9 August 2014

Videogame Music 1: [Officials] (11 Oct 2013 - 3 Aug 2014)

UPDATE (12/08/2014): Added the .mp3 download links to Zunou Senkan Garu, Ninja Hattori-kun, Exed Exes, Shin Jinrui - The New Type, Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru, Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu

Here it is something new I am going to add to my blog: videogame music posts...

You might think that it is a bit pointless to post these videos about videogame music, but I think the opposite. You see, there are some great NES/Famicom games I like and a lot of them have some pretty good music, that deserves to have a video about.
There are already some people on YouTube, who make these kids of videos, like MrNorbert1994, grad1u5, WiiGuy309, etc..
But I don't think that it's going to hurt in any way, if I decide to make some myself ;)

So, in this post I will post some videogame music videos I made for official NES/Famicom games first, as well as give you the short info about a game itself.

Now, of course, I made the music videos to pirated games first, but they will be posted later.

Another reason, why I decided to make these kinds of post on my blog, is because weebly.com is not really a great website, as it feels a bit limited with features and options if you have a free account.
Of course, I am not going to get rid of my weebly.com website yet, but I honestly feel that blogspot feels a bit better, even though this one is just a blog website.

So, without delaying you, I present you all the "Videogame Music (Official)" videos I have made so far. Besides just these videos, I also provide the download links to some of these soundtracks in .mp3.

快傑ヤンチャ丸2: からくりランド (Kaiketsu Yanchamaru 2 - Karakuri Land)
Famicom / ファミコン
(C) 1991 Irem Corp.
Music: Kenji Yamazaki

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/da9keojixu7dmcb/Kaiketsu%20Yanchamaru%202%20-%20Karakuri%20Land%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: This is my first music video I made for official Famicom game, and it's not really that great compared to my newer videos, for the few reasons.
1) I didn't use NSFLive program, and .nsf files of random videogames, to have a much better music quality overall.
2) I didn't make these fade-out effects play properly, as well as the duration of them. In my recent videos I make fade-out effect play for 5 seconds, as well as put 1 second break between tracks.

高橋名人のBUGってハニー (Takahashi Meijin no Bugtte Honey)
Famicom / ファミコン
(C) 1987 Husdson Soft
Music: Kunimoto Takeaki

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/m871aljx7v9iszu/Takahashi%20Meijin%20no%20Bugutte%20Honey%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Well, the quality of the music has definitely improved since the last time, as I have finally started using NSFLive (thank you, MrNorbert1994 for the suggestion), but the fade-out effects are still not properly playing. The music video of this game was an interesting experience to me, as practically nobody made one at the time this video was uploaded on YouTube, and from what I have noticed recently, this is by far my most popular "Videogame Music [Official]" video yet, as it already got a bit more than 1000 views! And from what I have noticed, it has been mostly watched in Japan (どうもありがとう!)
As for the game itself, it's a very dull and boring half-Arkanoid clone, half-platformer, as you are pretty much forced to play Arkanoid levels to get the specific letter to spell out the word for the password. I was able to beat it once, but it was really, really intense, as there were a lot of enemies that were trying to kill me, making me lose so many lives and continues. And once I tried re-playing this game for the playthrough, I completely failed at level 4, and gave up. Unless you really have to play all Adventure Island games ever made, I'd suggest that you should skip this one, and just listen to this awesome music, composed by Kunimoto Takeaki!

高橋名人の冒険島Ⅳ (Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV)
Famicom / ファミコン
(C) 1994 Hudson Soft
Music: ???

