20 December 2014

Pickups 23: Famicom Cartridges 23 & "New" Famiclone 3

Here there are my recent pickups! :)
So, I got...
Lifa SM-888-IV (CIB)

Famicom carts:
  • Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula Kun
  • Devil World
  • Paaman - Enban wo Torikaese!!
  • Paaman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Medoodan o Taose!
  • Pac-Land
  • Dr. Mario
  • Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima II
  • Bomberman II
  • Meikyu Jima

So, we'll start from the top. :)
Front side.
Here's the box of Lifa SM-888-IV Famiclone. Lifa Famiclones were some of the most common Famiclones in Russia, and most of the time, these Famiclones were like a Gambling, in terms of how much is it going to work. Some of these Lifa Famiclones might stop working in a few months of usage, but others will still work after 20 years of usage. And thankfully, this one still works, and I am glad that I have one in my collection.
So, let's look inside of the box. ;)
This is what we get inside. The console itself, two controllers, light gun, RF cable, AV cables, power adapter, and a cartridges with a few games on it.
And this is how all the included stuff looks like, outside of the box. ;)

Let's take a look at the actual unit more closely.
This is how the console looks like. The cartridge slot, with some sort of cartridge slot cover, which you open up manually. The LED light, which lets you know if the console is turned on or not. Power button, reset button, eject button.
This is how the console looks like with opened cartridge slot. As it's a Famicom clone, it will take a standard Famicom cartridges, but you can also play NES cartridges, if you use a converter.
The controller ports are located on the left and right sides of the console. The first player controller is on the left side, the second player controller is on the right side. Just like any standard Famiclone from 80s-90s, it uses 15-pin controller ports, and, in theory, you can use the Famicom accessories on it, when you connect them to the second player controller, although I haven't tested that yet, so I can't tell you for sure.
On the back side, you have an antenna(!), with which you won't have to use the RF cable, that comes with the console, but, if you have a TV with regular antenna on it, you can basically set up the wireless connection. :)
There is also some sort of sticker on the back.
The power adapter plug is basically the same as on any standard Famiclone (9V DC Center Pin Negative).
The AV outs, as on any standard Famiclone, although, there's one problem with this console, when you connect it to TV through AV. If there's much white color on the screen, the picture will be "jumping" on the screen, and playing games like Super Mario Bros. becomes incredibly difficult.
The RF out. You can connect your console through RF to TV, just like you'd do with original Famicom. There are no picture problems with RF connection, like "jumping picture" when the console is connected through AV.
Here's the bottom of the console. On the sticker, it says the important information about power adapter, needed to get this console powered up. Also, it's apparently made in San Ming.
And, we can see that the console is made on NOaC, when we look through the holes on the bottom, which means that this Famiclone will have some compatibility issues.
These compatibility issues are pretty typical, so I don't need to write them down here, I guess...
This is how it looks like, when the console is powered on with the inserted cartridge, and plugged in controller and such. ;)
And this is how the controller looks like. It sort of reminds me of SNES controller a little bit. It looks pretty comfortable in hands, but to tell you the truth, when playing NES games, I got used to original Famicom controller or any other Famiclone controller, that's shaped like any standard Famicom controller.
The D-pad is standard there, Select & Start button in the middle. The black buttons are B and A buttons. The red buttons are turbo buttons.
It uses 15-pin controller plug, so it works with other Famiclones, that use 15-pin controller ports, which is pretty good. :)
Here's how the captured footage from this console looks like, when it's plugged through RF:
There's some noise in the video quality, but that's to be expected when the console is plugged through RF. Unfortunately, the games with bright colors are practically unplayable through AV outs, because of the problem I stated above. The sound quality is actually pretty good. No reversed duty cycles or bad DPCM drum effects, like on most Famiclones.
But the problem is that it doesn't play expansion sound chips, like you'd expect from any average Famiclone.
And this is what I mean, about AV outs problem.
Lifa SM-888-IV Famiclone (AV out)
See? The picture is jumping, because of bright colors, so you can't play most games on this Famiclone, when it's connected through AV outs. I don't know what's the problem here.
But when the console is plugged through RF out, the picture is normal. Here's the proof:
Lifa SM-888-IV Famiclone (RF out)
And yes, unlike my fake copy of Dendy Junior, and like all of my other Famiclones, this console plays 198-in-1 Real Game, and 400-in-1 Real Game perfectly.
But, unfortunately, due to the cartridge slot design problems, some cartridges won't fit that easily. I had problems with inserting official Namco carts into this console. And my 150-in-1 Real Game cart didn't fit here. The official Famicom carts from Nintendo themselves fit very well here. I haven't tested all of the cartridges I own, but the majority of cartridges fit without much of the problem. ;)
This cartridge came bundled with Lifa SM-888-IV Famiclone. Judging by the label, apparently, it features 7 games on it: Star Force, Circus Charlie, Millipede, Macross, and other games I can't recognise.
Here there are the screenshots of this cartridge.
As you can see, it's 8-in-1, although it only includes 4 games on it. I guess, that for a multicart that comes bundled with a newly bought Famiclone, it's not bad.

