13 January 2015

Pickups 26: Famicom Cartridges 26 (since 30.12.2014)

Welcome to my another post of pickups! :)
This time it's the post about my new pickups from the beginning of 2015.
I got some really interesting bootleg carts in my collection, and some for my friend, just like the usual thing. ;)
Here there are my pickups from 10.01.2015.
Click on the picture itself to enlarge it. :P
So, I will start from the top left, and we can already the pretty interesting, and somewhat unusual bootleg cart. Let's take a look at it closer! ;)

4-in-1 Pascar Korean (it's not the official name of the cart, I came with it myself)
Let's see it more detailed. On the front, we can see two switches, which is really odd and unusual for most multicarts. Also, we can see the red color on the top and the blue color on the bottom.
And this basically changes the game that will be boot up when you insert this cartridge into your console and turn it on.
On the right side, we can see the featured games. Those are Super Mario Bros. 2 (FDS conversion), Hi no Tori, Argos no Senshi, Booby Kids. These are just screenshots from these games, which is actually quite good.
And below each screenshot, we can see the color where the switches should be set to, in order to start one of those games, as well as the names of each game in Korean, hence why I wrote "Korean" in the title to this cartridge.
So, how it works?
To play Super Mario Bros. 2 (FDS), you basically set both switches to the blue color.
To play Booby Kids, you set both switches to the red color.
For Hi no Tori, set the left switch to the blue color, and the right switch to the red color.
For Argos no Senshi, you do the opposite thing to Hi no Tori (left switch -> red, right switch -> blue).
I've seen some cartridges like this before, but these ones are not really common to come by!
That's front side of the cartridge. These switches already make this cartridge to be a unique one in the collection. :)
And I forgot to say that this cartridge, along with three more cartridges from the photo, were sent by my good friend from Singapore, Kevinhwsohn! :D
Thank you a lot, man! I have been really looking forward to getting SMB2 FDS conversion, and finally, my dream came true! :)
The end label was made by Kevin himself, as was requested by me, because there was originally an end label in Korean there, but it was ripped out, so he asked me, if I want an end label, and I said: "Yes."
So, here it is.
Nothing much to say here, really. So, let's get to the back side of the cartridge.
As I don't know Korean, I can't say what's written here, so, if you can translate what's written here, please write down the translation of the back label in the comments section to this post! ;)
And, we can see the logo of Pascar here, so I wrote it in the title to this cartridge. I could be wrong, but I think that this cartridge was made by that company.
Here there are the screenshots of each title screen from the included games. ;)
 This is just Super Mario Bros. 2 from Famicom Disk System, ported to the Famicom! :D
Apparently, it's called Mr. Mary 2. It reminds me of Pipeline/Mr Mary, the pirate version of Mario Bros. 1983 for some odd reason.
I have this question then: what is original Super Mario Bros. then? Is it Mr. Mary 1.5? :O
Anyway... we can see that there are 8 stars in this version.
You probably know that if you beat original FDS version of Super Mario Bros. 2, you get one star per the game completion.
And, some pirate company hacked this game, so it would have 8 stars immediately by the start of the game (8 game completions). This is quite handy, if you ask me, because, if I wanted to play World A-D (10-13), I probably would be far too lazy to play through this game 8 times and beat it every time. Yes, they change "MARIO" to "SCORE", although, I haven't checked if "LUIGI" is replaced with "SCORE" or not, because in pirate version of Super Mario Bros. 1, they forgot to change LUIGI to SCORE, but changed MARIO to SCORE, which is really messed up.
I have this game on Super Famicom on "Super Mario Collection" cartridge, but I wanted to get an FDS conversion of it, and was ready to spend a lot of money on it, but thankfully, my good friend, Kevin, was generous enough to provide me with this pirate cart. :)
Let's see what's next on the cart.
 It's Booby Kids for Famicom. No, it's not small children with the boobs that are the same size as women. :P
I could be wrong, but I think that "Booby" refers to the holes that these kids make, or something...
Basically, you just go around, collect fruits, trap enemies into your booby traps, and complete the levels. It's not really an easy game, it's quite difficult and challenging. I have it on official cartridge, but also having it on a pirate cart is also pretty nice. ;)
 Now we get to two other games, that were renamed for no apparent reason. First, we have "Brave Soldier", written with plain text.
But, it's just Argos no Senshi, aka. Rygar. It's the Japanese version from what I can tell, because that's the version of the game you would mostly come up across on pirate carts. I have it on 150-in-1 Real Game, and they included the Japanese version, although they used the English name for the title.