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e423ucadend9xst/Takahashi%20Meijin%20no%20Bouken%20Jima%20IV%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Well, this is by far my most favourite Adventure Island game on Famicom. It's not your standard platformer, where you go from Point A to Point B, and get random fruits to update your vitality bar, and dodge enemies that will be getting on your way. This is more like Metroid style of gameplay. Feel free to laugh and facepalm at me, but I never really bothered with playing original Metroid for NES. But I played this game quite a lot in summer 2013, and loved it. The first AI game I played was obviously the first Adventure Island, which was hard as fuck (I was able to get only to level 7-4, and that's it! and still I can't get any further these days X_X). The next game in the series was Adventure Island 3, which was pretty good, and my version has 2 of each items to be able to choose right at the beginning of the game, which made the game a bit easier. After that I played Adventure Island 2 and 4, and both of these parts are my most favourite ones in Adventure Island series for NES/Famicom. The last game from this series I played was Bug-tte Honey I wrote about above.
In case with the music, you can see my crappy attempt at making the intro sequence, right before the title screen theme, but other than that, I think everything else turned out very well.
Also, I should point out, that nobody else made the music video of this game at that time I uploaded this video. Only later, MrNorbert1994 decided to make the Adventure Island music marathon video, where he included the music from all the games of Adventure Island series. You can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpEsZP8Bvac
The quality of the music is much and much better if you ask me. As I said earlier, he also makes the music videos from other games, so feel free to subscribe to him, if you enjoy these kinds of videos ;)

ドラえもん (Doraemon)
Famicom / ファミコン
(C) 1986 Husdson Soft
Music: Atsushi Chikuma

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mpdh9710nzchzrh/Doraemon%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Well, this might be the longest comment of mine on the music video I post here, as I have quite a lot of things to say about this game and this music video and such.
First things first, I took a really long break in making these videos, about 8 months in total, but I decided that I might as well just continue my work on these "Videogame Music [Official]" videos.
So, what this game is, is basically a game, made by Hudson Soft in 1986, based off Doraemon anime from 1979. I watched that anime a bit with English subtitles and liked it. This anime was never broadcast in my country back in 1990s, when 8-bit Dendy Famiclones as well as 16-bit Mega Drive clones were really popular among the young audience. The only thing we could learn about Doraemon was either by this game, usually named as "Small Dindong" or "Din Do Happy" as it's known on Whirlwind Manu Famicom pirate singlecarts, or by the Mega Drive game, which was basically a platformer, starring Doraemon himself.
If you are wondering, if we could actually play Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu on Famiclone cartridges, then I highly doubt that. I mean, if you can recall, the games like Zelda or Metroid barely got any releases on these pirate carts, because of one simple reason: the copying process of save battery was way too expensive for pirates to produce, and Giga Zobmie no Gyakushuu turns out to be one of them.
Also, it's all in Japanese, so for any non-Japanese people, this game would have been just impossible to play on a cartridge, but if you recall some other Japanese games, like Kyatto Ninden Teyandee or Duck Tales 2 (Famicom), Chip to Dale no Daisakusen (Famicom), Bucky O'Hare (Famicom), River City Ransom (Famicom), pirates actually released them on their pirate carts, and they were all in Japanese, and it was just a guess work to be able to understand what's going on... But yeah... I think that the fact that this game had a save battery function was the only reason, why this game is either too rare on pirate carts, or completely non-existent. (Well, there was SD Gundam 4: New Type Story, which also had a save battery function and it was released on bootlegs, but whatever...)
And, yes, I know that there was originally a manga of Doraemon, before the anime, but it still wasn't released in my country back in these days... And, of course, there was 1973 anime, the tapes(?) of which were terribly damaged by the fire, and only a few of them were able to be survived and uploaded on the internet on different video sharing websites. As far as I have heard, it wasn't quite as good as 1979 one, but it's still historically important, I suppose. :)
Despite the actual anime series, there were some Summer Specials, Autumn Specials, Spring Specials, Winter Specials, as well as some movies, which is, indeed, really cool. And overall, Doraemon is a very widely recognisable anime character, as well as a prevalent part of culture in Japan.
In fact, Doraemon manga series, as well as anime series were created by Fujiko Fujio, who also created Parman, Obake no Q-tarou, Ninja Hattori Kun mangas and anime series, etc..
Yeah, now as for actual game itself, I got it on official Famicom cart for my collection last year. I first saw this game at "Kinamania Live" livestreams, where Coulthard was playing this game, and it seemed quite interesting to me, that I decided to give it a try.
What this game is, it's basically an action adventures, combined with shooter, and what you have to do, is to save four kids in Doraemon crew, playing as him.
The first level is a city, where you basically have to get every power-up to upgrade yourself, so the later levels will be far easier to play than usual. I personally have problems with the "Cemetory" part of level 1, as I always get my ass kicked by every possible enemy, now matter how hard I try killing all of them or dodging their bullets.
Thankfully, apparently, you keep your weapons, even if you die on level 1.
The boss is simple for the most part, just find the good pattern, where his bullets don't hit you and just spam your weapon. Once you killed him, here you go, you saved Nobita.
The next level is the shooter stage, kind of like Gradius, Life Force, Final Mission, except not as good. Mostly because you have no weapons here to power yourself up, as well as Doraemon's favourite food, dorayaki, rarely appears here to upgrade the health. Here you have to save Gian and Suneo, two classmates of Nobita, who love making fun out of him. And, you can actually save one of these guys right in the middle of the level, and one will join you and help killing enemies. The bosses are not any particularly different: the first is way too easy, just get to one spot and shoot at him; the second one is a bit harder as it makes circles in mid-air, but once you find a spot where you can easily destroy its bullets, and spam your weapon at him, it shouldn't be too difficult; the third one is kind of like the same as the second one to me.
The hardest part is just be able to kill every enemy on your way, and dodge their bullets, while getting as less hit as possible.
The last level (yes, there are only 3 levels here, are you surprised?) is the underwater level, where you have to collect random objects to open up new areas, as well as open chests, kill different enemies and such. This is where I am at the moment, as I am still on my way to figure out where to go and what to do, even though there is a map for this level which will help you to navigate through it.
The hardest part here is to make sure that random ghosts wouldn't steal your objects, as well as not get too much hit from the enemies and bosses. Here, you have to save Shizuka, the girl, which Nobita really loves, according to the anime.
Once you save everyone, and beat all of the levels, you have beaten the game.
Yes, this actually turned out as the overview, didn't it? :P
Well, I figured that some of you may be not really familiar with this game, so I might actually try writing to you, what this game actually is.
This game is somewhat difficult, but there's something about these early Hudson Soft games that still keep me want to play them, no matter how rubbish I am at them. :)
This could be said to Shin Jinrui - The New Type: I suck at this game, but I play it sometimes just to see how far I can get to it. The furthest I was able to get to is Level 4-2, in case you are wondering. ;)
What I liked about Doraemon game, is the music, and there weren't really much videos about it on the net, so I decided to make one just for fun.
I also made the music video for Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu, but I will write about it, when we get to it. :P

