gameboy. Have you already completed the game as "PERFECT GAME" and got the WARIO PLANET instead of the castle?