23 November 2014

Pickups 21: Famicom Cartridges 21 & Mega Drive Cartridges 2 & "New" Famiclone 1 (since 13.11.2014)

Welcome back!
This is my newest post about all of my pickups since the 13th of November, 2014.

Here there are two photos of them.
A "new" Famiclone. Not very common one as well...
One Mega Drive cartridge, and a couple of Famicom cartridges (or cassettes, as Japanese would call them :P)
So, yes! I got myself one cartridge for Mega Drive, as well as 16 cartridges for Famicom, 4 of them for one of my friends.
But I will start from the Famiclone system.

It's Subor TV Game 25, or D25, a Famiclone, produced by Chinese company, called Zhongshan Subor Educational Electronics Co., Ltd
That company produced many keyboard-based, as well as some standard Famiclones.
In the country, where I am from, Subor Famiclones were some of the most common Famiclones, but Subor SB225, or Liko KL235 were much more common than the Famiclone that we got here.
This is how Liko KL235 looks like. Subor SB225 looks the same, except, the Liko KL235 is the latter model of Subor Famiclone, where, basically the name was changed to Liko, as Subor signed the agreement with Liko some time ago for distributing their most wide-spread Famiclone.
The major difference that you can notice immediately is that, instead of regular red and white (or yellow, if your console has yellowed since all these ages) colors, the console is all in black.

This might resemble Scorption 8, and from what I've heard, that Famiclone was a rubbish. But, don't confuse these two Famiclones, because Subor SB225/Liko KL235 is actually a very well built Famiclone. And it doesn't suffer from sound emulation problems, and the picture quality is pretty accurate.
Yeah, the build quality is cheaper, but it's not as cheap, as, say for example, these godawful Polystation Famiclones!

Anyway, I went a little bit off-topic. Let's get to the Subor D25 itself! ;)
And here's the box from two sides. I show only two sides, because there's exactly the same stuff printed on other sides.
It advertises the Subor light gun. There's even the Subor icon, which is presumably printed on the gun. But, in reality, it's not, which you are about to find out soon. :P

And that's what is stored inside the box:
This is what I got inside the box. Unfortunately, I don't have everything that originally came bundled with this console, but I have most of the needed stuff.
There's a console itself, light gun, and a power adapter.

But, let me show you some other stuff, before going on to the actual console.
The actual light gun.
"Super Laser Gun" on one side.
"Subor" on the other side.
15-pin connector, so it's compatible with official Famicom as well.

 Here's the actual light gun. The trigger presses very well, it works perfectly. I haven't really tested it on official Famicom, but it works well on Subor D25. I played a little bit of Duck Hunt to test the light gun, and I didn't have any problems with shooting the targets. :)

Now, here's the actual power adapter.

Unfortunately, I can't show you the exact power adapter specifications, as it's all glue-taped, and I didn't really bother with testing it out, as I have other power adapters that work very well.
My universal power adapter that I use with old Famiclones, original Famicom, Mega Drive clone and Super Famicom works very well with Subor D25, so it's not like it really matters much, if this power adapter works perfectly or not. :P

The actual Famiclone, and its controllers.
So, as you can see, this Famiclone really looks like original HVC-001 Famicom from 1983. :)
Even down to the colors of the actual unit. As you can see, the console haven't really yellowed, since all these ages. Sadly, my original Famicom has yellowed for 31 years, and doesn't look as attractive. As for controllers... the first controller looks to be really overused. The actual controller panel became black, instead of yellow, or whatever it was originally.
The build quality is pretty good for Famiclone. It's almost as great as original Famicom. The stickers on the unit are in English, as opposed to Japanese.
It says Video Game System Subor D25 on the front, which is basically the name of the console.
On the front, just like on Famicom, there is a 15-pin expansion port, where you can connect light gun and other Famicom accessories.
The Famiclone with inserted bootleg cart.
This is how it looks like when the cartridge is inserted into the slot. :)
The cartridge slot is also very good, clean, no problem with it.
Pretty standard stuff on the back.
And yes, as you might have noticed before, this console has hardwired controllers, just like original Famicom, but the wires are a bit longer, and controllers have turbo buttons, which always was on any Famiclone you'd see in a wild.

