2 September 2014

Videogame Collection 7: NES Cartridges (31.08.2014)

So, here it is the post about my collection of NES cartridges...
And before you ask: "Why do I have very few NES carts?", I am more a fan of Japanese Famicom carts (or old pirated carts from 1980s-1990s for that matter), as because I said it million times before:
1) They are more compact and don't take too much space.
2) They were released in different colors, rather than just dull grey, like NES carts.
3) It's more practical to me to buy official Famicom carts, rather than NES carts, because of the fact, that many Eastern Europe countries, and a few Asian countries, except for Japan (maybe?), got cheap Famicom clones, which were really wide-spread back in 1980s-1990s, that you can even find some of these in thrift store easily.
4) Usually Japanese releases of games tend to be better, than North American NES releases. It's not like an often case, but most of the games indeed are better on Famicom, like Akumajou Densetsu, rather than Castlevania III - Dracula's Curse, for example... There are many other examples to this statement, but this is the game that immediately came to my mind. ;)

So, here there are all the NES carts I own now.
Yes, I don't own that many, but I got most of these as a trade, from good YouTube friend, KishiroKazecuh.
So, I don't own just NTSC NES carts, two of them are actually PAL copies, but I will list them down below, so you can get a general idea about these carts ;)

-Dr.Mario [NTSC]
-Jackal [NTSC]
-Kickle Cubicle [NTSC]
-Rad Racer [PAL]
-Road Blasters [NTSC]
-Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt [NTSC]
-Super Mario Bros. 2 [NTSC]
-Super Mario Bros. 3 [PAL]
-Tetris [NTSC]

I don't own that many carts, but, at least, for now, I have the 72-to-60 pin adapter to be able to play those carts on my Famicom and Famiclones just fine. Although I was thinking of getting PAL NES, or NES clone, like Entertainment Computer System or Computer Video Game to play these without any need for using the adapter, and mine doesn't work well sometimes, and I have to take out and insert the cartridge all over again to be able to play these carts without any graphical glitches all over the screen.
Gameboy cartridges collection post will be my next one. ;)

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