11 September 2014

Pickups 12: Famicom Cartridges 12 (11.09.2014)

Here it is another post of the gaming stuff I got recently.
I got a few Famicom cartridges from trading.
The guy, who sent me these carts is Prokman, aka. Дмитрий Прокин, one of the friends of mine on the net. Thanks to him.

So, here there are these cartridges I got:
*YH-3115 3-in-1

  1. Adventure Island 2 (US)
  2. Adventure Island 3 (JP, hacked version to have 2 of each object at the beginning of the game)
  3. Adventure Island 4

*YH-4248 4-in-1

  1. Street Fighter 12P (the worst port of Street Fighter you'll ever find for Famicom)
  2. Monster in my Pocket
  3. Bubble Bobble 2 (JP, the intro sequence is skipped, goes straight to the title screen)
  4. Kick Master

*YH-475 4-in-1

  1. Street Figher 56P (Street Fighter 12P again)
  2. Super Contra (24-in-1 menu)
  3. Double Dragon 2 (JP)
  4. Ninja Ryukenden 2 (Ninja Gaiden 2 JP)

*KY9001 9-in-1

  1. Mortal Combat 4(5)
  2. Mortal Combat 5 (with music on the title screen)
  3. Spiderman (cutted down version, which removes some of the graphics)
  4. Dr Mario
  5. Pac-Man (glitchy scrolling)
  6. Tennis
  7. Donkey Kong 3 (says Gorilla 3 on the title screen)
  8. Tank A 1990 (sadly with no modes from A to N, like on my 35-in-1)
  9. Road Fighter

*KY9006 9-in-1

  1. Mortal Combat 18P (Turbo Mortal Kombat III, aka. Mortal Kombat II)
  2. Mighty Final Fight (JPN version)
  3. Digi Monster II (Urusei Yatsura hack)
  4. Mickey Mouse (JPN version)
  5. Adventure Island (JPN version)
  6. Zippy Race
  7. 1942
  8. Twin Bee (not sure if it has the glitchy background from level 4, maybe it does have)
  9. Field Combat

*KT91504 15-in-1

  1. King of Fighters 97
  2. Snow Bros. (JPN version)
  3. Karnov
  4. Wild Gunman
  5. Super Mario (EUR version)
  6. Dig Dug (I love how they used Doraemon for the cover for no apparent reason, plus he has ears here, but usually you see him w/out them)
  7. Mappy
  8. Track & Field

I am getting a few more Famicom carts soon, so look forward to the next post of my new pickups.
As for these cartridges, I will make videos about some of them on my YouTube channel when I can. ;)

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