 Apparently, this game is Phoenix. But it's not the same game as it was on Atari 2600. :P
It's just Hi no Tori. Also known as Fire Bird on pirate carts. Haven't played it that much, so I can't really comment on this game.
I might actually make a proper video about this multicart with a commentary and everything. ;)

Next pirate cart... from Kevinhwsohn as well... is...
This game. :P
 It's difficult to say what this game is, judging by the label only.
But this is actually original Batman game, by Sunsoft from 1989. A game, based of the comics, as you probably all know. ;)
To my knowledge, Batman: Return of the Joker, also had the same label on the pirate cart, which is really strange, because you might get confused and end up getting either one of those games.
Both games are pretty good in any way.
And, as we can tell by the back label... this is actually a hacked version to have a level select cheat. And we can see the cheats you need to input in order to access a certain stage. I tried these codes, and they work very well on this cartridge. ;)
Instead of copyrights, it says that cheat you need to input to get to the certain level. ;)
You just need to look up at the back label to get the idea where you need to go.
And, this is actually a Japanese version of the game.
The tracks from the first level and second level are swapped, unlike in USA version. Pretty unusual, because for the most part, you'd find out the North American release on the pirate carts. ;)

Let's get to the next cartridge.
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge.
 This is just a regular Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge game that was on NES. Not a bad racing game imo, actually quite decent one.
Yes, this is a Steepler cartridge. These kind of cartridges are not very common to come by on auctions or other forums. Actually, it's quite decent condition. And I wanted to get a few Steepler cartridges in my collection, even though I love "Remarks" cartridges much more from pirate carts, that these carts. :P
Yes, the copyrights are not removed, as you can notice, which is really awesome. :)
My other bootleg cart from 1990s also has the copyrights completely unchanged, but some newer bootleg carts actually have the copyrights removed. :/

Next cartridge is Life Force.
 Yes, they used the Japanese name for the cartridge, but they actually use the regular North American version, instead of Japanese version, which is called Salamander.
The "Salamander" version is much better from what I've heard, because it has the better ending & credits than the North American release. The NA release only has the Konami logo at the end, as well the music playing in the background and that's it.
There might be other differences, besides the different title screen, but I am not familiar by 100% with the Japanese version of the game. :/
Sadly, Dendy sticker is in really terrible condition. And yes, I ripped out this label completely afterwards. I might have ruined its value because of that.
Whatever... At least, I found out that it has "Remarks" right on the plastic, just like my copy of Gotcha! The Sport. ;)

Next game is... Super Mario Bros. 3 [LH75]
If I remember correctly, I already talked a bit about this game on my blog before, but... you all know what this game is, so it doesn't really need the introduction, if you have ever played NES/Famicom. ;)
This is a rather uncommon bootleg cart with "LH75" ID, which means that this cartridge is from Whirlwind Manu pirate company that distributed many Famicom games on their bootleg carts back in 1980s-1990s. We can see that Mario is removed from the label, but Luigi is still presented on the label, which is kinda funny.
 It has a "Remarks" label on the back. ;)
There is nothing much to say about the cartridge itself, so let's get into the game itself.
And when we load the game, we'll see that the title screen doesn't load up properly, and the screen remains black, where Mario and Luigi punch the invinsible Koopas, and the menu selection screen is still in black. Check out Dendy Chronices #2 for reference. ;)
But... if we press the Start button...
 Yes, we get this screen. This game is called "3"! Well, yeah, of course. If there was "2", there should be "3" game as well.
And apparently, it's made by NCN-21 in 1988, not by Nintendo. :P
But, even more interesting things appear, when you actually start the game.
 If we open up our item inventory box, and press Select button, we can select any item we want, right at the start of the game. ;)
I selected the "Cloud" item, chose it...
 I was able to get this item, so let's try to skip the first level...
It works! :D
So, this cheat works fine. I am not sure if any other pirate versions of Super Mario Bros. 3 actually have the same item select cheat.
Other than that, it's a regular Japanese version, which is a bit more difficult than US/EU releases. ;)

