3 November 2014

Pickups 15: Sega Mega Drive + cartridges 1 & Famicom Cartridges 15 (08.10.2014)

Hello everyone!
I haven't posted anything on my blog for like a month. I am sorry for such delay, but today I decided to post some stuff that I got recently in such break from posting anything here.

I got myself a "new" console, which is Sega Mega Drive 2.
Well, at first sight, it might look a legit Japanese Sega Mega Drive 2, but it actually isn't. It's just a clone system, that makes a good job at copying original SMD2 console case.
You can see that there are two switched added, that weren't presented in original console. One of them is for NTSC/PAL, which presumably switches from NTSC to PAL, but this console is PAL region one. (the switch is located near the black sticker).
The other NTSC/PAL switch is located at the bottom of the console, and it basically changes the region for games. Let's say that you got a PAL Mega Drive game, that doesn't boot on NTSC hardware, so you just change the switch to PAL, and you are good to go. Same thing with Japanese Mega Drive game. Say, you have some Japanese Mega Drive game in your possesion, but it works only on JPN NTSC region. So, you just change the region through this switch on the back. :)
Pretty convinient, to say at least.
And... as it should be expected, I got some cartridges for Mega Drive. The cartridge cases seemed to be shaped, like Genesis carts, but that console is region-free, and it doesn't have any tabs in the cartridge case to keep you from inserting the cartridge of different region in it.
I got the following games:

  • Aladdin (the label is torn-out, but the game itself works very well)
  • Contra: Hard Corps (RUS translation, done by Shedevr. Ported to cartridge, without any agreement from Shedevr translating fan group themselves)
  • Sonic the Hedgehod (No Sega logo, and 40 lives are given at the beginning of the game)
  • Sonic the Hedgehod 3 (RUS translation, presumably without any save battery)
  • Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure (RUS translation)

And also I got some naked PCBs without any cartridge case. I got 7 of them. Even though, you can't tell what games are included on them, I will just write down the games I got on these carts.

  • Turbo Outrun
  • Super H.Q.
  • Flintstones (RUS translation)
  • Lion King (huge big-ass PCB in the middle)
  • Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants (RUS translation)
  • Robocop vs. Terminator
  • Jurassic Park

And, of course, since I got the console and games, I also got the controller, AV cords and power adapter with it.
Power adapter works very well, even though you can see the glue tape on the cord,
AV cords, while work very well, the wires are very cheap and thin. I found better AV cords from my friend, who used to play Mega Drive back in 1990s, and who I played Dendy for the first time from. ;)
The controller, while works well, the C button presses, but you don't get a feeling to it. Plus the mode button is kind of broken. Again, I got a better controller from the same friend, the black one, which also says "SEGA" on it, and works well, even though nobody has used it for like 10 years.

So I am really glad to get Mega Drive myself and a couple of games.
One game that I am still looking forward to getting is Doraemon - Yume Dorobouto 7 Nin No Gozansu for Mega Drive. Complete in box as well. ;)
Let's hope that I can actually get myself this game in the near future.

Here's the little video/audio test of my SMD clone. :)
(sorry for audio coming only from right speaker!)

I can't tell how good the video and sound are, compared to original. :(
But I think that there are some differences to be noticed here. But I think that video and audio are quite decent for a clone, at least.

And, yeah... If you knew me very well, you'd know that I love Famicom/Famiclone stuff, so I got myself some cartridges as well. ;)
  • Aladdin - MMC3 mapper hacked version of Hummer Team port, so no music or animation. >_>
  • Galaga - This pirate cart retains original Namco copyrights! It's really unusual for pirare carts. My other copy (LA45) doesn't have copyrights. Also pirate multicarts I have which include this game don't have copyrights as well. :P
  • Turtle Ninja 2 - It's actually TMNT2: The Arcade Game, without title screen or copyrights, but it has 9 lives at the beginning.
  • TMNT: Tournament Fighters - Got myself this copy, because my other one was freezing on character screen on the demo, before the title screen. This one seems to work alright though.
And here there are some photos from TV screen for some convinience. ;)


  1. Hi, I was looking for exactly the same clone, but the only one i can find, doesn't have the sega logo on it and i want one just like yours. Could you, please, tell me where to purchase one? Great blog, tho. I love it. :)

  2. Hi, I was looking for exactly the same clone, but the only one i can find, doesn't have the sega logo on it and i want one just like yours. Could you, please, tell me where to purchase one? Great blog, tho. I love it. :)