6 January 2015

Famicom Game Manuals #11: Meikyuu Jima

Hello everyone, and welcome to my yet another post of "Famicom Game Manuals". I haven't made one since July 2014, but since then, I finally got a few more CIB games for Famicom, Sega Mega Drive, and such.
I decided that I will also scan the box, cartridge and such. Not just the manuals, so here you go. ;)

First up is Meikyuu Jima (迷宮島, aka. Labyrinth Island). Also known as Kickle Cubicle on NES.
Released by Irem Corporation in 1990.

The box scans:

The game cartridge scans:

The manual scans:
Front Side
Page 0-1.
Page 2-3.
Page 4-5.
Page 6-7.
Page 8-9.
Page 10-11.
Page 12-13.
Page 14-15.
Page 16-17.
Page 18-19.
Page 20-21.
Page 22-23.
Page 24-25.
Page 26-27.
Page 28-29.
Page 30-31.
Page 32-33.
Page 34-35.
Page 36-37.
Back side.
The random papers scans (that came bundled with this game):

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