12 August 2014

Videogame Music 2: [Un-officials] (20 Aug 2012 - 10 Aug 2014)

So, since I have already added the music videos here from official Famicom games, here come the music videos from unlicensed games or Famicom multicarts ;)

9999999-in-1 KD-6037-B [Famicom]
.mp3: (not available)

My comment: I got this multicart along with Simba's Famiclone, that was shaped like original Famicom, but it was grey and dark grey. That Famiclone was pretty much a piece of shit, because it had a bad DPCM sound, which made the music in some games, like Kyatto Ninden Teyandee completely screwed up. Also, the video quality was pretty meh. Thankfully later I got better Famiclones from 1990s and a real Famicom, which are much better than Simba's Famiclone, if you ask me ;)
This multicart is nothing special, there are only about less than 10 games included, and the other "games" are just repeats. I decided to make a music video of this multicart just for fun, and it's in fact my first Videogame Music video I've uploaded on my YouTube channel! So it's not really perfect as you might guess...

300in1 (9999in1) [Famicom]
.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5xhjcbxd6uxge95/Famicom%20Multicart%20Music%20-%209999-in-1%20Unchained%20Melody.mp3

My comment: This multicart is a good-old classic from our childhood! :D
The music that plays in the menu is the 8-bit cover of Unchained Melody, the original version of which is pretty good in its own right!
I'd say that every person who owned Dendy Famiclone or any other Famiclone in Eastern European countries back in 1990s, had this multicart in any form. Of course, it only has less than 10 games, and other games are repeats, but the music in this multicart is simply one of the most nostalgic tunes, as well as the backgronuds that are used for each page of the menu may simply make up for not having too much games here, as it's advertised on the label.
I have about 3 or 4 cartridges at the moment which have this same multicart, but the number of repeats vary from one multicart to another... But the list of games is the same for the most part. Battle City (or Tank 1990), Duck Hunt and Wild Gunman are included on all of them, but there are also other games included on them, such as Tetris by Tengen, Super Mario Bros., Dr.Mario, Galaxian, Lunar Ball, Dr. Mario. It's not bad for the first Famiclone cartridge that would come bundled with your Famiclone, but I simply wish there would be more games included...

Super Mario Bros. (Bootleg) [Famicom]
.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jhaakfvj0d0snz2/Super%20Mario%20Bros.%20%28Pirated%20TV%20GAME%20CARTRIDGE%20CASETTE%20LB35%29%20-%20Extended%20Glitched%20up%20saving%20toad%20music.mp3

My comment: At first you'll ask: "Is there any need to make a music video about this game? Everybody knows it!".
But, what you probably don't know is that there was a pirated version: LB35 TV GAME CARTRIDGE CASSETTE, which is Mario game, but without any copyrights, with the different title screen, level select cheat right from the beginning. During the progress of screwing around in the game, the pirates managed to screw up two soundtracks. Those are the underwater theme and the theme when you save a Toad or Princess. Just listen to them! That's some serious shit going on there!
In fact this version could be found on practically any multicart you can think of, including these extensive multicarts, like 150-in-1 Real Game or 245-in-1 Real Game. And we had this game on singlecart by Steepler Ltd., who distributed video game consoles in our country!

9999999-in-1 (p2) [Famicom]
.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9t76nm1rajl0uuf/Famicom%20Multicart%20Music%20-%209999999-in-1%20Can%20You%20Feel%20The%20Love%20Tonight.mp3

My comment: "ANOTHER. FUCKING. MULTICART." - MrNorbert1994. ;)
It's another one of those multicarts that came bundled with many Famiclones in 1990s.
The music is "Can you feel the love tonight?" in 8bit. I kind of like it to be honest with you ;)
The backgrounds are taken from the SuperGame port of The Lion King for Famicom.

Super 190-in-1 (Supervision) [Famicom]
.mp3: (not available)

My comment: Nothing much to say :/
It was just a user requested video, and I feel that I forgot to add one more soundtrack here from the multicart, therefore this video is a piece of rubbish.
The music is from Booby Kids for Famicom, but some of it was used here as well ;)
As far as I can tell, this multicart has 100 early original NES/FC games, and the rest are the hacks of them.

2-in-1 YH208 [Famicom]
.mp3: (not available)

My comment: Some random music I can't identify.
The multicart has Aladdin from Hummer Team (sadly the mapper hack, which ommits most of the music and doesn't have the animated backgrounds), and Batman Returns.

Block Force [Famicom]
(C) 1990 RCM Group
Music: Hwang Shinwei

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m3445fl3j7iib6u/Block%20Force%20%28RCM%29%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: The unlicensed game by RCM group.
It's a complete ripoff of Quarth, but it plays pretty good imo.
I've never had Quarth in my childhood, so this was my version of "Quarth" I've played a lot back then...
The music is used in many other games by RCM, like Magic Jewelry, 3D Block, etc..

