13 September 2014

Happy 29th anniversary, Super Mario Bros. (13.09.2014)

NOTE: When I published this post, it was 0:10, 13.09.2014 already, according to the timezone where I live! ;)

Happy 29th anniversary to the videogame that everybody has played who owned a NES, Famicom, or Famiclones, like me, which is... SUPER MARIO BROTHERS! :D

Japanese Famicom cartridge.
The boxart for North American NES cartridge.

Well, most of you have played it on NES, in a form of 2-in-1 multicart with Duck Hunt on it.
As for me, I didn't have a NES back then, I had a Famiclone, called GameStar, that looked like Sega Mega Drive 2, the Japanese version, but it played Famicom cartridges instead of Sega Genesis/Mega Drive ones!
You can check out the videos about it here:

Unfortunately, the console is in pretty bad condition now. The door hinges it used to have have been broken and lost a long time ago. The Sega CD protector is also lost (yes, this famiclone even had that thing, just like in official Mega Drive 2). But, I am glad that it's in working condition. It needs repairing... but still... no matter how bad this Famiclone is, compared to other Famiclones, I absolutely love it, and will never throw away to the garbage. :P
And, my first cartridge was 10-in-1 Blue Multicart. :D

My first Famiclone (and the first console ever in my life somewhere from 1990s). Nostalgia... ^_^
My first NES/Famicom cartridge ever!

It has Galaxian, Galaga, Battle City, Bomberman, Karateka, Yie Ar Kung Fu, F-1 Race, Duck Hunt, Wild Gunman, and of course Super Mario Bros.
Although, unlike on most pirate carts with this game, mine had the proper title screen. It wasn't hacked out, or hacked to the title screen to say "2". It said "Super Mario Bros", but had no "1985 Nintendo" copyright.

Aside from that, it played like a real Famicom/NES version.
It's my very first cartridge ever, and I really love it. :D
I even made a review about this multicart in 2012, but it was so terrible that I had to remove it from YouTube, and only the gameplay footage is left from that video.
You can check out that footage here:

And, as you might have guessed, I didn't play this game at proper NTSC speed. I played it at PAL speed, and I still mostly play this game at PAL Famiclone speed. :)
I don't have any problems with that. It is a little bit slower, but who cares about the speed?! :P
Here it's how the main theme in this game sounds like, if the game is played at a bit slower speed:
Feel free to disagree with me, but I love the music in this game at PAL speed.

It used to be my real life friend's favourite game back in 1990s, when he played these NES games, and that cartridge with 10 games on it was the first one I've tried on that Mega Drive looking console. ;)
And from what I can recall, it's the first NES game I've ever beaten. And, for me, it remains one of most favourite classic games for NES. And if you can't beat the first level or die on the first goomba continuously, you must be a fucking retard or something!! It's not a difficult game! Practise, goddamnit!

Well, for me it was difficult when I played it the first time, but I remember that I didn't run to the first goomba when I played this game for the first time...
The best I could get in it without warps is something like World 4.
With warps, World 8 was pain in the ass. But after some patience and little practise and having fire flower and figuring out the correct ways in World 8-4, I managed to beat the game.
Those mazes were probably the most annoying things about the game itself, but other than that... Just collect fire flower, and don't get hit from enemies or fall down into the pit, and you will be good to go.
Very awesome classic game, that everyone must play! If you haven't played it or don't know what this game is, then why are you even following me on the internet??

Also... yes, I pointed out that this game was released on multicarts.
Well, this is probably the most common game to be found on pirated carts. Seriously, I have something like 10 or something pirate carts, including those "over-nine-thousand"-in-1 types of carts!

But, you know...
When I got gained an interest in collecting cartridges again in 2012 or something, I got this game on official Famicom cart :D
And, in fact, that was one of the first games I got on official Japanese Famicom carts. Also, besides the actual cart, I got the manual for it, the scans of which you can see on my blog. ;)
Later, I got this game on official NES multicart, which also had Duck Hunt. Even though I don't collect NES carts, and prefer official Japanese carts, or old bootleg Famicom carts from 80s-90s, I wanted to get that 2-in-1 cart just for collection. :D
Also, it's one of the most hacked games on NES. If you are bored of original game, and want something more out of it, you can check out some great hacks, like After World 8, Super Mario Bros. XXXXX, Extra Mario Bros., etc..
There exist some pirate hacks of it, like Pandamar, Mush Room, Pka Chu, but you'd better skip these ones. ;)

And, yes, I should also mention that not only this game was released on famicom multicarts, but also on single carts.
In Russia, this game was released on singlecarts from Steepler (the company who distributed Famiclones, Sega MD clones, real SNES, real GB, and other gaming stuff back in 1992-1996) as TV GAME CARTRIDGE CASSETTE LB35.
The Front Side.
The Back Side. Love that "Cassette Remarks" label :D
It had a label taken from Famicom cartridge, but it was edited: all the copyrights are taken out, as well as Mario on the cover.
Inside, there would be a hacked version, that calls the game "2".
What are the changes between this hacked version and original:
1) Different title screen
2) It says SCORE instead of MARIO (although they didn't do that for LUIGI, so when you play as LUIGI, it will still say LUIGI)
3) You can start on any world or level you want. From 1-1 to 8-4
4) Some of the music was messed up. Listen to Underwater theme and Rescuing Toad/Princess theme in this video:

On other pirate carts, other than LB35 version I have just written about, there exist versions, where the title screen is just taken out, but it says MARIO on the title screen, the music is fine and you can't select any world.

I should also point out, that this game inspired the anime in Japan about Mario and Luigi rescuing Princess Toadstool, which you can watch here (english subtitles version):
I'd say that, this anime is worth watching for all Super Mario Bros. fans, even if you are not a fan of Japanese animes. ;)

Also, there were different sequels to this game, as well as spin-offs. I don't think that, if we are talking about Famicom Piracy, it's worth mentioning that pirates decided to hack other NES/Famicom games to Mario. You should watch Dendy Chronicles #1-#3
So, you can learn more about Mario games in my country. :D

That's it pretty much... I don't know what else I can say, other than...
Happy 29th anniversary, Super Mario Bros! Thank you, Nintendo! Thank you, Shigeri Myamoto for such an awesome classic game!!
Have a nice day everyone!!!

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