22 August 2014

Reviews: 400-in-1 Real Game [Famicom] - Continuation

Ohai guys! I am back here to actually extend my original review of 400-in-1 Real Game Famicom multicart I posted in February 2014.
I have noticed that my review got over one thousand views, which I am really gladful for. Thank you for reading my review! I am glad that it turned out to be quite useful to a lot of people!

Now, there are some confusions I have noticed after I posted the review on my blog, and after that some people re-posted it to emu-land.net website, some Spanish gaming forum, and after me posting it on Famicom World forum, so I will try my best to answer these questions here ;)

Q: What does "NiceCode" mean? You labeled the last 100 or so games with "NiceCode".
A: Well, NiceCode is basically a Chinese company that produced a number of crappy plug and play systems, based of the NES, called DreamGear. Most of the games they produced were rubbish. They suffered from dull gameplay, mediocre graphics, and awful music (in most of them). The games they produced were like "Action-52-wanna-be" ones, and if you are familiar with Action 52 multicart for NES by Active Enterprises, you may already know what to expect here, but I consider NiceCode games to be much worse.
PirateGamingHeavy made a let's play marathon of these games, so you can check that video out here:

Q: Does this multicart work on a real hardware (Famicom, NES with a converter, etc.)?
A: As it turned out, not all of these 400-in-1 multicarts work perfectly on Famicom.
My multicart works fine on any system I tried. I tried it on a real Famicom, and on a couple of Famiclone systems, and everything worked without any glitches.
Mine looks like this:

But some versions of this multicart have the glitchy lines across the screen, that can be seen on this picture (played on NES with a converter):
And the PCB of that version of 400-in-1 Real Game multicart looked like this:
It looks completely different, although both of these use OneBus station (CHR and PRG ROM data are stored on one chip). If you happen to have exactly the same 400-in-1 Real Game multicart as here, there is a mod you can do to fix it.
See where the sliced part is on the board? You have to cut the trade, located above D3 on the picture, and after that all the games start working fine on any hardware you want.
(pictures aren't mine, they are made by KittyFae, DDCecil from Famicom World forums)

But, yeah... Apparently I was lucky when I got my 400-in-1 Real Game multicart, as it worked fine with no graphical glitches whatsoever. Maybe it was just a different version/revision/release of this multicart, or something... God knows why...
The picture is a bit blurry, but you should be able to see that the multicart works with no glitches (took this photo in February 2014 btw)
I think that it's not worth mentioning that this multicart works fine on Famiclones, since this multicart was pretty much designed for Famicom clone systems, that run on NOaC. Most of the Famiclones I have, that are from 1990s, use NOaC, but it's much more accurate than the one used in clone systems, produced after 2000s, like Polystation, Famulator, Funstation 3, other clones like that.

Q: Is there any ROM dump on this multicart?
A: To my knowledge, there's no ROM dump of 400-in-1 Real Game multicart yet, so if you want to see what it looks like, it would be the best to look up the videos on YouTube on this multicart, or check out my original review of this mulitcart. But, from the games 1 to 245, it's pretty much the same as 245-in-1 Real Game multicart, aside from a few duplicates on that one, the ROM dump on which exists on the net. Look up Cah4e3's website to find it. ;)

Q: Where can I buy this awesome multicart?
A: Try alliexpress.com, but pay attention to the prices. Some people may just overexaggerate the price, just because it has almost 400 games with virtually no repeats, while the others may sell it for the affordable price, that's almost the same as buying the regular bootleg cart in the flea market (something a bit less than 15 USD).
Also on before mentioned Famicom World forums, you can probably find this multicart for sale.
It may be sold in other places, just look up for the exactly the same label, and the list of games (translated from Chinese to English), to make sure that this is exactly that multicart that you are looking for.

Well, I hope that I was able to address some questions about this multicart.
There exist some multicarts, like 198-in-1 Real Game, and other "extensive" multicarts, but I am not entirely sure, if I am actually going to get more of these in the future to make reviews of. We will see.
Thanks for reading! See you later!

(C) SomeRussianMarioDude Productions (2014)

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