8 January 2015

Mega Drive Game Manuals #1: Columns

So, yes, I decided to continue manual scanning thing, and I decided to extend this topic with Sega Mega Drive Japanese game manuals. ;)
This time is Columns (コラムス), released on Sega Mega Drive in 1990.
I personally played its ripoff for Famicom a lot as a kid, called Magic Jewelry, that was released in 1990 by RCM Group. It's almost the same game there, except with much fewer functions that Mega Drive version.
I have always loved Magic Jewelry, and since I decided to get more into 16-bit Sega and Nintendo collecting/gaming, I decided to buy this game CIB. :)
And I love the packaging of these Sega Mega Drive boxes. They look like these modern gaming consoles boxes, and they are much better than regular boxes for Famicom, Super Nintendo, etc.., for example. Mega Drive boxes don't get torn out or worn out that easily after 20+ years, and it's much easier to find the needed game CIB, for not too expensive price.

I also got Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim 2 CIB, but, these are American Genesis games, and I am much more interested in scanning Japanese game manuals.
The next game will be Doraemon game for Mega Drive, which I consider the best Doraemon game I've played so far. Maybe later I will make a commentary playthrough or something similar to that any time in the future. ;)

Anyway, let's get to Columns scans...
The box scans:

The game cartridge scans (sorry, I can't make scans of top part of cartridge):

The game manuals:
Front Side
Page 2-3
Page 4-5
Page 6-7
Page 8-9
Page 10-11
Page 12-13
Page 14-15
Page 16-17
Page 18-19
Page 20-21
Page 22-23
Back Side

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