So, I tested some stuff with it.
-Incompatibility issues-

  • Unfortunately, the expansion sound chip from Akumajou Densetsu doesn't work on this particular Famiclone. :(
  • Felix the Cat, Jungle Book, Cliffhanger displayed much darker, than they are supposed to.
  • Also, some games, like Lion King or Aladdin by SuperGame have green tilt picture problem, where the entire screen would be rendered in green tilt, instead of real colors.

If needed, I will update this post, or make some review, where I will show such compatibility problems. ;)

I tested my 72 to 60 pin converter, and it worked fine. No glitches or anything like that.
Also, some cartridges that didn't work on original Famicom, also work very well on Subor D25.

Overall, not too bad Famiclone, but the fact that the expansion sound chips, like VRC6 aren't working well, is disappointing me.
At least, Subor SB225/Liko KL235 are compatible with it, so, it's not a huge loss. ;)
The sound quality is decent, no reversed duty cycles problem or bad DPCM drum effect.
The video quality is also quite good. The colors aren't off, or anything like that.

So, now let's briefly talk about the cartridges that I got.

First one is Doraemon: Yume Dorobou to 7 Nin no Gozans for Sega Mega Drive.

For now, I got only the cartridge, but I hope to get this game complete in box some time in the future! :)
Anyway, this is a platformer game, starring Doraemon.
I can't really tell you the storyline exactly right, as it was intended by the game developers, but apparently some guy stones your neighborhood, as well as your crew, and steals their spirits to create some place for himself. And you have to save your crew.
The game has some cheerful and atmospheric graphics, as well as a pretty simple and not too complicated gameplay, and the very awesome music! :D

I have already made a VGM video about this game, so you can check it out here:

Here's how this game looks like on my Mega Drive:
Yes, as you probably know, I own a clone system, which can play games of all regions perfectly fine. But when I turned on this game, it played at PAL speed, even though, the switch for game was switched to JPN.
I think that I can modify my clone somehow, so it can play in NTSC, but I'd better off just go with a real Genesis or Mega Drive, and make a region-mod.
Because, it will be a bit difficult to get used to playing this game in PAL speed, because I made a VGM video of it in NTSC, and PAL means, that it will be 17% slower. LOL

Anyway... Now we get to some Famicom bootleg carts. :)
First up is Super Cartridge Twenty In One.
I want to know what that character is that's shown on the front label. I've seen it a few times on "Entertainment Computer System" multicarts, shaped like NES carts.
If we turn over the cartridge, we can see the list of included games, both in Chinese and English.
Of course, some typos are to be expected in English game's list.
It's also one of those TV Game Cartridges, some of the earliest types of bootleg carts that we got in Russia, although I think that this particular cart wasn't that common in our country.
The build quality of this cartridge, is also, surprisingly very solid. I say "surprisingly", because for the most time, the plastic on these types of carts is very cheap, and it's easy to make a crack on it by accident.
Also, it has that holder that protects the cartridge from the dust.
I don't think that it's worth mentioning that these TV Game Cartridges were made after Jaleco's official Famicom carts, which were also oversized and had the same dust sleeves.
Another thing worth pointing out that this cartridge seems to be made on EPROMs, as opposed to glob-tops, because of its weigh. I haven't taken this cartridge apart yet, and I don't think that I will do it.

The captures were taken from Subor D25.
When we start this cartridge, we get an interesting menu screen, where the games are labeled from "A" to "N", as opposed to "1" to "20", as well as Bubble Bobble guy running on the screen, popping out bubbles.
And, here there are screenshots of all included games, as well as game's names, according to the menu: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mum2uqr2y7or0vj/20in1gametitle.zip?dl=0

Here's the game's list:

  1. Super Mario Bros. (title hack, says Super Kid)
  2. Mario Bros. (title hack, says Super Kid)
  3. Battle City
  4. F-1 Race (title screen removed, some graphics are glitchy)
  5. Road Fighter
  6. Excite Bike
  7. Baseball
  8. Pinball
  9. Mahjong (title screen removed, glitchy graphics)
  10. Exerion
  11. Star Force (title hack, says Star War with plain text)
  12. Ikki
  13. Yie Ar Kung Fu
  14. Donkey Kong 3 (title hack, says Gorilla 3)
  15. Galaga
  16. Ice Climber
  17. Pac-Man
  18. Circus Charlie (title hack, says Circus Troupe with plain text)
  19. Duck Hunt
  20. Wild Gunman
Move on...
Next up is Operation Wolf.
It's a regular Operation Wolf game for NES/Famicom, but in a form of bootleg cart.
Very awesome light gun game. I played it before, and it was quite difficult, but also a very fun one. :)

Next up is the multicart from KaSheng.
Super 6-in-1 NT8020
This multicart includes the following games:
Sonic & Knuckles 5 (Somari hack)
Panda Prince (Pirate Original)
Taito Basketball
Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League
Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey-bu: Subete Koronde Dairantō
Super Donkey Kong 2 (Pirate Original)

Here there are the screenshots of the menu and title screens of included games (as well as some gameplay parts):

Next multicart, from the same company.
Super 7-in-1 NT8022
Game's list:

  1. Mortal Kombat 4 (Pirate Original)
  2. Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV
  3. Super Donkey Kong 2 (Pirate Original)
  4. Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge
  5. Taito Basketball
  6. Airwolf
  7. Gekikame Ninja Den
Here there are the screenshots of the games that are not the same as on the previous multicart:

And now, here come the singlecarts.
Double Dragon 2
This is a regular TV GAME CARTRIDGE, with Cassette Remarks label on the back, which is kind of unusual, because usually, on these types of pirate carts, they usually don't glue anything on the back of the cartridge.
And, what's interesting is that the PCB inside is also made on EPROMs, as opposed to glob-tops.
There is a Japanese version of Double Dragon 2 inside, but the title screen is a bit glitchy, as the color palette is a bit screwed up. It's all in red, but it should be in different colors...
Other than that screw-up, the game is completely playable. :)

Next up is Super Lion King, by SuperGame.
This is not really an official cartridge of Super Lion King, from Sugar Softec. This cartridge was published by KaSheng, which can be identified by "NT" ID at the bottom right of the label.
It was expected that this version ommits Bug Toss, as it's not "original" copy of Super Lion King, but, to my surprise, it actually had Bug Toss bonus level! :O
Although, this version is slightly glitchy. The title screen and other screens, where this game works with green tilt on Famiclones. Other than that, thankfully, it works flawlessly when you play the actual levels. ;)

Next up is Mitsume ga Tooru, aka 3 Eyes Boy.
This is just a regular Mitsume ga Tooru game for Famicom. ;)

Next cartridge is Tank 1990. ON A SINGLE CARTRIDGE!
This is a regular hack of Battle City that can be found on many multicarts. But, you probably have never seen this game on a single cartirdge, right?
Well, here it is.
It's a hack, where you get more power-ups, like gun (equals three collected starts), ship (makes you able to go on water), and you can cut grass, if you collect some number of gun power-ups or star power-ups. Also, depending on what mode you choose, from 1A to 2N, the difficulty will increase, and enemies will be able to collect your power-ups!
Here's some interesting fact about this cartridge to you.
If you choose one of Tank modes and reset the console, you'll be sent to that mode, where the cursor was. Say for example, you go to Tank N, then reset the console, and you'll be sent to Tank N 1990 mod. Pretty cool, huh?

Next cartridge is (LD11) ASO
This is just ASO: Armored Scrum Object for Famicom, also known as Alpha Mission for NES. ;)
What's kind of unusual is that this pirate cart has the copyrights left in it, which is kind of funny imo.