Various multicarts [Famicom]
.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yqot7i46ml423fq/Famicom%20Multicart%20Music%20-%2055-in-1.mp3

My comment: I quite liked the music in these "cheap-ass motherfucking pieces of crap" multicarts, so I decided to make one video about them ;)
One of the soundtracks is one of Beethoven's Symphonies, which is rendered very well for 8-bit Nintendo Famicom hardware. But I don't know what the other soundtracks are. If you know them, please, let me know that in the comment section down below.

Duck Maze (aka. Duck) [NES/Famicom]
.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/znh02l59qwhcwyw/Duck%20%28Bit%20Corp%29%20-%20Main%20OST.mp3

My comment: The main OST of one of the first unlicensed games ever released for Famicom. The first unlicensed game was Super Maruo, which was some sort of 8-bit porn. It's really rare and expensive to find it on the actual cartridge. I think that Duck is also not very common to find on a single cartridge for the decent price, but you can find it on any sorts of multicarts like 245-in-1 Real Game, or 400-in-1 Real Game.
The game itself is just a rip-off of Penguin Land. The original game wasn't that great, so as this rip-off...
Mainly, because this game is really difficult, and if you screw up once, you have to start the level all over again...

Fire Dragon [Famicom]
(C) GamTec
Music: ???

.mp3: (not available)

My comment: This is pretty much a Snake clone, but a really bad one. First of all, the music is really irritating, and the fact that this game exists on the NES... is just weird. On mobile phones, this wasn't a bad idea to have this game, to spend some quick time playing it, but it's certainly a bad idea to have it on NES, given the fact that there are far better puzzle games, than this one.
Also, if you desperately need a good Snake clone for Nintendo, Nibbles could be a good one. Considering the fact that it's a homebrew, it's decent enough. There also exists Greedy, a Snake clone by NiceCode, which can be found on their DreamGear plug and play systems, and 400-in-1 Real Game multicart I covered on this blog, but that one managed to be worse, because the music is even more terrible, and the graphics seem to be done, like it is not NES, but some other system which is much older than NES...
I also recorded the music in PAL speed with PAL NES sound pitch, just to annoy people, who hate playing NES games in PAL speed. :P

Porter (Caltron 6-in-1) [NES]
(C) 1992 Caltron Ind.Inc.
Music: Martino

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/b5ou8hb2dt2svaf/Porter%20%28Caltron%206-in-1%29%20%5BNES%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: It's fairly decent Sokoban clone, and very simple one, although it's not like one of the greatest games ever made, but it's playable, and the music is good, even though there are only three soundtracks in the actual game. You might actually enjoy playing through this one for a few minutes.
It was released on a rare Caltron 6-in-1 multicart for NES, and rare Asder 20-in-1 for Famicom, where the copyrights are changed to Asder, instead of Caltron. But I have this game on 400-in-1 Real Game in a form of two hacks: one of them being a color palette hack, where it's completely screwed up and everything is grey and pink, but it's called Porter there, no name change; another one being a hack, where the music is changed as well, but it sounds much worse if you ask me, also you play there as a bug or something, the hack is called Shifter.

Super Aladdin [Famicom]
(C) SuperGame
Music: Victor Chen

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mvmj2eu8s30b3l0/Super%20Aladdin%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Here we get a pretty good port of Aladdin from Mega Drive. Thanks to Doommaster1994 who could find out the information about who composed the music to these SuperGame ports, and it turned out that Victor Chen is the one who made these awesome conversions to 8-bit Famicom hardware.
One problem here is that the title screen can't be heard in full when you play the actual game, because the music gets interrupted by the demo sequence. Other than that, thankfully there exist .nsf files on the net, that let you listen to the music in full.
Also, I'd say that this is the best port of Mega Drive Aladdin game. There exists one by NMS Software, that was official one for NES, which was only released in Europe, but it was pretty bad, as the graphics were pretty bad for 1995 release (there were barely any colors), the music wasn't quite as good, the gameplay was slow and buggy (the controls were delayed). But there exists also the worse port, by whatever company it's called, named Aladdin 2, which is just an abomonation, and one of the worst games I've ever played! The graphics, music, gameplay, everything about the game was done so badly, that I'd better just play Exed Exes, or Zunou Senkan Garu instead...
Thankfully, SuperGame did a very good job at their port, but the only thing that is really disappointing is that the game ends at Rugrid level, cutting down the other half of the game entirely... This is the only thing I consider to be terrible in that port. Everything else is made very well in it.

Earthworm Jim 2 (Shin-Shin) [Famicom]
(C) 1996 Shin-Shin Electronics, KaSheng
Music: ???