NES / Nintendo Entertainment System
(C) 1987 Pony Inc.
Music: Miyamoto (Miyamo Shant)

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g4mw34lvdhzzl9y/Zanac%20%5BNES%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: As you might have noticed, this is the music for NES game this time around, not jsut the Famicom game. Well, technically, this game was released in Japan, but only on FDS, and the music was high-pitched there for some reason. But since I've played the pirate version of NES release in my childhood, I decided to make a music video about that one. This is a regular vertical scrolling shooter, and a pretty damn awesome one at that. I was once able to get to area 10 or 11, but didn't manage to beat this game, sadly. But, still, sometimes I replay this game, just to see how far I can get this time around. :)
Also, sometimes, I turn this game on just to listen to this awesome music, composed by Miyamo Shant.
In my opinion, this is one of the games that you must definitely try out for NES, if you have never played it!

Bump'n'Jump / バギー・ポッパー (Buggy Popper)
NES / ファミコン (Famicom)
(C) 1986 Data East
Music: ???

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7cj1mziyz07d389/Buggy%20Popper%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Well, it's just a decent and quite enjoyable clone of Road Fighter with a pretty good music. You can bump into the cars without spinning out on the road and crash into the side of the road, unless you jerk around with the D-pad. Also, as the title for North American release would apply, you can jump with your car just fine, which is helpful to avoid certain boundaries, as well as destroy some enemies. As I said, pretty good game, that you can try out both in NES format and in Famicom format, depending on what system you have :P

頭脳戦艦ガル (Zunō Senkan Garu, aka. Brain Battleship Garu)
Famicom / ファミコン
(C) 1985 dB-Soft
Music: Harry Saito

