10 January 2015

Pickups 25: Famicom Cartridges 25 (30.12.2014)

This is the post I forgot to make on time, but anyway...
Here there are my last pickups in 2014. ;)
Pickups for my friend
Pickups for my collection
As you can see, I got a few more Famiclone cartridges in my collection. 5 TV Game cartridges for my friend, as well as Tennis pirate cart, and Donkey Kong Country 4. Other carts are bought for my collection. ;)

So, let's start with the pickups for my collection, shall we? ;)

Super Mario Bros. [LB35]
This game is called... "LB35". Yes... simply LB35, nothing more. But if we put this cartridge into the console and try it out, we'll find out that this game is actually called "2".
But, yeah... Other than that, it's just a hacked version of Super Mario Bros., which has a level select feature, as well as some of the screwed up soundtracks, like saving a Toad/Princess and underwater theme.
Here's the video, where you can listen to these tracks in this hacked version:

As I said earlier, it's a regular Super Mario Bros. game. You can also meet the version of Super Mario Bros., where, instead of changed title screen, it's just completely removed, as well as it says MARIO at the top left, instead of SCORE, which is written in this cart.
Or, you can also find another hacked version of Super Mario Bros., where the level select would be presented, but the title screen would be fine as well as it would say MARIO at the top left, just like in original game.
But, at least, this is that version that Steepler sold in their shops, which is good enough for me, even though it's just a regular pirate cart, and not a Steepler copy or anything like that.

Next up is...
Arkanoid [LC10]
This is a standard pirate cart of Arkanoid. LC10, TV GAME CARTRIDGE.
And this cartridge has an interesting text written on the back.
The text is pretty much the same as it was on NES cartridge on the back, and there's no broken English to be noticed here.
But you can notice that there's some French text written on it.
Steepler sold some cartridges like that, with the similar thing on the back of carts in their shops. ;)
My pirate copies of Wreckin' Crew and Soccer have the same thing written on the back, even though the text on the Soccer cart is covered by Dendy sticker. :P
I am not really sure why, but the title screen was hacked to "OOO*". What the hell is up with this shit? :O
But, other than that, it should work fine.
Sadly, I don't have a paddle controller to be able to play this game properly, because, with regular controller, the paddle moves pretty slow, and sometimes, you'll have to be forced losing a life, because the balls would be moving way too fast, and you just wouldn't be able to catch them that fast.
At least, they fixed that issue in Arkanoid II, but that one is really rare on pirate carts, as well as it's only released in Japan, to my knowledge. But I have that game on official cart, at least. ;)

Next pirate cart is... uhh... :(
A really terribly worn out cartridge from Steepler, called 1994 Super HIK 4-in-1 F-041.
You can see from the front side and the back side that this cartridge was under extreme temperature, as well as it could be stored near the real fire, judging by the black color on the plastic, as well as discoloration of the cartridge case and the sticker on the back. ;_;
This really looks terrible, but at least, this cartridge works!
This multicart is a reset-based multicart, and there's no menu, so to change games, you just have to reset the console to change games. So let's see what games are awaiting for us! ;)
We get Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 2. The Japanese version.
And, just like my singlecart of this game, it has 9 lives at the beginning, which is quite useful if you ask me.
Even these CoolBoy 198-in-1 and 400-in-1 multicart include the same version of Chip and Dale 2!
A pretty good game, based of the TV show I enjoyed watching a lot as a kid. :)
"Rescue Rangers Away!" or "Спасатели, вперед!" as the Rescue Rangers would say. ;)
Also playable in 2 player mode, so you can play it with your friend.
Gekikame Ninja Den. aka. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The very first game, as well as the most hated game in NES trilogy, thanks to AVGN review of it, that made people hate this game a lot.
I personally think that even though it's kind of odd game in the series, where the second and third games are beat-em-ups, this one is not a bad game. It's a standard platformer game, based of the comic book of TMNT, as you probably all know.
This is the Japanese version of the game, and it's the only version of TMNT1 you'd be able to find on pirate carts. Also, another thing that's worth pointing out about these TMNT games, that in Japan, the second and third games were called as TMNT1 and TMNT2, because this game was given a different name in Japan, as you could notice.
Also, on some pirate versions of this game, which don't have Konami copyrights, there's a nice little cheat that allows you to skip to further levels. Check out my earlier pickups post to find out more information about that cheat (as well as I wrote about it in CoolBoy 198-in-1 Real Game multicart review).
This is a shitty hack of Tale Spin, called Red Pig Porco Rosso. Apparently, based of the Japanese anime, starring this pig.
The things that were changed in this hack are:
1) The level 1 is absent.
2) Your weapon is already upgraded, so you shoot much faster
3) You get 9 lives at the beginning
4) The storyline is screwed up. When you beat level 2, it will be later said what you had to do on level 2, and then level 3 starts.
This is really terrible hack, and probably the laziest hack I've ever seen from the ones released in 1990s, in fact... besides Mario 14 (Kid Niki 3). :P