Next cart is... The Little Mermaid.
I talked about this game in the previous post. I got this cartridge for myself. The other cartridge was bought for my friend.
It's just a regular Japanese version...
Moving on...
Super Chinese [LE01]
 This is a pirate cart of Super Chinese. Another Whirlwind Manu bootleg. And, as you might notice by the photo, I got a lot of Whirlwind Manu bootlegs for my collection. ;)
Super Chinese is also known as Kung Fu Heroes outside of Japan.
We basically play as these two Chinese dudes, punch enemies, find stuff in bricks and all that stuff.
The sound effects really remind me of Super Mario Bros., because the 1-up sound effect, destroying bricks sound effect can be clearly heard in the game. :P
 It has the end label, just like my Arumana no Kiseki, Galaxian cartridges. ;) Really cool.
It has a "Cassette Remarks" label on the back.
If you want to laugh your balls at the funny Engrish of the label, please watch this video about MrNorbert1994 reading Cassette Remarks label: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1B99frZddM
The copyrights were unchanged here.

Next cart is Super Mario USA, apparently.
 I say, apparently, because this is actually not exactly Super Mario USA. It's actually a hacked version of Super Mario Bros. 2 EUR release.
But, you gotta love how they used the original label without changing anything on it, although the actual game is hacked. :P
There is the Remarks stuff on the back, right on the plastic. ;)
This is apparently called "Super Bros. 5", and created by ECE in 1991.
The same exact version as was on Steepler cartridges, which was called Super Wonderful Mario on a cart. :P
Since I didn't really need this cart, as I already have SMB2 FDS conversion, which I wanted to get since a very long time, I will gave it away to my friend in his collection. ;)

Rockman 4
 A cartridge from kevinhwsohn. :)
Apparently, created by Ending-Man, who also made their own Famiclone system. :P
As I decided to collect some Rockman games in my collection, I decided to get this cartridge in my collection. ;)
I only have Rockman 4 and Rockman 5 for now. I hope to get Rockman 1,2,3,6 soon.
The back of the cartridge seems to be written in Chinese. The bottom part is in English.
"Capcom Presents" was replaced with "Super Rock Man IV" here...
Here's how the title screen looks like. It says just "Rockman 4", there's no subtitle, like usual. There's no need to say that the copyrights are removed here as well.
Also, you are given 9 lives, and apparently, the life bar doesn't decrease, when you get hit from any enemy, which is kinda odd...
Anyway, at least I am glad to have this game on a cartridge now.
I have played Rockman 3 much more than the forth part, so, now that I have this game on a cartridge, I will definitely attempt playing through this game. ;)

Next up is... I'd say... the Whirlwind Manu goodness. :)
Tiger Heli [LD24]
Apparently, it's called "Cassette". :P
But, anyway... it's just a port from arcades. Ported by Micronics, who made many crappy arcade ports to Famicom.
For example, Exed Exes... Slow-ass gameplay, terrible graphics, earrapy music, no challenge or any fun.
At least, this game is not bad, but I haven't played the arcade version, so I can't really tell how good it is compared to its original counterpart.
Just fly around as a helicopter, and shoot down the tanks and other things that will be on your way.
The copyrights were changed to "1990 NTDEC". :P
Originally, it was supposed to say 1986 PONY CANYON.
NTDEC is just yet another pirate company that distributed many early Famicom games on their bootleg carts. Not really sure if it could be somehow connected with Whirlwind Manu, but the ID series are from that company (Lxxx)

Next up is...
B-Wings [LB27]
 A mediocre shooter, where you can choose any weapon at the beginning.
I choose the "Hammer" weapon, because you have a shield, and enemies are whimps, when you have it. Other than the option at the beginning, that allows you to choose a weapon at the beginning of the game, there's nothing interesting about this game. :/
I picked it up only because it was a Whirlwind Manu bootleg.
Nothing on the back... :P

Pac-Man [LA34]
 Should I really tell you what this game is?
You all know what it is. If you don't know what this game is then... why are you even still reading this blog? :P
 Pretty cool end label, which apparently is in gold color.
The back label is written in English, and it's actually the same kind of label as it was on NES cartridges, which is really unusual.
Mostly, you'd have a bit different stuff written on the back of the bootleg cart, but it's still pretty cool to have such bootleg cart, which has the same label as regular NES carts would have.

