7 October 2014

Pickups 13: Famicom Cartridges 13 (29.09.2014)

Hello, everyone!
Here's yet another post of new Famicom cartridges pickups. I am sorry that I haven't made this post on time, I was kind of busy with university stuff, and only got a little bit of free time to actually make this post.

I got these two carts from trade from my YouTube friend, kevinhwsohn.
I sent him two of my carts, Mighty Final Fight bootleg cart, and Mario 4-in-1 (Mario's Missing, Mario 10, Mario 14, Mario 16).

These two bootleg carts were made back in 1980s-1990s. At least one of these cartridges says that it was made back in 1992.
So, here's what I got from him:

  • 1992 16-in-1 (Mario IV, Daiku no Gen San, Snow Bros.)
  • Almana no Kiseki (FDS conversion)

The first cartridge is a multicart, and like many other multicarts you'd come across, this one has lots of repeats on it. But those repeats are actually level select hacks, so if you pick one of the games in the menu, that is a repeat, you'll be sent to another stage. It may be pretty handy at times.
Mario 4 is a rare hack of Armadillo, the Famicom-exclusive game. This hack was pretty much the reason why I decided to get this multicart, because, as you probably know, I like these weird Mario pirated hacks. ;)
Daiku no Gen San is a Japanese version of Hammerin' Harry, but without copyrights.
Snow Bros. is a hacked Japanese version, which gives you 7 lives at the beginning of the game.

As for Almana no Kiseki, this game was only released on Famicom Disk System. But this cartridge is a rare FDS conversion, apparently, made by Whirlwind Manu, the company whih distributed many early Famicom games on their bootleg carts under different ID labels, like "LA19", "LB35", "LF01", etc.. Besides that, they also ported a few FDS games to Famicom cartridges, like Super Mario Bros. 2, Zanac, Almana no Kiseki, etc..
This version doesn't have expansion soundchip that was presented in original FDS version! So the music sounds inferior to original version. But I am glad that I have at least one FDS conversion now! :D
I wish I could have Super Mario Bros. 2 FDS conversion, but I think that I will be able to get it some time later.
This cartridge also got "Cassette Remarks" sticker on the back, which, for some odd reason, I love a lot. These types of bootleg carts with "Remarks" or "Cassette Remarks" are the most valuable pirate carts to me. ;)

Here there are videos of our unboxing stuff!


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