7 November 2014

Pickups 17: Famicom Cartridges 17 (05.11.2014)

Ohai everyone! :D
I got a few more Famicom awesomeness recently.

So, I got the following carts:

- the mysterious PCB
- Aladdin (A-N2)
- Supervision 64-in-1
- Gekikame Ninja Den (LH82)

All of these carts are bootleg ones, as you can perfectly see on the photo.

So, let's start with that PCB...

It looks not too bad for 1990s. You see three globs, and one EPROM. It's half-decent as I said. ;)

And inside we got Felix the Cat, the game published in October 1992. Developed by Shimada Kikaku, who also made Kero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2 game for Famicom, which is quite similar to Felix the Cat. ;)
So, people, make up your mind! And don't confuse one of those games as a rip-off of another one! :P

It's one of the most loved games for Dendy in Russia! Everyone I know has ever played this game at some point. Some people have nostalgic memories about it, playing it on their bootleg carts back in 1990s, some people like music in it, etc., etc..
That's why I decided to make a VGM video about this game, in PAL speed as well, which you can check out here:

I personally like this game too. Pretty simple and straight-forward gameplay, great music, and atmospheric graphics will keep you occupied with this game. Also, the difficulty is low, and you get a lot of extra lives on your way, so you won't find yourself losing all the extra lives and getting Game Over when you play this game, even if you play it for the first time. :P
Unfortunately, on our good-old Dendy Famiclones, this game shows up a lot darker, than it's supposed to be. It must be some problem with PPU of our clones. I am not really sure, but this game works perfectly fine on original Famicom and early Famiclones, like Pegasus Family Video Game for example. ;)

Here's our next cart. At first sight, you might get confused with the label, and think that it must be the game, based of "Aladdin: Return of Jafar", or something similar to that. At least, that's what I would have thought, when I first saw this cartridge. Quite frankly, our thoughts would be wrong, that this game could be based of classic Disney's Aladdin cartoon, and instead we would get this...

Yes, it's Magic Carpet 1001 from Caltron 6-in-1 NES multicart, but with a hacked title screen and copyright year. Original game was also released on Famicom singlecarts, so pirates probably took the original Famicom cart with this game, hacked it to Aladdin and called it a day. The only connection between this game and Aladdin that I can see is that they both are riding on a carpet. That's pretty much it. :(
Very mediocre shooter. Don't even bother with it.

And yes, Supervision 64-in-1 must be the next cart, but I decided to leave it for last, and will quickly talk about other singlecart that you could notice on the photo. ;)

Yes, it's good-old TMNT game, in its Japanese form, known as Gekikame Ninja Den. You can see that pirates used original Famicom label for their pirate carts, but they kind of failed with editing it. Why? Well... look at Raphael. You can notice the part of "Family Computer" written in Japanese, which pirates failed to remove fully. Plus, look at Donatello's stick. There used to be some copyright stuff, where his stick is, but they removed any copyright text, and you can clearly see that there. They didn't even color these parts that they edited, where the stick is...
And that "LH82" label ID makes me think that this is actually a cart from Whirlwind Manu, the company that distributed many early Famicom games on their pirate carts. They also did some FDS conversions. ;)
But, let's not go off-topic completely. Here's how the title screen looks like:

And those "0"s that appear on the top of the screen... they only appear if you play this game on PAL Famiclone. They don't appear, when you play this game on original Famicom. I tested it with my other bootleg cart.
Also, there is one interesting cheat that pirates added to the game.
Press "Select" a certain number of times, and push Start, and you'll get warped to the next stage. Depending on how much times you pressed "Select" button, the later stage you'll get to.
For example: Press "Select" once -> You go to level 2. Press "Select" twice -> You go to level 3, and so on...
Here's the video demonstration of that cheat in action (on real Famicom as well):

Now, onto the most interesting cart out of all (imo at least):

This is Supervision 64-in-1. What's so unique about this cart, you might ask? Well, this multicart, unlike those 9999-in-1 or whatever, actually has a lot of games on it, without much of repeats.
It has 53 original games, and the rest 11 of them are repeats. Yes, any multicart you come across will have at least one repeat. You can't just espace from that!...
Ok, on the label, you can only see Legend of Kage, Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima, Tetris, Star Soldier and some chinese text, but inside you get quite a good list of games.

Also, worth pointing out, that this cart came in pretty shitty condition. You can see an annoying crack of the cartridge case right on the label, where the character from Star Soldier is shown. That's the reason, why I don't feel like buying TV Game Cartridges (even though I buy some for my friend, because of his requests), because their build quality is not really great... Practically most of TV Game carts I have, are all in glue tape. :(

But, anyway... I fixed that annoying crack problem by glue tapping it inside, and now it's a bit better. ;)

Here's the list of games:

You can see that they marked repeats in white color, and the original non-repeat games in yellow, which is really nice. Of course, their 110-in-1 multicart is better, but I think that 64-in-1 multicart is also pretty good. I guess it was really valuable multicart back in 1990s, as it had quite a lot of good early Famicom games on it. Didn't you just want to play something really simple and not too complicated, like pretty decent arcade ports for Famicom? This multicart is what you would get back in 1990s, and I think that it does its job very well.
I don't know if I will review this multicart at any time soon, and how interesting it's going to be to people, as many people reviewed multicarts similar to this one already. Maybe I will... but not in the near future. :/

Well... that's about it for my pickups! See you later! ;)
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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