6 January 2015

Gameboy Game Manuals #2: Wario Land 2: Nusumareta Zaihō

As I decided to keep on scanning some manuals from Japanese retrogames I got since like 2012 or 2013, here there are the scans of Wario Land 2. Japanese version.
Released by Nintendo in 1998 for Gameboy Color, although, it's also compatible with original Gameboy.
Wario Land 2: Nusumareta Zaihō (ワリオランド2 盗まれた財宝)

The box scans:

The game cartridge scan:

The manual scans:
Front Side.

Page 0-1
Page 2-3
Page 4-5
Page 6-7
Page 8-9
Page 10-11
Page 12-13
Page 14-15
Page 16-17
Page 18-19
Page 20-21
Back Side.

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