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/rj5saqgw9ijg3w3/Earthworm%20Jim%202%20%28Shin-Shin%29%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Well, this port from SNES is mediocre imo. The music is just as earrapy as the one in Exed Exes or Zunou Senkan Garu, but it's much more melodic than in those two games, if you ask me. The graphics weren't converted very well, the color palette is pretty poor in this port.
As for the gameplay itself, just like with some backports, there are many levels cutted down here, and most of them are way too easy to beat. You only get Anything But Tangerunes, Granny Chair, Puppy Love, Udderly Abducted, and the first, and the last two levels are separated into two rounds. Pretty short and cutted down, isn't it? But in Earthworm Jim 4 version of this port, you also get Lorenzen's Soil, but that's not saying much. If you want to look up for a decent port of Earthworm Jim 2, look up the one by SuperGame. Their port is far better imo. ;)

Super Lion King [Famicom]
(C) SuperGame
Music: Victor Chen

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cxhy0kjwjbkyt0s/Super%20Lion%20King%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Another game from SuperGame pirate company. This time, it's Super Lion King, a pretty good port of Lion King from Mega Drive. There also exists the one by Dark Technologies, which was official port to NES, made in 1995, and that one was absolutely terrible, but it was ported from Gameboy, just like Aladdin by NMS Software, so there's no wonder why the graphics aren't really good, as well as the music and the gameplay is slow and laggy.
This one has some stages ommited from original game, but other than that, there is nothing too major missing in it. The gameplay is simple, the controls are responsive (although if you hold Turbo A at some spot with walls and such, your character may start flying through these obstacles. This glitch can be performed at the end of Hakuna Matata stage, near the log part, with which you can just simply skip that part and "fly" to the top), the graphics are pretty good, and colorful, the music is very well composed as well.
And just like with Super Aladdin, if you play the actual game, you can't listen to the title screen music in full, as the demo interrupts it in the middle.
Also, one interesting thing about the game, is that there exist the original pirate part of this game, and the other one, which is just a mapper hack. What's that? Well, I'll try my best to explain.
The original pirate port has the SuperGame logo running for like 5 seconds, and also has Bug Toss level, just like in original Mega Drive game. In mapper hacked version, SuperGame logo only runs for 1-2 seconds, and there's no Bug Toss level... Funnily enough, I've never came across the mapper hacked version on any pirate cart with Super Game's Lion King. My pirate copy from childhood had the Bug Toss level, and the recent copy I got for collection also has that bonus level. So, at the moment I have two copies of the original version of Super Game's Lion King. O_O
I wish I was that lucky with Hummer Team's Aladdin...

Earthworm Jim 3 [Famicom]
(C) 1997 Hummer Team, KaSheng
Music: Alex Yeu

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/eli7u58ba7ld3pg/Earthworm%20Jim%203%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: A fairly decent port of Earthworm Jim from Mega Drive/SNES. The gameplay is pretty good, there are something like 3 stages, separated into two rounds, the controls are pretty good. The graphics are also very nice. The music is pretty cool, I like it ;)
Although what was kind of surprising about this game, is that there were many unused soundtracks in it. They could also be heard in Donkey Kong Country 4 by Hummer Team, as well as Super Mario World by Hummer Team for Famicom. Maybe they did it to fill up the space of the game, or they wanted to use some of these soundtracks in the actual game, but figured out that they wouldn't need that much soundtracks in the game. I don't know... It will be a mystery to me, why they left so many unused soundtracks in-game... :/
Also, if you are wondering why I played the music in PAL speed, it's because:
1) I can't stand this music in NTSC speed!! It sounds way too fast to me!! >_>
2) That's how you'd play this game on good-old Dendy consoles! ^_^

Pocket Monster [Famicom]
.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/waonwf6uqpatxyc/Pocket%20Monster%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: It's not known for sure who made this game, as well as who wrote this soundtrack. But I think that you might be familiar with this game, if you are familiar with Famicom piracy. ;)
I have this game both in original form and in Super Popo's Adventure form, both on these extensive multicarts I covered on my blog.
The game is not exactly that great. It's a crappy platformer, starring Pikachu. The problem I have with this game is that the levels are way too long, and there are no any checkpoints, so if you die once, you start the level all over again. Also the controls aren't 100% perfect. If you hold the A button, that makes you run, as opposed to B, like in any other videogame, and don't hold the D-pad, you might just run and fall into the pit.
The music is pretty good, in my opinion. The graphics... well, the backgrounds are stolen from Athena and Adventure Island 2 for NES/Famicom, as well as some level bosses are clearly stolen from the latter game, which originally were Master Higgins' dino-friends. But the actual sprite work of Pikachu is pretty decent.
Overall, the game is mediocre, but the music is probably the only best thing about it...

That was it for all the soundtrack videos I made so far!
When I'll make some more of these, I'll post them on my blog as well.

Thank you for reading this post. See you later!
(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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