14 December 2014

Pickups 22: Famicom Cartridges 22 & Super Nintendo/Super Famicom Cartridges 3 & GB Cartridges 2 & "New" Famicone 2 (since 22.11.14)

Hello, everyone!
Today I bring you yet another pickups post.

So, here is the stuff that I got since 22.11.2014.

This is what I got on 05.12.2014.
This is actually a fake copy of Dendy Junior. Yes, it looks like a real clone from Steepler Ltd. from the first glance. But, you can immediately notice a very few things, that are different from real Dendy Junior.
1) The cartridge slot is black. It should be blue, instead of black
2) The controller wire is too thin. The original wire should be much thicker, than it is.
3) The D-pad design on the controller is a bit different.

So, let's take a closer look at the console itself.
We can also notice a few more things that are different from original Steepler Dendy Junior clone.
1) The controller ports should be more grey, as opposed to white.
2) The AV jacks in original Dendy Junior were located much closer to the power jack.
I also got two cartridges.
1) Donkey Kong Country 4 - a fairly decent port of Donkey Kong Country from SNES to Famicom. Done by Hummer Team.
The game is very well made, as far as pirates go. ;)
Almost as good as Aladdin, port from SNES to Famicom, made by Hummer Team, as well.
2) The PCB. It includes Captain America, Monaco Race GP (Taito Chase HQ hack), Bananan Ouji no Daibouken, TMNT: Tournament Fighters.

Later, I inserted this PCB into one of my empty cartridge cases, and made a custom label. ;)
The label doesn't look exactly too great, but it's decent enough for pirate cart. :)
Here there are the screenshots from TV (I took photos from this fake Dendy Junior famiclone by the way!)

The cartridges are pretty good, and I am glad with these pickups.
But... this Famiclone doesn't support my 198-in-1 and 400-in-1 Real Game multicarts properly.
Everything is in vertical lines across the screen, which looks like as if the cartridge contacts were broken or the slot was kinda dying. Here there are some photos at the bottom for some proof.

If someone knows what could be the problem, please let me know in the comments or in e-mail message. Because these two cartridges work perfectly fine on all my other Famiclones, as well as on Famicom HVC-002.

Ok... Now onto my pickups from 05.12.2014 to 13.12.2014! ;)
I got 2 Famicom cartridges, 1 NES cartridge, 2 Super Famicom games and 8 Gameboy games.
Well, I guess I will just start from the top.
Gimmick! (reproduction)
This is a reproduction cartridge of Gimmick! for Famicom. Assembled by nikitak600 from YouTube, and sold to me by some other guy for just 32 USD, along with the custom box, it includes the proper Sunsoft expansion sound chip, as well as all the stuff that was presented in original Gimmick! cartridge. No "Black Hole" screen at the end of the game, or 30 lives or any other bullshit that was in Suikan Pipe V pirate cart.
Let's take a look at the box and its contents more closely!
 The side part.
The turnover for this box looks to be made the same way as what was with Japanese mangas, like Doraemon, where the front side is where, usually on our boxes, would be the back side, and the back side of this box is what's usually on our boxes is front.
There's nothing too confusing about it. In fact, this way, it looks more unique in my opinion.
As for the pictures, they used the prints/scans of the original box, found on the internet. Looks pretty good imo.
Yes, they used the Namco box for this cartridge. But I don't think that it's a huge loss.
In fact, this is the first time I see the Namco's box in-person. I always considered their cartridge design, manuals to be really unique (the main character is on the label, and the background on the label is basically the screenshot from the game; manuals are pretty huge, compared to regular Famicom game manuals you'd ever see in a wild). And their box is also really, really cool. :)
Here's the cartridge itself. As you can see, the label is taken from official Sunsoft's Gimmick! cartridge, except this cartridge is a lot different than the official copy.
This is the picture of official cart.
Here there are the differences you can notice right away:
1) The text "Family Computer" written in Japanese is removed.
2) The "Gimmick!" logo looks slightly different. I personally like how it looks on my reproduction cart. :P
3) The "Sunsoft" logo is bigger than on official copy.
and the most obvious one...
4) The cartridge shell color is white, as opposed to black.

Let's look at the back side:
We can notice that they used the cartridge of Sunsoft that included a different game on it. Well, nothing too major. ;)
Now, here's my unboxing video, and the cartridge running on Famicom HVC-002! :)

Yes, you can notice by my commentary here, that I was really excited to get this cartridge in my collection. :)
It's a reproduction cartridge, but seeing that the official copy goes for a lot of money, and the pirate cart has the infamous "Black Hole" screen at the end of the game, as well as missing sound channels, I decided to get myself a reproduction cartridge.

And yes, as I said, I will make a video comparsion of all Famiclone systems that I own so far! :)
So, stay tuned for that video.