Next cart is Duck Tales 2.
This is a great childhood classic! :)
One of my favourite games as a kid. And I think that it's much better than Duck Tales 1.
It's really rare game to find on official cart nowadays...
You have to find the pieces of map, that one of old relatives of Scrooge McDuck left long time ago, and solve the mystery, and find the hidden treasure.
The controls are better than in the first game, as you only have to hold B button to make a pogo stick appear, to use it for pogo jumps.
Also the music is very awesome. ;)
The gameplay is even more fun than what was in the first Duck Tales game in my opinion, even though I had both games as a kid.
What's kind of unfortunate, is that this game is in Japanese, and practically any other bootleg carts with this game would include only Japanese version, and if you tried to solve the mysterious secret in Egypt, it would be somewhat difficult to figure out what to do. :P
Oh well... I guess that if I learn Japanese any time in the future, this will no longer be the problem that I can't understand the text in this version.
And, yeah... This game is another one that is really loved in Russia, besides Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers 2, Tale Spin, Darkwing Duck, Battletoads series, Felix the Cat, etc..
But, it's Disney Capcom game, and all of Disney Capcom games are very awesome imo. ;)
Next game is... (LA24) Galaxian.
This is a regular bootleg singlecart of Galaxian, which I have on official cart, and on many pirate multicarts! Seriously! I have it on like 10 or more carts already.
I wanted to get this singlecart, because:
1) It got Cassette Remarks label on the back
2) It was a Whirlwind Manu bootleg cart, from the company that distributed many Famicom games back in 1980s-1990s. ;)
Also, as you can see, it got a pretty interesting end label, similar to the one I have on my Arumana no Kiseki cartridge. Maybe these two cartridges were distributed by the same company, who knows...
I was really surprised to see that this copy actually had the copyrights completely unchanged as well! :O
And it makes this cartridge very valuable in my collection. :)

Next up... is Choujikuu Yousai - Macross.
Just like Galaxian, it looks like a standard pirate cart, with Cassette Remarks label on the back.
And what's funny is that this cartridge also leaves copyrights completely unedited! :O
It's pretty awesome to say at least, not only that it's the cartridge with that cool label on the back, but also because pirates couldn't be arsed to change the copyrights. :)

Next up is Super Bros. 14.
Or to be more exact, this is that infamous hack of Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 3 - Taiketsu! Zouringen, known as Super Mario 14.
For more information about this hack, I'd recommend you to watch my playthrough of this hack I made like a year or so ago. ;)

We have a few more cartridges left! ;)
Next up is Tale Spin!
As I said earlier, when I was talking about Duck Tales 2, it's one of classic Disney Capcom games, based of TV show. :)
To be honest with you, I didn't watch Tale Spin as much as Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck or Duck Tales as a kid, so this cartoon is not really that memorable to me. But the actual game is pretty good. It's sort of like a scrolling shooter, but instead of always going into one direction, you can change the direction by pressing A button, so the screen would scroll to the left, as opposed to just right. ;)
It's very helpful, if you ask me. And just like in Darkwing Duck, there are some secret spots on levels, where you can get extra lives, and extra points. And, just like in Duck Tales 2, there is a shop at the end of each level, where you can get yourself upgraded. ;)

Next cart is Tiny Toon Adventures.
To tell you the truth, I never watched the actual TV show of Tiny Toon Adventures as a kid, and back then I actually had this game, but in a form of Felix vs. Jerry, where the character sprites were changed, but the text wasn't.
Obviously, later on, I got Tiny Toon Adventures on many other cartridges, including official Famicom cart. Here's the US version on a pirate cart.
Pretty good platformer with great music, graphics. ;)

And the last, but not least...
Super Contra 6-in-1.
This is a regular Super Contra, but in 6 variations of it. And these variations are basically what gun you start with. Unfortunately, in this pirate version, you can't start the game with the default weapon, you'll start with Machine Gun, if you pick the first option in the "Game Select" menu.
And there are basically what variations of Super Contra are included on this interesting cartridge:
  • Super Contra 1 - You start with Machine Gun
  • Super Contra 2 - You start with Spread Gun
  • Super Contra 3 -You start with Laser Gun
  • Super Contra 4 -You start with glitched up Fire Gun
  • Super Contra 5 -Practically the same as Super Contra 4(?)
  • Super Contra 6 -You start with the mixture of Laser and Fire Gun

Press Select to change game in the menu.

Well, that's about it!
Thanks for your attention, and see you soon! ;)
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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