16 December 2014

Videogame Collection 9: Famiclones (13/12/2014)

Here's the photo of my entire collection of all of my Famiclones (aka. Famicom clones), that I own.
(I forgot to include Famulator here. :/)
I have 9 Famiclones now. I forgot to include my Famulator Famiclone, but other than that, I didn't miss that much. :)
So, here's what I own:

  • Nintendo Family Computer (1983) [HVC-001]
  • Video Game System Liko KL-235 (1990s) [Famiclone] (I have this almost CIB, but without instruction manuals)
  • Video Game System Subor D25 (1990s) [Famiclone] (I have this almost CIB as well, but without instruction manuals or some wires, like RF cable)
  • Dendy Junior-2 (Steepler) [Famiclone]
  • Dendy Junior (Steepler) [Famiclone]
  • Dendy Junior (Fake copy) [Famiclone]
  • Dendy Classic (Steepler) [Famiclone] (Also known as Micro Genius IQ-501)
  • GameStar [Famiclone] (My first Famiclone and video game console ever! ^_^)
And what I didn't include is Famulator, which is the Japanese Famiclone, from early 2000s. Pretty average Famiclone, not too bad of a build quality. Not the great compatibility, as there's no support of expansion sound chip, but much better compatibility, than in some other Famiclone I've seen so far on the net.

Here's the video about all of my Famiclones:

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