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y5zdsg10gxm6479/Zunou%20Senkan%20Garu%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Well, if I wanted to say my opinion in short about this game, I'd say that it's a "kusoge", rubbish shooter.
But let me tell you why I think that this game is an awful piece of rubbish.
What you can notice immediately about the game is that it was some of the worst music ever composed in video game history.
The second thing that you'll notice about it once you start playing it is that it has also confusing and somewhat terrible graphics. But, what is the most important thing about any video game is the gameplay, of course... And is it good here?
The biggest problem is that the turbo buttons don't work here.. SERIOUSLY, DB-FUCKING-SOFT, WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU FUCKING THINKING WITH THIS!!! X_X
Some people might say that I enjoy bootleg Famiclones way too much that I actually got used to using turbo buttons for shooting, but... really... Come on! Aren't these shooter games a bit easier to play if you have a power of turbo? ;)
Take for example some space shooters, like Gyrodine, Zanac, 1942, Gradius, Life Force. You can actually use turbo buttons there just fine, but here you can't do this at all...
Also, as it says on the label of the cartridge, apparently it's RPG. Seriously?? I THOUGHT THAT IT'S JUST A NOT VERY GOOD VERTICAL SPACE SHOOTER AFTER ALL...
Practically nobody made the music video of this game, but I was masohictic enough to make one, so you can suffer the pain I had to go through, when I was making this video... >_>

忍者ハットリくん (Ninja Hattori-kun)
Famicom / ファミコン
(C) 1986 Hudson Soft
Music: Kunimoto Takeaki

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwjid1hm008juih/Ninja%20Hattori-kun%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Remember I told you earlier about Fujiko Fujio's greatest work, known as Doraemon, as well as he created Ninja Hattori Kun manga and anime series? Well, here is the game, based of the manga series. And actually I had this game as a child! And I had it on a pirate multicart, 21-in-1, which had Super Mario, Soccer, Circus Charlie, and this game, rebranded as Ninja 3 for no apparent reason. Basically, you just play as Kanzo Hattori, who's looking for his master to complete his training. On your way, there'll random small ninja guys, that you can kill with shourekens. Also, the big ones drop the power-up, which you can use on your way. With power-ups, you can run faster, become invisible and such, which is pretty awesome.
The graphics are pretty standard for 1986 release. The gameplay is simple and fun, although the controls aren't exactly that great, and sometimes when you try jumping over the river to another platform, you might end up falling into the river instead. But, what I loved the most about this game, is the music, especially the Main OST, that plays through the levels. That soundtrack is simply one of the best and most nostalgic ones ever! The game itself might be not exactly great, but the music, composed by Kunimoto Takeaki, is simply the best thing about it. Since these years, I got this game on three more cartridges, one of them being official one, as that 21-in-1 started wearing off and the game started glitching up very badly, and I play this game sometimes just to see how far I can get in it.
Definitely check it out! :)

エグゼドエグゼス (Exed Exes)
Famicom / ファミコン
(C) 1985 Tokuma Shoten
Music: ???

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ti1tz43f11xc7aw/Exed%20Exes%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: One of the worst Famicom games I've ever played! In my opinion, it's just as bad as Zunou Senkan Garu, but it has a few other different problems, which I will point out below.
1) The music is equally as bad as in that other game. Seriously, if you listen to the music from both of these games for like a straight hour, you are likely to get completely insane and mental, The composer of this game must have been on drugs when he made this music sound like that. X_X
2) The graphics are really bland. Just grey color, and that's it. Couldn't they just add more colors in order not to make the backgrounds look like shit?? I understand that NES color pallette isn't that rich, but I think that they still could add a bit more colors to make the game look better.
3) The gameplay is really really slow, dull and glitchy, which definitely makes this game not fun to play at all.

Now, I should mention that this is an arcade port, done by Micronics, which are known for making really terrible ports from arcades to Famicom. Besides this game, they also ported 1942, Onyanko Town, Geimos, and DAT INFAMOUS MAKAIMURA, AKA. GHOSTS AND GOBLINS. All these ports suffer from the following problems:
1) Slow gameplay
2) Mediocre graphics
3) Awful and earrapy music

But I'd say that the games I listed above are much better than Exed Exes, and if we are speaking about arcade ports, the original Exed Exes was actually quite decent. The graphics and music weren't great, but not too bad. The gameplay was fast and challenging. But the Famicom version is a complete opposite to all of this :/
And yes, I said that this is not #1 worst game of all time. I'd say that Xiao Ma Li for Famicom is simply the worst game ever, and I think you can guess why. If not, then check out my post of "If I was a pirate... #1: Small Mario".