But, for now, let's go over some other games that I got!
Super Mario Bros. 3
Yes, this is Super Mario Bros. 3
I already have just the cartridge and the manual, but I found this game CIB for sale on one forum, and the person, who was selling it, was in the same city as I live, so I decided to buy it immediately.
As you can see, the box is not in the best condition, but it's good enough, especially considering that this game is 26 years ago!
Let's look at the box from other sides:
Now, that we looked at this box, let's take out all the contents, and see what is inside, and see what it would look like, as if you bought this game back in 1988 in Japan. :)
We get the manual, which I already scanned and posted on my blog. Look up the scans, if you are curious to see how it looks like, and if you know Japanese, read it a little bit. ;)
We also get the cartridge holder and the cartridge. And the cartridge is even in the package, that's probably 26 years old as well! What's funny is that the seller didn't show this package, when he sent me photos of this game more detailed... So, I dunno... Maybe it's new package, but who cares? There's no real value on it. :P
There's also a little paper in the cartridge holder.
It basically tells you to unplug the power, when you are done playing your Famicom. ;)
You see this paper pretty often with games for Famicom, that you have complete-in-box.
As you could see, the contents of the actual box were in really good condition.
And, I don't think that it's worth mentioning, that the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 3 is a bit different than US/EU versions. For example, there are some level design changes in some areas, as well as when you get hit, if you are more powerful, than just a small Mario, no matter what item you have, you'll turn into small Mario, if you get a hit from any enemy.
Very awesome, and very well designed platformer, and in fact, the best Mario game on Famicom in my opinion. :)

Let's go further.
Super Bomberman (left), Super Genjin (right)
I got two more Super Famicom cartridges. Super Bomberman and Super Genjin 1.
Two great games. I like Bomberman games for NES, and I decided to get myself, at least, the first Super Bomberman game in my collection. Then later, if I really like and enjoy "Super Bomberman" game, I will probably get more games in the series. ;)
Super Genjin is actually known as Super Bonk outside of Japan. I already have Super Genjin 2, but that one wasn't released outside of Japan, and therefore, is the Japanese-exclusive game.

Also, what's kind of interesting, is that the back side of both cartridges are different. I am not really sure about it, maybe it's just a different cartridge case, used for different games. Maybe... probably it's the same thing as what was with Famicom cartridges. Not really sure about it, but looks really cool.
Most of my Super Famicom cartridges, that I own, have the same back side, as on Super Genjin's cartridge. :)

Next up is Super Mario Bros. PAL version
It's just a regular NES cartidge with "the-game-that-you-are-all-familiar-with", but it's the PAL version.
The PAL version itself plays much faster than the NES counterpart, no matter if you play it at PAL speed or NTSC speed. ;)
And, to tell you the truth, this thing might seem weird to you, but I like the music in Super Mario Bros. either played in PAL Famiclone speed, if it's NTSC copy, or the music from PAL NES version, played in PAL speed. Not the original NTSC speed. At all. :P

Next up...
I got 8 Gameboy games.
Two of those games came with the manuals. ;)

  • Alleyway (A decent clone of Arkanoid/Breakout)
  • Dracula Densetsu II [Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge] (much better game, than the first Castlevania Adventure game on Gameboy. Plays like any standard old-school Castlevania game. :))
  • Kirby's Pinball Land (a regular pinball game with Kirby in it. Pretty fun game, which I played on my flashcart, and really liked it)
  • Sokoban (a really famous game, ported to many game consoles. Just move boxes to needed places)
  • Super Donkey Kong [Donkey Kong Land] (I used to have one, but sold it to my friend. And I got this game again in my collection. The save battery still works, which is really awesome. Also got the manual once again, and it seems to be in better condition. I made the scans of my other manual I used to have, and they will be uploaded on my blog later)
  • Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima II [Adventure Island] (the port of Adventure Island 2 to Gameboy, although it was called as just "Adventure Island" without "2" in the title, and "Adventure Island 2" in US/EU for Gameboy is actually a port of Adventure Island 3 for NES to Gameboy, which makes no sence, why they changed numbers in the titles, when they decided to release this game outside of Japan. A pretty decent game for Gameboy. Not as good as NES counterpart, but, if you wanted to play Adventure Island 2 on the go back in 1990s, this was your only way, and for Gameboy hardware, it plays not too bad)
  • Tetris Blast (aka. Super Bombliss. Got it with manual. As it was released in 1995, when you play it on Super Gameboy, you get a custom border and color palette. Not much to say here... It's just a Tetris game, with bombs in it. ;))
  • Tiny Toon Adventures (Not too sure what kind of game it is. I will have to play through it a bit more to find out more about this game. ;))

Thanks for reading my another post of my pickups! ;)
Look forward to more posts on my blog, and more videos on my YouTube channel!
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  1. man, this CIB copy on SM3 is awesome, just perfect! a piece of gaming history that's for sure.
    also, some great GB games too.
    keep up the good work, your site is a major resource, many google searchs with few results end up here. good to check info on so many games!

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  3. The cover on the cartridge Gimmick I did.
    Logo "Famicom" on the cover is not due to the fact that the printed version of the old covers without it, we found it after printing.
    Logo "Gimmick!" rubbings from scan low resolution, then it is better not found. And so the logo "Gimmick!" and "SunSoft" is slightly different from the original.

  4. I think your copy of Super Bomberman has the older Super Famicom cartridge case. The text about Super Famicom cassette came off the plastic and was put onto the label so that the same cartridge case could be used for European Super Nintendo games, obviously with a different label.