28 December 2014

Pickups 24: Famicom Cartridges 24 & Mega Drive Cartridges 3 & Super Nintendo/Super Famicom Cartridges 4

Here's the new stock of my recent pickups. ;)
I got 5 Genesis/Mega Drive games, 2 SNES cartridges, 4 Famicom carts, and a 72-to-60 pin converter.

I will start from Famicom stuff first. ;)
This is Yobo Japan & USA FC Game Converter. Which is actually a 72 to 60 pin converter that allows me to play NES cartridges on Famicom or clone system.
I had to get this adapter, because my other adapter I had is very buggy and corky, and games don't boot properly the first time.
Anyway, let's take a look at what's inside this small box.
As expected, there is the adapter I talked about just now, and the instruction manual on one piece of paper. Here's the scan of it, so you can see more properly, what's written on it.
(Sorry, not the best quality)
 Here's the actual adapter in closer look.
Here's how the NES cartridge looks like, when it's plugged to adapter.
I used my PAL copy of Super Mario Bros. 3, although, it doesn't matter what region the cart is, it should be 72-pin one. ;)
Front Side
Back Side.
I tested this adapter on my Video Game System Subor D25, and it worked fine there in the first boot. Also it works on official Famicom as well, so that's definitely great to have an adapter that looks to be built much better than what I had before.

Now, let me show you some Famicom carts:
Rockman 5 Blues no Wana!?
This is the 5th game in Rockman series, that most of you know as Mega Man elsewhere in the world. I picked up this part for now, but I am planning to get some more Rockman games in the series in my collection. There is the 4th game coming soon in the mail from one of my good friends, and I will be getting the 3rd one some time in the future. ;)

Tetris 2 + Bombliss

Well, this is a Japanese-exclusive game, by BPS (Bullet-Proof Software). BPS also published the first version of Tetris for Nintendo 8-bit home console, only in Japan. That one suffered from lacking 2-player mode, screwed up control scheme ('Down' rotates the blocks, 'A' makes hard drop)
However, in this version of Tetris, you have 2-player mode as well as regular control scheme, just like in any other Tetris game, released on NES.
The version of Tetris, included here, is pretty decent imo.
Besides that, it also includes Bombliss game, which plays, like "Tetris Blast", where you need to match the bombs from Tetris pieces, and destroy all the blocks on the screen this way. I played Tetris Blast/Bombliss on Gameboy, and really liked it. Now I have it on Famicom.
And, as the label on the back suggests, there is actually a save battery here, so you can save your score. But, in my opinion, the save option isn't something that's really important in this kind of game.

Tetris + Bombliss was also released on Super Famicom. The major differences are pretty much the updated graphics and music. The gameplay in both versions is similar.

Next up is Quarth.

This is a great Konami's classic shooter puzzle game.
You play as a spaceship, and have to destroy blocks coming at you. And, the blocks would be destroyed if you make the rectangular or square shape of block sequences.
Really fun puzzle game, although I didn't have it as a kid. I had its rip-off as a kid, which was called Block Force. It played just like Quarth, except not quite as good, although it had some decent music.
But I am glad to own a real Quarth on official cart. I have it on two "Real Game" Famicom multicarts as well. ;)

Next Famicom cart is... a pirate multicart, which includes Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan Project.
Yes, it looks like a real gem for TMNT fans. I mean, it includes two great beat-em-ups based on TMNT show.
But... here there are some corky moments about this cart.
1) The copyrights are removed in both games(!!!)
2) TMNT3 has the anti-piracy protection thing. It checks if the copyrights at the beginning of the game, before the intro, are presented, as well as "(C) Konami 1992" on the title screen. If these two things are changed around or removed, the game turns out the anti-piracy protection. And, in this case, the game becomes twice as harder as the original version. It might sound not too bad, but the worst thing is that the Shredder boss on the first Technodrone is unbeatable.
When he blinks, and you make the last hit on him, the life counter of Shredder resets to 0, and he stops blinking, and you'll have to beat him all over again, until your nerves break, and you throw your controller/console into the wall.
The same version of TMNT3 was released on singlecarts back in 1990s, and they had the same label, as you can see on my cart. :(
Thankfully, TMNT2 doesn't have any anti-piracy protection and it's completely playable and beatable! :)
I don't think I should really introduce you to what TMNT is, and what these two games are, since you probably played them on your NES at some point. ;)
TMNT3. Copyrights screen.
TMNT3. Title screen.
Ok, that's about it for Famicom related stuff...
Now let's go to something really interesting, and that's the Sega Genesis games I got.
I won't write too much about these, but I will show you the stuff that comes CIB with these games. ;)
Sonic the Hedgehod
This game is complete-in-box, as you can see here. The cartridge is even in a small package from these years, which is really neat.
The overall stuff is in really good condition.
Definitely a great classic Genesis game. :D

Sonic the Hedgehod 3
As you can see, I got this game CIB as well. The condition is also very good. :)
And, yeah, besides the manual, I also got an interesting advertisement paper about different Sega Genesis 16-bit hits by that time, as well as some other Sega consoles or accessories you could buy back then. Here there are the photos of that paper more closely for your curiousity! ;)

Jurassic Park poster on the back. Looks really neat, doesn't it?
And, yeah, I actually already had Sonic the Hedgehod 3 on pirate cart, but the problem is that it lacks the save battery, which was presented in original game, so I decided to get the official copy of Sonic 3, and I am glad that I did it. The very nice bonus was this advertisement paper that came bundled with the actual game. :)

Next up... Two Earthworm Jim games.
These two games came in the package that looks similar to regular Famicom game carts or the ones from Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 games, etc., which, sadly, disappointed me a little bit, because, most of Sega Genesis games came in such boxes, like DVDs use. You could see the ones for Sonic the Hedgehod 1 & 3 from earlier in this post. This is what I liked about Genesis CIB games...
Oh well... These games are still complete-in-box, so these two wouldn't hurt...

Good thing is that the actual Earthworm Jim games are awesome. I played them a little bit on emulator, and watched an LP of Kinaman on Earthworm Jim 2, and these two games grabbed my attention, so I decided that I'd better get them in my collection ASAP. :)
And this red part of packaging folds out, which is kind of interesting. Inside you'll see the cartridge, and you open up that thingy, you will see the manual and other stuff in the package, like some advertisement papers.
The manual and cartridge are still in their packages, as well as this some sort of poster. I haven't bothered opening it up yet. I will check it out later, what it looks like. ;)

Next up is Columns. But it's not exactly Sega Genesis cartridge, it's the Sega Mega Drive cartridge, for Japanese Mega Drive.
It's complete in box as well. The overall stuff is in pretty good condition.
So, maybe some time in the future, probably the next year, I will scan some of these manuals and post on my blog.

And last, but not least... Two SNES cartridges.
Earthworm Jim and Tom and Jerry.
And here's the problem. As my PAL SNES with region mods doesn't seem to work quite well with Dazzle DVC100, when I set to NTSC on the console... I had to take photos of title screens from TV.
Well, here it is all for now!
I hope my foreign comrades, friends had a good Christmas!
Happy 2015 that comes in a few days! Maybe in a few days before the New Year starts, there will be a few more posts on my blog. I don't know if there will be new videos posted on AlexSRMD YouTube page this year. Probably the new videos on the main channel will already come out next year.
Stay calm and have a good day!!
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2015)

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