Adventures of Dino Riki / 新人類 THE NEW TYPE (Shin Jinrui: The New Type)
NES / ファミコン (Famicom)
(C) 1987 Rix Soft, Hudson Soft
Music: Kunimoto Takeaki

.mp3: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yx855q6hr72j37d/Shin%20Jinrui%20The%20New%20Type%20%5BFC%5D%20Music.zip

My comment: Yes, the music video of this game has already been on YouTube, but I liked the music in this one noneless, so I made one myself ;)
Basically, it's some weird shooter, starring the caveman boy. Just shoot down everything that gets on your way and that's it. Pretty fun and difficult game, but not too frustrating. If you are playing Hudson Soft games, like this one, or Doraemon, get yourself equipped with turbo controller, because you'll have to shoot a lot, and you can't hold a regular button to shoot everything automatically, you'd have to mash them instead. The furthest I was able to get in this game is Level 4-2 on a real console, because, as you know, I prefer playing these games on a real console, if I have them on an actual cartridge. ;)
And, yes, Kunimoto Takeaki made a great job with the soundtrack with this game as well... But, as I said, my most favourite and most nostalgic soundtrack is in Ninja Hattori-kun, but I must say, that he made a lot of great soundtracks to these Hudson Soft games. :)

仮面の忍者 花丸 (Kamen no Ninja Hanamaru)
Famicom / ファミコン
Music: ???

My comment: This game is also known as Yo! Noid in the West, but I liked the Japanese version better, even though I had the North American version on a pirate cart as a child, so I decided to make a music video about that version instead. ;)
Most of the soundtracks are the same as in Yo! Noid, but there are quite a few of these soundtracks, which are different. Also I know that one person really wanted the music video of this game, so I thought that it's going to be a good idea to make one. :)
Also, some tracks are repeated, and labeled as (ver.1) and (ver.2). I did it this way, because, although they are almost the same, they start at a bit different point, and they are still the level themes. I decided not to leave them off. Simply use the timelines in the description of the actual video to skip them, if you don't feel like listening to all of them.

ドラえもん ギガゾンビの逆襲 (Doraemon - Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu)
Famicom / ファミコン
(C) 1990 Epoch Co.
Music: ???

My comment: Remember I said that I made the music video of Doraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu earlier? Well, here it is, the game, based off the Doraemon anime once again, just like any other Doraemon games that came out after it. ;)
But this one is so much different compared to original Hudson Soft game, because this is an RPG (aka. Role-Playing game). The problem is that I am rubbish at RPGs, and I don't know how to play them.
As for this game, since Doraemon was originally from Japan, this game was also released only in Japan, which means that everything in it is in Japanese, which is somewhat confusing to those people who don't know this language. But, there exists an English translation ROM of this game on the net, which was made at the end of 1990s, so you can actually download it and play on emulator, or play it on some flashcart you have for NES, like PowerPak or EverDrive N8 ;)
Even the English translated ROM doesn't help much to me.

But, what I was really happy about is that there was a GameFAQs.com FAQ for this game, as well as an LP, which I usually don't bother with, but here I had to rely on it, just to get an idea for the proper soundtrack order, as I put them in that order where you can hear it in the game for the first time. :P
And there actually was a music video on this game, but the music sounded somewhat screwed up, as apparently it was played of VirtuaNES emulator, and not of NSFLive, like I do with my music videos, as well as the tracks weren't in the same order as I put them in my videos.

But, why I decided to make a music video about this game, and had to go through this all hassle, and spend like the whole night on it?? Well, from playing this game a little bit, I just liked the music in it a lot, so I just really wanted to make a music video of it. And since I made it and uploaded it on YouTube, I feel myself somewhat proud that I managed to do it. :)
And I like my music video of this game so much, that I sometimes just open it up and listen to the music from it. Of course, if I had no problems with RPG game genre, and I knew Japanese, I'd definitely give this game a try on a real console (or on Famiclone).

So, that's about it for all the "Videogame Music [Official]" videos I have made so far. I will post the videos about the music from pirated multicarts or pirated games later. ;)

(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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