13 November 2014

Pickups 19: Famicom Cartridges 19 (12.11.2014)

Hi everyone!
Yes, it's another post of my pickups. The thing is that the parcel with these cartridges came to me almost at the same time as the one I already made a post about yesterday, but I was able to take it today.
Yes, I got 6 cartridges today. One of the cartridges was requested by one of FamicomWorld users, so this cartridge will be sent to him in a soon time. ;)

So, let's just look at what I got more detailed.
Our first cart today is 1995 2-in-1 KE-002 cart, which includes Street Fighter 2 and Super Contra.
Street Fighter 2 here is actually Master Fighter 2, which is a hacked version of Street Figher II for Famicom, which was developed by Hummer Team and published by Yoko Soft, but this version removes the copyright info at the beginning of the game.
Also, it's worth pointing out, that you can't get back to the menu by reseting the console for some odd reason. You have to turn off/on the console to do that. *sigh* Lazyness of pirates in a nutshell...
Super Contra is exactly what it says in the tin. Although, you get the level select option at the beginnig, and you can choose levels with D-pad, by pressing Up or Down, which is quite useful, because this game is very difficult and a bit frustrating at times.
Here there are some screenshots from this cart:

Our next cart is Castle of Dragon.
Yes, as you can see, the front label is in really terrible condition, but that basically what was on the auction, where I got this cartridge from. I'll have to find a scans of pirate label, or maybe glue the edited original NES label, I don't know... I will think about it later.
Also, the cartridge case seems to be, what my good friend, MrNorbert1994, got where he lives, because most of his cartridges look like this, with the spot for end label, and a smaller spot on the back of the cart.
The cartridge case is pretty good though, and doesn't feel super cheap.
This is just Castle of Dragon, as it's known in the West. It's also known as Dragon Unit in Japan for Famicom. It was developed by Athena, and published by Athena in Japan, but in USA, it was published by SETA U.S.A.. Both versions were published in 1990.
And I actually had Dragon Unit as a kid. I liked the title screen music in it and the main BGM, but the game itself was really difficult, and if I remember correctly, you had only one life, so if you lost your health, you would be screwed!

Next cartridge is Battle City.
Yes, I got a bit different cartridge of this game. The artwork is pretty good, although I personally prefer what was on original label on official Namcot cart with Battle City, or the artwork on LA40 pirate cart I showed in the last post. ;)
I don't really need this cart, so if someone needs it, contact me somehow, and maybe we'll arrange the trading or something. :)

Next game is Cliffhanger.
This is a game, based of the movie. Not sure where exactly the label was taken, but it actually matches up very well with the game, so there's no complains here.
People say that this game is terrible. I am not sure what to say about it, as I haven't really played through it. I watched the LP of Kinaman, and the music kind of sucked. But the gameplay seemed not too bad.
Also, I should point out, that this is one of the few games that has problems with being played properly on Dendy Famiclones. For some odd reason, just like with Felix the Cat, and most Eurocom Entertainment Software games, this game displays video a lot darker, than it's supposed to.
I don't understand why this happens though. :(

This is the cartridge that was requested by one of FamicomWorld users.
JY-026B Mortal Kombat III Turbo
So, what we have here is the port of the first Mortal Kombat.
This cartridge, actually includes two versions of the same game: Mortal Kombat II Turbo, and Mortal Kombat III Turbo. Both of them were based of Mortal Kombat II, developed by Hummer Team for Famicom. There is a menu, once you start the cartridge, where you can choose between Mortal Kombat II Turbo and Mortal Kombat III Turbo. :)

The only major difference I've noticed between these two versions is that you get more people to fight with (in II, you get 9 people. In III, you get twice as much).
I have Mortal Kombat III Turbo on one of my cartridges, and from what I've played, it was quite decent imo. ;)

 The last, but not least... is F-1 Race!
This is a pretty interesting, and kind of odd bootleg cartridge of F-1 Race. Yes, it says LA16 TV GAME CARTRIDGE CASSETTE on the front, and shows the proper label.
But there are a few interesting things about it:
1) There is some sort of logo, which says "Family". I have no clue, what's that logo about, is it the company who distributed this cartridge? Hopefully, it's not the same company, who released Somari hack. XD
2) On the back, there is a clear sticker, which actually has the Japanese writing on it, just like what you'd get on any official Famicom cartridge (or casette, as Japan felt like calling them ;P).
3) There is some other sticker on the side. I can't read what is written on it, so, please, let me know what is being said on it. ;)

But, yeah, other than those three things, this is just a regular pirate of F-1 Race.
I still have like 3 or 4 parcels to get delivered to me, so I will write about them much later. Look forward to more pickups. ;)
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  1. If you still have that Battle City game I want to do a trade for it.