12 November 2014

Pickups 18: Famicom Cartridges 18 (11.11.2014)

And, I picked up Famicom carts, as usual. I don't think that it begs an explanation, why I get myself lots of Famicom stuff. ;)

So, without delaying anyone, let's just go on and show you what I got. :)

So, in total, I got 8 cartridges, 2 of them for a friend, the others for me. :D
I will show you the cartridges in the exact order, as they are presented on the photo.

Let's start with Warpman.
This is just a standard pirate of Warpman for Famicom. Originally released by Namcot in 1984-1985, I can't remember when exactly. This game always reminded me a bit of Battle City, but it takes place in the space, instead of battle zone. Very fun game, that can also be played with your friend at the same time. ;)
Definitely one of my favourite early Famicom exclusives, which you should check out!

Next up is 1994 (insert some chinese text here) 4-in-1.
It has 4 NROM games included on a cartridge. This is a reset-based multicart, so it has no menu, and to switch games, you just reset the console, and that's it. ;)

It includes the following games:

  • Super Arabian
Sadly, this is the worst game out of all included. The main problem is that the hit detection as well as controls and level designs are rubbish.
When you make a kick to kill the enemy, most of the time you just lose the kick and you are likely to get hit from enemy, and you'll die.
As for controls, the first problem is that A button is kick, B button is jump. Usually it's the other way around, and for most people, it's a real bitch.
Level designs is probably the problem I should have started my talk about how bad this game is. You have to collect letters to spell the word in 5 letters. It sounds like a decent concert of gameplay, until you get to level 3 or PAGE 3 as this game feels like calling them.
The level designs of level 3 simply turns this game from mediocre to one of the worst games ever made. How are you supposed to get on the carpets without falling down? How are you supposed to kick the enemies that are on carpet without failing? Another illogical thing is that to get to the other side of the screen, while riding on carpet, you have to jump! SERIOUSLY, SUNSOFT!! HOW COULD YOU CREATE SUCH AN AWESOME GAME, KNOWN AS GIMMICK, AS DESIGN THIS AWFUL PIECE OF RUBBISH??!!
Fuck this game, never even bother playing it!

  • Pooyan
An arcade port of Konami's game, done by Hudson Soft for Famicom. You have to shoot at balloons that wolves are holding on. If you aren't fast enough, they'll start climbing the house to knock you out, or climb up on the platform to throw a rock at you. :P
This is a pretty decent game. I have it on quite a few other multicarts, but this one, like the previous game, has the copyrights left in, which is rather odd for pirate cart, especially considering the fact that this is an early Famicom game, because pirates usually remove copyrights in these games, but here they didn't bother, as well as in other game.
Gameplay video:

  • Popeye

An arcade port of Popeye to Famicom.
You have to collect notes and other stuff that Olive Oyl drops to you, and dodge Brutus and his attacks. I personally don't really like this game, because this game has always been to difficult to me to play. I rarely can beat level 1 without losing a life. :(

  • Raid on Bungeling Bay

A pretty simple game, ported from arcades to many other systems of 1980s.
You play as a helicopter and you have to blow up factories and destroy other random helicopters on your way.
Created by Will Wright, who later design life simulator games, like SimCity and The Sims.
For some odd reason, I always found this game kind of confusing. I am not really sure why, because the gameplay concept is very simple and fun. I will never know why this game confuses me to these days. :(

Next up is Street Fighter 2010.
But this version is special, because it gives you the level select at the beginning from area 1 to 8. To be honest, I've never played this game before, so I don't know if there are exactly 8 areas in this game. Please, let me know, how good this game is, how many level it has and all that stuff.

Next game is Chip and Dale 3.
I love how this cartridge has two "nostalgic" stickers from 1990s, left by original owner of this cartridge. I am not gonna rip them out, as I think that they are kind of cool looking. Also, there's no anything special on the back, just an empty space on the plastic case, so, why not? :P
Yes, this is an infamous Heavy Barrel hack, with two famous chipmunks in it.
And, let me post here by bullshitty advertising of this game. ;)
"One of the best games ever! Why??
Because, you are playing as Chip and blue Dale!
And you can use firethrowers along with bombs!
That's something you have never seen in the first two NES games, let alone the TV show.
Try this game out if you haven't yet!

*Made in China.
*Dendy Steepler Ltd.-exclusive!
*Only released in Asia and some Eastern Europe countries!
*Compatible with Nintendo Famicom (or any 60-pin 8-bit Famicom clones)!"

Next cartridge is 3-in-1 multicart.
It includes Earthworm Jim 2, Tiny Toon Adventures and Gekikame Ninja Den.
This is SuperGame's version of Earthworm Jim 2. I have been really looking forward to getting this game on a cartridge, and finally got it. :)
I think that this port is decent. At least it got the music that doesn't suck, unlike in Shin-Shin Electronics' port. As for levels... Well, I haven't played through this game in a while, but I have heard that it still has some levels missing from original game. The controls are a bit slowed down...
I will definitely try to play through this port in the future. :)

Here there are other games, included on the cartridge.

Here's the next cart.
Super Ball Series III 11-in-1.

Sadly, this multicart is not as great as I expected it to be, as I thought that there would be a bit more ball games, like Soccer, Pinball, Volleyball, 10-Yard Fight, etc..
But, this one only has Lunar Ball, Magic Jewelry, Track & Field (game events are separated as their own unique games in the menu). Oh well... Better than nothing I suppose. :P

Battle City
This is just a standard bootleg cart of Battle City from Whirlwind Manu. It has the awesome "Cassette Remarks" label on the back, which I like quite a lot on these early pirate carts. Not sure on how well you can see the text to read it, but it has some funny Engrish on it.

The last, but not least is Eliminator Boat Duel.

Someone even put a sticker of Silvester Stallone on the back. Another cart with such "nostalgic" stickers, and I am not going to rip out that sticker, just like with Chip and Dale 3. ;)
This is a racing game, although I haven't played it that much. I will play this game much later to see how good it is, but according to my great friend from Hungary, this is a pretty awesome game. :)

That's about it for my current pickups!
Thanks for reading. ;)
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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