And here's the video by pookninja3, who has this game on an actual cartridge as well, but he got it earlier than me. ;)

And here's the last game on this cartridge.
It's Eliminator Boat Duel. I have it on singlecart already. And from what I've played, it reminds me a bit of Micro Machines. I haven't really played it that much, probably should give it a chance, and play through it a bit more. ;)

And here's the last cartridge I got in my collection.
Kyoryu Sentai Zyuuranger
This is a game based of the Japanese TV show under the same name, although, it's called Mighty Mophin Power Rangers on the label.
The show was broadcasted on TV Asahi channel, which also broadcasted Doraemon, Ninja Hattori Kun, Obake no Q-tarou anime shows and such. ;)
From what I've played, this game was quite decent. The main character sprites are huge, but not really a huge problem if you ask me. It plays almost in a similar way to Super Mario Bros.
Sadly, this pirate copy has a glitchy title screen, but other than that, it works well in-game.

Now, let's quickly talk about the pickups I got for my friend. ;)
Jumpin' Kid - Jack to Mame no Ki Monogatari
This was simply called Jumpin' Kid on the cartridge with the golden letters, but that thing has disappeared since ages. The label is the same as you could probably see in Dendy Chronicles #8, although that cartridge was a Steepler copy, but this one is TV Game Cartridge. I find it kind of funny that they used Jim Hawkins from old Soviet cartoon "Treasure Island" (Остров Сокровищ), which is really a rare occasion, as you could never see the game, released on NES/Famicom, based of old Soviet movies/cartoons. ;)
This is a pretty standard platformer, developed by Now Production, who also developed Adventure Island 2, 3 games for Famicom, as well as Yo! Noid (Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru).
No extra lives, but we have 9 continues here.

Lunar Ball
This is just a standard pirate cart of Lunar Ball, also known as Lunar Pool in the West.
Developed by Compile, and published by Pony Canyon in 1985. This is a pretty good billiard simulator game... in a space, according to the label.
The label on the pirate cart is taken from official cartridge, but all the copyright stuff was removed from it, as well as the copyrights were taken out in the actual game.
 Here's the comparison photo of the pirate cart and the official copy I have.

Next up... is a mysterious cartridge, which has the label ripped out.
This cartridge actually turned out to be the 2-in-1 cartridge, although, by the time I made these photos, I wasn't aware that this cartridge actually had two games!
This is AV Poker, aka. Peek-a-Boo Poker, by Hacker International. From what I've seen, the official copy of this game costs like a forture on ebay. :P
And it's not exactly common game on a pirate cart either.
The next game that turned out to be included on this cartridge is... Idol Shisen Mahjong
And, I was only able to find out that, when I turned off the console, and turned in on immediately. After that, I couldn't switch back to AV Poker, which was really weird. :O
Here's the video demonstration of that cartridge in action:
(sorry for bad picture quality)

Shortly after that, I was able to find the original label of this cartridge, but sadly, it's not a scan, but just a blurry photo. But anyway... here it is!

Top Gun 3
This is actually a pirate hack of Flight of the Intruder. Other than a hacked copyright screen, it seems to be exactly the same game as the original game.

Tennis [LA12]
This is a pirate copy of Tennis, from Steepler, which you can tell by the Dendy sticker on the back! You can see that under the sticker it shows "Caution" and all that stuff, which I have on my Arkanoid cartridge, which I showed before.
It's a standard Nintendo Tennis, from 1983, except the copyright stuff is removed from the game.

Donkey Kong Country 4 [EL-033]
I actually own this game already, but I got it for my friend. Not the best condition, but it's acceptable.
It says "EL-033", but my copy has a different ID on it: "JY-033".
Here it is:
I thought that these copies could differ somehow, besides the ID, but when I opened them up, and looked at PCB, I realized that these cartridges are pretty much the same, except for the cartridge ID. The PCB design is the same, but the glob-tops size is a bit of different size. :P
Other than that, it's the best Donkey Kong Country port to Famicom. There are some other ports done on Nintendo Famicom, like Super Donkey Kong or Panda Prince, but those ones sucked so badly. This one is actually pretty good. Great and responsive controls, good graphics, as well as the music. ;)

Ariel The Little Mermaid
This is "The Little Mermaid" pirate cart. Besides the fact that the picture is taken from USA boxart, they actually included the Japanese version of the game. One of the easiest games as people say, as well as it's a really great Disney Capcom classic.
I watched the movie of The Little Mermaid as a kid with one of my friends, and really liked it back then. It's definitely a great classic.
I came across like 4 or 5 cartridges already, and only one cartridge included the US version of The Little Mermaid, and that version had the screwed up text, but other cartridges all have JPN version of them. O_O

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers III / IV.
I picked up these games on occasion, and not exactly too familiar with these two games. But my friend needed these two carts, so I'll be sending these two to him. ;)

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