31 December 2014

Videogame Collection 10: Famicom Cartridges (31/12/2014) + Updates on 2015!

Here it is my last post in 2014.
And it's about my entire Famicom cartridges collection, as some people requested from me.
So, here are they:


  • CIB cartridges (Complete-in-box)
  • Loose cartridges

Official Famicom/NES cartridges (31.12.2014)

  • Singlecarts (regular cartridge cases)
  • Multicarts (regular cartridge cases)
  • Singlecarts (TV Game Cartridge cases)
  • Multicarts (TV Game Cartridge cases)
  • Whirlwind Manu singlecarts
Pirate Famicom singlecarts [regular cartridge cases] (31.12.2014)
Pirate Famicom multicarts [regular cartridge cases] (31.12.2014)
Pirate Famicom singlecarts/multicarts [TV Game Cartridge cases], Whirlwind Manu singlecarts (31.12.2014)
Total number of cartridges: 225

I'll write the list of all cartridges that are shown on photo later. ;)

As for updates stuff, all new videos will come only in 2015 already (at least, on my main channel). There's not enough time left to make a new video, and even if I decide to make one, the Sony Vegas rendering is really time consuming, and it's not known, if I will get it uploaded by New Year or not.
There are quite a few planned videos to be released the following year, like "Videogame Music" videos. Also, some random gameplay videos, as well as playthroughs will come out on my channel the following year.

I'd like to say this: Happy 2015 for all my comrades, friends, YouTube subscribers, blog subcribers, and just good people, for watching my YouTube videos, reading my blog, communicating with me and all that stuff.
I wish you had good Christmas holidays, who had Christmas in their country, and those people, who didn't celebrate Christmas, but would have New Year holidays, I wish that you pass them very well. And all your wishes come true, and all horrible stuff in real life stays in 2014.

(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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