Next cartridge is Exerion [LA47]
 The copyrights are removed from the label, which is usual for pirate carts, but it says "Family Computer" and "Cassette" here. Pretty interesting.
I am not sure what this back label is. A few other bootleg carts you'll see later on have the same label. :P
The copyrights in-game are not removed, which is really weird, because, usually, these copyrights in the first-gen games would be removed, but here it clearly says "(C) 1985 Jaleco".
A pretty good shooter, with a bit sloppy controls.
Basically, you have an option to use single shots or double shots, but the single shots are limited, and they are much faster.
Double shots are unlimited, but they are slower, so you'd better use both single shots and double shots to progress further. ;)

Next game is Sky Destroyer [LA60]
 And we can clearly see the edits of original Sky Destroyer label on here.
Pirates removed copyrights, the Japanese name and "TM" trademark with the blue rectangulars. XD
Really lazily done edits, if you ask me. :P
The back side is in Japanese, and from what I remember, the text is kinda the same as it was on official Famicom carts.
A standard shooter, where you shoot down the planes, and such stuff...

Next up is 1942 [LB10]
A decent port from arcades, but this version is somewhat ruined with the earrapy music, as well as slow-ass gameplay, but other than that, it's not as bad as Exed Exes, at least. I can at least stand playing this game for more than 5 minutes, unlike that other game. :P
The Hi-Score seems to be glitched up here. :/
But other than that, the game itself works fine, just like the official one.

Bomberman [LB13]
 All the copyright stuff is missing on the label, and we only have LB13 ID here. :P
But, at least, the picture itself is not edited. ;)
Remember than bootleg cart of Exerion? The same back label is presented here as well. I think that it's partly written in Japanese and in Chinese.
That's kinda funny, that, just like Exerion, the copyrights are left completely unchanged here.
I personally think that this is actually a really good game, and it's one of the first games I've ever played in my life.
I played/saw it for the first time somewhere at the end of 1990s and at the beginning of 2000s, and have some nostalgic feelings with this game. ;)
It also used to be one of my mom's favourite videogames, when she was young. I have beaten this game a few times from the beginning to the end.
I know that there are far better Bomberman games out there, but I think that this game is really awesome. I liked this game a lot as a kid, and this was the first Hudson Soft game I've ever played. After that I met Lode Runner, Nuts & Milk and other great Hudson Soft classics. ;)

Next game is... Ninja Hattori Kun [LB19]
This game is the first game I've ever played that's based of Fujiko F. Fujio manga/anime stuff.
I haven't seen the anime/read the manga of Ninja Hattori Kun as a kid, I played this game back then. ;)
I really love the main BGM. It really gives me some nostalgic great memories from the past.
And what's actually interesting is that this is actually the same music as it was on anime opening.
Really well composed music. :)
The game itself is not exactly really that great, but it's actually pretty good one.
I don't think I was ever able to beat this game from the beginning to the end, but I played this game, at least, quite a lot.
It's quite funny that the copyrights are also not removed here. It stil says Hudson Soft, as well as "Fujiko.Shogakukan.TV Asahi" copyright at the bottom. ;)

Gyrodine [LB20]
 Basically a shooter, where you play as a helicopter and destroy things in the sky and such. I think that it's much better than 1942 or Tiger Heli. ;)
Not the great shooter, but it's a pretty good one. The soundeffects are funny, they remind me of Action 52. :P
There are some secrets in the game, like the mermaid in the sea, that gives you 10000 points.
 There is an end label here as well.
The same back label as on Bomberman, Exerion carts.

Those are all pickups from 10.01.2015, but when I went on to buy some carts for one person, I got myself this cart yesterday:
 It's Prince of Persia, the regular pirate cart. My other pirate cart has a slightly edited label, with Super Arabian on it. :P
A great classic port from PC, where you basically have to expolre the castle, fight guards, and save the princess.
The cartridge is built on EPROMs, and feel somewhat heavy, which is cool.
 There is a regular "Remarks" label on the back.
 Not sure about that GOCAT Double Quality Control 100% sticker. I have it on Karateka, as well as on 11-in-1 Ball Series III cartridges.
As it was said somewhere in Kinamania's videos, some of these carts with that sticker were sold in Moscow, and mostly there carts would be blue or in any other shade of blue color. :P
 Yes, the copyrights are removed, and this game is apparently called "Prince of Rosia". Did they mean to say "Prince of Russia", but misspelled the word "Russia"? Who knows...
And this copy is from 1992. My other copy is from 1994.
The title screen is not hacked, at least. :)

Those are all pickups for now. See you later!
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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