Let's move on to other stuff.
These are all Famicom cartridges I picked up recently. Let's briefly take look at those. ;)

Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula Kun
It reminds me a little bit of Castlevania for NES, except here you are playing as a Kid Dracula. To my knowledge, this game was never released outside of Japan. Pretty fun game though.
A game from Konami, 1990. :)

Devil World.
A classic Nintendo game, released in Japan and Europe. From 1984 by Nintendo. One of Shigeru Myamoto's works.
It plays sort of like Pac-Man, where you collect all of the dots on the screen.
The level is separated into three parts: in the first part, you just collect religious books and collect the dots on the screen, while avoiding being squashed by the screen or getting hit from other enemies.
In the second part, you have to collect the missing parts from the block in the center of the level. And these missing parts are religious books.
The third part is just a bonus game, where you try to collect as many books as possible.

Here's the little gameplay video:

Two Paaman games:
Paaman - Enban wo Torikaese!! ; Paaman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Medoodan o Taose!
I grabbed these two games for collection. To my knowledge, these games were based off the anime, that was made by Shin-Ei Animation studio, broadcast on TV Asahi channel, and in fact the manga, that was later adapted to anime was made by Fujiko F. Fujio. In fact, the same guy created Doraemon, Ninja Hattori-kun, Obake no Q-tarou, which I covered countless times on my blog.
I'll have to check out how good the actual anime is, and how good these two games are. ;)
Both games are from Irem Corporation. The same company also brought us Kaiketsu Yanchamaru series, Hammerin' Harry series, and some other games, like Sqoon, Zippy Race, Spelunker on Famicom.

This is an arcade port of Pac-Land to Famicom. I haven't played the arcade version, I am familiar with Famicom version much more. I have this game on two Real Game multicarts, but as this game seems quite decent to me, I decided to get it on official cart, and here it is.
The controls are reversed here: the D-pad makes you jump, B and A buttons make you run.
Have you ever seen any videogame, where the control scheme would be like this? This is the only game I have seen this kind of thing in use.
And, as I was using my Lifa SM-888-IV to take all the screenshots here, the cartridge was rather difficult to insert into the cartridge slot for some odd reason.

That's about it for the games I got loose.
Now, let me show you the CIB ones.
Dr. Mario
This is the actual box of Dr. Mario. Looks to be in pretty good condition. :)
Nothing was torn out or ripped out since 1990, when this game originally came out in Japan.
As you probably know, I also have the NES cartridge of Dr. Mario, along with the manual, but, for me, it is much more satisfying to own the official Famicom game CIB. :)
Here there are the insides of the box.
 We get the cartridge holder, the manual, the cartridge. Pretty self-explanatory.
The cartridge itself doesn't seem to be in great condition though, although the front label is the only thing that looks kinda dirty. Overall, it looks pretty decent.
And as for the game itself, it's pretty simple puzzle game, where you have to get rid of viruses with your medicine. Just match the color of medicine with the color of virus, clean up the body or something, and you are done.
This game also got re-released on many other systems, like Gameboy, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, etc.. It also got the Wii VC re-release.
Definitely very awesome and fun game. You can also play it against your friend in 2-player mode, where you have to get rid of all viruses quicker than your opponent.

Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima II
As you can see, the box is not in the greatest condition. The bottom part is missing. :/
Thankfully, the inside parts are in good condition, for the most part.

The manual looks kinda interesting. Here there are the photos of it. Later there will be scans of it, as well as the scans of other manuals I have that I haven't scanned yet and posted on my blog.
This is basically the second game in Adventure Island series for NES/Famicom. Originally released in 1990 by Hudson Soft. I showed the GB port of this game in the previous post, but here it's the original Famicom version.
Basically, it's like Adventure Island, but much easier, and much more colorful, and fun game imo. We have dinosaurs we can ride on, and they are shown on the manual above. ;)
Also, there are some separate levels with their own atmosphere.
I'd say that this or Adventure Island 4 are my most favourite Adventure Island games for NES.
Here's my playthrough of this game (I played the American version from one of my multicarts):

Bomberman II
 The box is in pretty good condition. As well as the inside parts. :)
The game itself is the sequel to original Bomberman. Basically, you have the regular mode, where you have 6 worlds, 8 areas per each; the vs. mode to play against your opponents. And you can play it up to 3(?) players on Famicom.
Very fun game, that I used to play on emulator back when I first got introduced to emulation at the beginning-middle 2000s. It was really difficult back then, but it was addicting, and it made me want play this game more and more. ;)
Especially the worlds 2,4,6 were the most difficult ones to me. Either the enemies killed me immediately and I lost all power-ups, or I just ran out of time. These words were really frustrating to me back then.

And the last, but not least...
Meikyu Jima (Labyrinth Island)
 The box is in pretty rough condition, although the inside parts are in better condition overall.
This game is also known as Kickle Cubicle on NES. I have this game on NES cartridge, but decided to get the Famicom cart as well. ;)
Haven't really played it much though, so let me know, how good this game is.

Well, here you have it!
More posts on my blog will be soon.
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014-2015)


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